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5 Best IP VPN Reviews 2021 You Must Know

Today with the purpose of finding the best IP VPN services, a huge number of people browse the internet in secret and safely. But today almost all VPN services are claiming to be anonymous, but they are not. So it is extremely important to find out the reliable one.

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vpn reviews

TorGuard, one of the popular VPN services, is considered as the above-average VPN service, because it has servers in over 42 nations including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, etc, and various encryption alternatives providing sufficient room for the choice of the user.

Pros of TorGuard
1. The main aim of this service is to give the service which extremely easy to use that can offer great protection of your online identity.
2. TorGuard has continuously developed its capabilities of VPN hosting since its last review. According to the recent review, they have over 1200 servers all over the world.
3. Another most excellent factor of this VPN service is the utilization of uniquely dedicated servers name “Stealth” for zones with web controls, for example, China. You will be able to connect with a minimum of five devices at a time.
4. Such a great VPN service offers complete security features such as a connection kill switch, the protection of DNS leak, WebRTC leak protection, Stealth VPN services, and IPv6 leak protection all types of encryption as well as security features are available without any extra charges.
5. TorGuard also provides a unique and custom VPN application that is powered by OpenVPN and that is suitable for all windows versions, OSX, Android platforms, Linux, etc.

Cons of TorGuard:
1. iOS users cannot get any official support on this OpenVPN
2. The speed of this VPN server is not extremely bad, however, to do all work, you have to do better.


vpn reviews

SlickVPN, another popular VPN server, is recognized as its corporate name Slick Networks, Inc. they are able to operate a unique and complex business structure with numerous layers of Subsidiary Holding organizations, Offshore Holding organizations, various Operating organizations which assist us to save our interest.

Pros of SlickVPN
1. Through this popular VPN service, you will be able to hide the IP address and IP location of any computer. So, this VPN server is also capable of protecting your all important information. And it could protect your information from the hacker.
2. It can hide your IP location, address, and also the history which you have recently browsed. Actually, this VPN service offers a free web proxy that can effectively hide your all information and keep them safe.
3. They have a complete database of a huge number of Public Open Proxies. They are upgrading the list on the regular basis to maintain its current for their entire customer.
4. The SlickVPN software can work with their customer browser and have an effective tool that can protect all types of information about their customer.
5. Having the SlickVPN on your PC, you will be able to decide if you want to download and upload your file to the internet or not.

Cons of SlickVPN:
1. The domain is not extremely popular and well-promoted among the internet user
2. There are lots of chances that the domain might suffer traffic decrease and the penalties big search engines


 VPN reviews

IPredator is one of the leading providers of virtual private networks (VPN). This VPN server is perfect for more than the new users or those individuals who are searching for something that is really average. If it is installed on your PC, you can immediately start surfing the internet.

Pros of Ipredator
1. The whole website has been designed in a unique way that beginner can find out their way around very easily.
2. This is one of the user-friendly services which can be downloaded several times, you cannot feel any complication.
3. If you visit the IPredator website properly you can find out a very effective guideline about how to install the VPN service in your windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and also Android platform and If this is safe or not for your PC or another device.
4. They offer a very high level of encryption with such protocol
5. They also offer completely up-to-date files as well as enforce TLS1.2 which is suitable for all control panels of all types of support systems.

Cons: of Ipredator
1. IPredator only offers the Swedish IP which makes the VPN service unable to block some other sites like Hulu, Pandora. Actually, these sites are restricted to users outside the US.
2. Basic site and service. The website is extremely basic and simple and also not very attractive. So it is unable to attract a huge amount of users.


IPVanish is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is open to the public. Its purpose is to provide anonymity to its users. This is able to do the routing the traffic to an IPVanish server. The server then sends your traffic out to the internet.

Pros of IPVanish
1. IPVanish is one of the popular VPN services which is completely open to the public.
2. For operating the whole system they generally use very simple inbound marketing tools such as Google Analytics, however, outside of their website, they usually don’t track their user activity and also browsing activity
3. IPVanish suggests its user the OpenVPN along with 256 bit AES which is considered as the safest VPN connection as well as the encryption algorithm.
4. They have proper physical control on their complete operational infrastructure like servers.
5. They have a large server network and according to the review, they have servers in more than 60 nations all over the world including Australia, UK, the US, Canada, and many more.

Cons of IPVanish
1. The major drawback of this VPN service is that they stored the email address permanently and they don’t have any procedure to delete the email ID.
2. This popular VPN service keeps login and log-off IP addresses and also times for every user.


Mullvad is one of the famous and high-quality VPN services which have the capacity to keep your online identity, activity, and also location hide and private.

Pros of Mullvad
1. Mullvad is great for those users who are using WiFi-enabled devices. Having this VPN service protects your device is complete.
2. This VPN service allows a minimum of three immediate connections.
3. Having a Mullvad, it is extremely easy to connect to any fast server at any time and anywhere.
4. If you have a different location, then Mullvad offers you various other options if the connection has a huge amount of traffic.
5. MullVad works great if you are in Europe, US.

Cons of Mullvad
• The major drawback of this VPN server is it doesn’t have any dedicated customer service.
• Some of the users also experience some technical errors.