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Why quality followers are Important than quantity

For social media campaigning, there is always a question arises whether there should be more numbers of followers. On social media and websites, audiences follow many people. But when they campaign for anything the likes and dislikes differ. If a person is collecting money in terms of the number of followers then the results may be upsetting. Many people have few followers but can earn a good amount of money, but conversely, the people with a good number of followers are not able to collect much.

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If a question is asked to the people connected with social media, that is what they tell the clients or brands about the number of social networks followers. An owner of a company, who helps other companies to sell their goods using social media, went about to evaluate the best social media platforms which work for the clients’ business. She said that building quality connections is very important in social media. If the number of followers increases then there will be not much interaction due to many problems. It is always advisable to look into quality rather than quantity.

Every business has its unique strategy. But 80% quality has to be followed and 20% has to be left for quantity. This formula has proved to be effective. Social media strategist, Sofia Pacifico says that the brand has to maintain its quality for getting the quantity for running the business successfully. She says that instead of having several people who go window shopping looking into the products it is better to have loyal customers who come to the doorstep and giving a good profit.

Evaluate the followers

It is always better to evaluate the followers. Many people buy followers. Any brand or service has to be looked into get the facts. Just blindly sending likes and following does not show a strong audience base. Quality followers are always following looking into the brand and company. They are always loyal because they are sure about the quality of the brand.