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The Unfading Allure Of Rihanna Comes Alive With R8

Can you imagine what it feels like to be a superstar? Would you believe that she started her singing career at 16? Her unique gift to the world was all the mystery and enthusiasm of Caribbean reggae music. She did later branch out into several avenues like hip hop, rock, and dance, R&B.  Rihanna is only 31 now, with a birthday not so far away. A lot more musical and song magic is yet to come.

Gift of Caribbean reggae music

Rihanna¬†is in the news with the eighth studio album, R8, expected anytime! A million dreams would be born, and lots of new fans made. The world will rock like never before since each album is a complex journey, more significant than the one that came back. A single from R8 that leaked does provide intimate glimpses into what is to come. ‘World Peace’ is the appropriate title, something we would all pray for.

Rihanna’s Album

‘Umbrella,’ ‘Disturbia’, and ‘Diamonds’ among the singles climbed high on the charts in many countries worldwide. Figures do not speak the truth and only bring numbness. To know how many albums were sold and how many dollars she earned could never tell the whole truth. Celebrities have had enough of that anyway. Rihanna is one of the best-selling artists ever! Generations hence would talk of her.

Besides, celebrity life is shrouded in mystery and gossip. What is her love life like? Nobody knows.

Meanwhile, the miraculous voice floats high in excruciating tension. The hype is palpable, too, as on the many world tours when she met live audiences. The ‘Unapologetic’ album came more than two years ago, and it is time for more. Let us pray for something better than her best.