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How To Get Unlimited Twitter Followers for Free

Twitter means to tweet text messages which are limited to 140 characters. Along with the registered users, unregistered users can also read the tweets. But to send we need an account of our own. Currently, one of the ten most-visited websites and is known as the SMS of the internet. Through certain websites, we can get more free Twitter followers.


twitter followers

Twitter rapidly gained popularity after it gets launched in the year 2006. Currently, Twitter has over 500 million tweets per day and over 700 million registered users. The registered users can even tweet through their smartphones and other internet facility mobile phones. It has created a buzz in the market for a few years, and many more new features and applications are coming up. The latest is Twitter music which is available on smartphones. The developers working for this site are specialized in creating new applications. They create new innovative ideas. Whenever any big events take place such as sports or politics, so many of the registered users tweet lots of messages. It is also another factor for its growth. In this way, Twitter comes into the limelight.

Latest Survey on Twitter Followers

The latest survey as of 2021 says that  6,000 tweets per second. According to the latest survey, per second there are over 6000 tweets, and 500 million tweets are shared every day, 350,000 tweets per minute, and overall around 200 billion tweets per year.

The features of microblogging service

This networking site is publicly visible, which is the default. Users can use some of the compatible external applications. They can tweet from such applications via the Networking site Twitter. There is another option known as free Twitter followers. Here even the unregistered users can follow and tweet. The registered users can block such followers whenever they want.

So nowadays we can see some famous personalities and celebrities tweeting. They have a huge fan following, and they have tremendous followers. The users can now update their profile on Twitter through certain applications which are available on smartphones and tablets. There is another benefit, too, when we are the free Twitter followers. When we follow somebody, we can know about many things that they update. The updates may be regarded as sports, politics, food, and many more topics.

Authentication of Twitter

When Twitter was founded there were no such authentication rules. But as time went on the developers of Twitter felt something else. They thought of going for the authentication process as it provides high security and safety. A few years back, the authentication username and password were optional. But now these authentication processes are made compulsory. The users may even sometimes face difficulty because of all these rules. And it is impossible for unregistered users. The financial matter is always highlighted when it comes to the funding of Twitter.

The networking site raised over $57 million from the venture capitalist growth funding. There was another B round in the year 2008, which was nearly $22 million. In 2009 known as the C round of funding was done and it was estimated to be $35 million. In 2010 the company raised over $200 million in new venture capital. The developers now are planning something else. They think that the networking site can make a profit. The profit is that the registered users can directly purchase items from the networking site. The item can be purchased as Twitter provides product recommendations and promotions.

Future of Twitter

Twitter is based on open-source software. In the beginning, tweets were stored in the database MySQL but after a few years, the developers came to know that with this database there were serious problems. The problems were regarding sending and receiving tweets. Now many technologies have come up and twitter is not left behind. Twitter is now integrated with many web services and applications. The latest survey says that there were 143,000 tweets per second in the August month of 2013. It was indeed a world record. So we can say that much more news is about to come from Twitter. The allowance of free Twitter followers by the company will increase its users to a considerable amount soon.