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Meditation: Is silence Necessary?

Meditation through silent mind purification to understand reality eventually aims at Nirvana or liberation from the travails of the physical world into everlasting light.

Tradition reflects 

Tradition always associated meditation with silence, like we connect Michael Jackson with piercing screams or the ocean with water sounds. The forests, caves, and hills were original meditation resorts steeped in the silence of eternity. The Indian land of peace, non-violence, and Buddhism led to the meditation process to understand truth beyond mundane phenomena. 

Meditation brings feelings


We are lost in egos, distractions, and material pleasures as if we will live forever like the gods. The modern world has undoubtedly forgotten compassion, empathy, and charity. Technology has made us mechanical and unfeeling. Innumerable conflicts based on actual or imaginary issues have escalated through ever-present threats of terrorism that rise like the phoenix. Psychiatrists identify delusionary mental diseases when we fear dangers that do not exist. The mind is ultimately responsible for that teeming vortex inside the skull.

Reduce unnecessary thinking 

Amidst such a dark scenario, the world has wisely caught up with the virtues of meditation to tame the frolicking mind and eliminate unnecessary mental baggage, just like recycling old newspapers and clothes. While the recommended half an hour of meditation practice daily in a sitting, standing, or walking posture involves the same principles according to the unwritten rules of a quiet environment, ten-day meditation retreats restrict even speech, reading, or listening to music.

Can you imagine without speech 

Can you imagine ten days without speech when most would not manage 10 minutes without chatter? And what do we talk about all the time, every single day? Mostly unnecessary things! Talking shop is the favorite of the masses, and various social media networks like Facebook provide outlets for text and images akin to speaking. Petty rivalries, innate jealousies, fashions, fantasies, and unfulfilled desires make up the most common talk. Even children are made to write on ‘If I were a ….’

Curtail Negativity and become disciplined

Protracted silence in the retreat forms an escape if you can discipline yourself so far! An escape from the taking-for-granted lives of humdrum gossip, television reality shows, the cinema, parties, gambling sessions, card games, and professional or homely duties. The process of letting go of the phenomena that eternally ruled our lives is a challenging one. Terrible mind urges you would have to be gradually quelled. Negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings would be disciplined and curtailed. Concentrating the mind on an object, a portrait, or the breathing process helps the gradual withdrawal of the mind from the mundane to the spiritual. The final goal is to realize the emptiness like the sky without clouds of doubt, greed, anger, ignorance, and shame. The mind gains clarity and awareness; life becomes a blessing in the here and now.

Though meditation is practiced even amidst noisy cities, it would be a complex process that could only be sustained for a few minutes before distractions get the better of the mind. The best meditation is practiced in the ancient silence, which was the original human existence before the town took over. 

Weight loss
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Moderate Yoga For Weight Loss impacts

Yoga or union with god strengthens the body, mind and soul. The magic of yoga practice cleanses and tones the body systems. Mystic yoga makes the joints and limbs flexible. Yoga for Weight Loss must target the entire body mind system for complete health besides the weight reduction aspect.

Weight Loss

Lifestyle Change

Drastic changes in lifestyles have brought serious obesity problems that lead to chronic ailments. Impact on the children will be severe as they cope with the online world rather than go and play in the park. Parents too favor the TV over friendly gossip at the club. Yoga does offer profound hopes to solve the crisis. Yoga is a complete healthcare package and ensures a nature based lifestyle that frees the person from stress. The mind can rest with higher morale and will power. Source

What is Yoga?

Yoga contains a system of asanas or postures that discipline the body system and promote deep sleep. Yoga practice removes the craving for carnal pleasures. In a nature based yogic lifestyle, include salad and boiled vegetables in the diet. Reduce oil, sugar and salt. Limit beverages like tea and coffee. Avoid junk food. Moderate living is the golden rule. Yoga gives supple muscles, promotes strength and stamina and improves blood transmission. Besides calmness of mind, it helps manage heart disease, asthma and other lifestyle disease. Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Power Yoga support weight loss plans. Hot yoga consists of yoga postures in a heated atmosphere of 95 to 100 degrees C. The intense sweat makes the body more flexible. The heated body burns more cals. The yoga poses burn further calories. Ashtanga Yoga is more intense.

Weight Loss

Yoga Postures

Many yoga postures are quickly carried out. They detox the body and make it flexible. The body becomes stronger and motivates a very active lifestyle suitable for weight loss postures. Power Yoga consists of severe yoga postures with drive. The power yoga works on the entire body for ninety minutes. Heart rate is increased, strength training follows. Vibrant, fast power yoga burns cals and fat. The body becomes strong, elastic and concentrates better. Besides the asanas or postures, yogas archaic techniques are mentioned below:

  • Laghu Shankha Prakshalan (digestive system cleansing)
  • Kunjal kriya for lung and stomach cleansing.
  • Enemas called Basti for colon cleansing.
  • Asanas include sun salute, tree, locust, cobra, camel and cat poses, and many more.
  • Asanas that tighten the abdomen or chest, for arms and legs and to tone up thighs and hips.
  • Pranayama are yogic breathing postures that stimulate the entire system through the lungs.
  • Meditation and nature based treatment based on herbs, minerals and roots.

Combined methods with devotion could be a certain Yoga for Weight Loss tactics. Further methods to promote health in this abstruse yoga system to achieve yogic deliverance are as follows:

  • Chromotherapy treats by sunlight through oils, water etc.
  • Hydrotherapy treats disease with water.
  • Fasting helps burn fat.

Divine Yoga prescribes a life of moderation to achieve salvation. Patanjali was the original yogi.