women power and protection
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The increase of women power and protection

The women of modern societies deserve more safety from the community. The incidents of the last some years are not so favourable for announcing that women are safe. There are many reasons behind the increase in such matters. Some scientists and intellectuals say that the rise of sexuality and violence are the main points of such issues. Now the important thing is to make the surroundings free from brutalities.

The government of India is taking many ways to decrease the brutal incidents on their land. There are many rapes and teases matters happened in this land, and these took many people on the road for protest. The cruel examples of Nirbhaya-Abhaya, Tapasi Malik and others have vast effects on Bengal. People of this state accumulated for several demonstrations. They want the justification and punishment of the victims. Apart from this, the people want to free their land from such incidents. The Delhi matter did the same things according to the common and govt. So these soft matters are under the particular observation of the ruler now.

The rulers of India and west-Bengal started many new policies to increase women’s power. The unique contribution of technology is smartphones. These are very popular, so many apps are on the market through this device now. These apps are straightforward to handle, and through one touch, the details of a woman’s position and the situation can be delivered to the nearest police station. The police are bound to reach in the fastest time after getting that report. There are many more paths to making the inner senses holy. The Bengal Govt. began a “konyashree” policy. Here the women of this state will get some amounts every year. Thus they can enrich their abilities and powers. So the paths to decreasing such incidents are spreading worldwide to raise the safety of the most respected and essential gender in society.

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