home-based writing business
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How to start a home-based writing business

Suppose you are confident that writing is your ultimate passion among the many that haunt us night and day. You probably can succeed in the writing business. Perhaps you read the great masters of the craft like Aravind Adiga in recent times. Also, have a college degree in literature or writing, at least a course somewhere to get the technicalities right. While interest in writing may come to many like a flash of inspiration, survival through the maze may require advanced skills. start a home-based writing business!

How to develop writing skills

home-based writing business

Suppose you are already doing a job like banking or teaching but have an avid interest in writing and working from home due to family constraints or health problems. In that case, writing could be an initial part-time activity. The job provides connections that you could exploit to further your writing career and even do a short course by correspondence or online to sharpen the lessons you learned way back in school. Mental preparation is essential. You do realize, of course, that the immense possibilities of writing online are a gift of the internet that developed as recently as the 1990s through print media and has ruled maybe for two centuries in some form.

Besides, art and culture like drama and cinema heavily depend upon writing skills. Writing is a lonely activity unless you belong to a group, which is feasible too within a like-minded circle. Who are your best friends? The dictionary and thesaurus, of course, though the scenario has changed electronically. With software, maybe e-books haunt your consciousness now that online publishing wields a great deal of clout.

What do you think?

Are you sure you are a genuine writer, in which case do you have a portfolio of published writings as a recommendation? The basic skills in writing would suffice along with the inspiration for starting the dream journey, hoping to improve as you travel the sometimes lonely but always challenging highway.

Deal with questions

After clarifying the intimate questions deep in the soul, setting up an office, preferably in a separate room, to avoid the clutter of family life and howling children, Desk and chair, computer and printer, telephone, etc., all require expense. Where will the budget come from? Does the family approve? Would you sustain the writing passion through the months and years, or is it merely a fad? Are you familiar with computers and the internet, word processing software, and the writing scenario? Do you have any experience in the field, like in technical writing? Do you happen to be a specialist writer like legal or medical transcription? Do you know the niches like finance, politics, sports, business, and entertainment? Writing for newsletters, websites, white papers, copywriting, blogs, and annual reports would become part of the paraphernalia.

Are you willing and prepared?

A word about deadlines! Like the newspaper and media industry, you witness daily and harsh deadlines squeeze in every little bit of energy you possess. Nobody seems to wait in an overbusy world, and clients would be screaming through the phone and social media for your submissions. Then could come several rewrites of your labored-over piece. It may all be satisfying in the end but at considerable expense of time and energy besides ideas, of course. Join this writing business or writing universe, if you will!