SEO Friendly Blog Post
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Important Characteristics of ‘SEO Friendly Blog Post’

How to write Seo Friendly Blog post

Any Search Engine Optimization needs to attract the readers and acceptance of the essential article to follow or implement.  Hence, while writing a seo friendly blog post, the writer should keep in mind that it should be created interest in readers.

SEO Friendly Blog Post

At the same time, usefulness of it. So that such interest of enthusiasm makes the reader continue reading till the end of an article.

seo friendly blog post
SEO friendly blog post

seo friendly blog post

Write-up must have the quality that people can read without any effort. Also, he/she can able to understand and hold the gist of the SEO-friendly post. So, the important point is the article should fulfill the expectations of the readers. Hence it is mandatory to keep in mind the point of view of the readers.

The article should have examples or hooks or the relationship between two or more things or situations. So that the readers are able to share or tweet or like such articles on any social media. Unless essence does not appear in the article, it is not possible to get the impression of readers. Such essence should have positively in the article and at the same time, it should beyond bias. No doubt that such articles or posts will attract many viewers or readers through the search engine.

Keeping above all in view,  a writer should have the skill of keen observation on the topic and plan before he/she starts writing.

Therefore, it is understood by now any SEO-friendly blog post should have these characteristics so that the post will get excellent appreciation from the readers or viewers. Some of the self-made writers write the blogs as they wish. Some other writers write the same in high-standard words, or sometimes completely in bookish wordy languages that don’t get prominence. However, we will discuss such characteristics or points in detail below:



Our aim is, through the article attract maximum people, so before start writing the article/blog, the writer should decide the topic. The main purpose of the article, to give clear clarifications narrating solutions in various situations beyond bias. Plan out how to start on the topic, length of the article, keyword usage, etc. Also, you need to focus on where to stop or conclude the article in a set structure so that it can easily reach readers and viewers.

Introduction of topic

The title of the topic should be creative, catchy search engines are friendly.

Introduction to be narrated in detail like meaning, purpose or aim, the usefulness of the article/item, It will give the readers an idea of what the writer is trying to explain to the readers. This introduction part gains a good impression from readers and should carry them till the end of the article. Hence, using an active voice is better than a passive voice.

References, examples and hooks or links, etc. Once the topic is decided other point references are examples. Any blog or article gets more weightage when we add examples. you should keep ready such examples or links to link with the article.


After the introduction of the topic, it is not good to continue in the same line why? Because it will too long to read at a stretch and create a losing interest to read further. Hence the topic needs to divide into paragraphs/structure in a very systematic manner based on two or three specific focus words as subheadings. In such paragraphs must have relevant or reliable and current links or photographs.

More Tips

Based on the topic, you should use encouraging or optimistic words. For example, the service of the Army for the nation is not only a great asset but also a role model for fellow citizens to follow their path. Here, their discipline, service, teamwork, and sacrifice inspire them to achieve goals in their personal lives. If an article-writer can able to intend referring such activities of army creating curiosity, readers definitely try to know more information.

Therefore, it is the writer’s job to post relevant pictures/photos/video/links, etc.  If it is the topic of a product to sell, the article should have content to explain quality, price, place, weather, protection, utilization, usage, etc., of the product to buy it, by using like words, ‘furthermore’,  ‘by contrast, ‘more ever’. ‘on the other hand’ ‘so’, ‘still’, ‘first reason’, ‘second reason’, ‘third reason’, ‘never come never before in the market’. ‘Finally’ ‘outstanding’ is a hallmark of the good write-up. In essence, these words lead the reader from one section to another section or paragraph. Sometimes analytical and comparison tables or graphs will be placed in the article like SEO Friendly post so that it can be more comprehensible to anticipated readers.

Grammar & Spellings:

seo friendly blog post

Most important point is no grammatical or spelling mistakes!

Sometimes such mistakes lead to unnecessary & unwanted situations. So, we can say ‘prevention is better than cure’. Once the writer completed the writing, take the help of his family or friends to read the article & to find grammatical errors, spellings mistakes, or any other mistakes. Take their opinion and edit the content accordingly.


Ensure the perfect size the length of the article to publish with a range of 350 to 1000 words including keywords that are to be highlighted. Do not forget to use keywords and focus words 6 to 8 times in the SEO-friendly blog post that are linked with the search terms.

In case the writer is already written an article earlier, ensure to link with this article to the earlier one. So that it will provide support to his opinion and it will give more mileage in the ranking.

Further, it has to keep in mind that keep writing regularly such articles and post them with links on popular websites so that the writer will get a ranking on Google. It will strongly alive, people will follow such writer by reading such articles.  Otherwise, those articles will stay behind for viewers by losing ranking on google.

Below points are important to look into:

  • Following the SEO guidance
  • Use the plugin for perfect analysis
  • Measuring readers aspects

These 3 things help in scoring better ranking no doubt.

One should not forget that the great poet Shakespeare said that

‘the pen is mightier than a sword’

But nowadays, a pen is not sufficient to impress readers. The writer must have high inspiration and command of the language & topic. In some cases, he should be multi-linguistic and also should have a good understanding of the technical aspects of SEO.  It ensures SEO-friendly posts reach the maximum crowd. Hence, such an article will get a reasonable award.

After a proper study of the above issues, SEO friendly blog post needs to publish through a trustworthy company like WriteThings.