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Why You have Every Reason to be Cheerful and Optimistic?

Especially nowadays, covered by media in every direction, it becomes imperative to be mentally stable, cheerful, and physically vigorous. Safety concerns bother a lot of people, particularly the gentle sex. Even men need to think of self-defense, and both the sexes should avoid lonely outings; avoid late nights out, and remote places. In addition, give serious thought to what happens in case of a sudden attack. It does make a lot of sense to have a mechanism in place! Don’t fool yourself that all is well all the time.


It is possible to get cheerful, friendly, and optimistic in comparative safety, good diet, exercise, stable health, and relationships. Once on the right track, religiously avoid thoughts and stories of depression, violence, and evil. Such experiences might cause a relapse of dark symptoms if you suffered them earlier. Turn the back upon such negative thoughts and experiences. Keep the attention diverted all the time, focused on the lighter side of life.

To be Optimistic Start with the Wow Social Media

The world of success and laughter, music, hope, parties, and friends is everywhere; you have to find them. Start with social media, for instance. As soon as you hook up, get ready for a swarm of friends based on common interests. Don’t let the mind dwell on the possibilities of online dangers. Millions enjoy social media each day.

That is the core secret of a happy existence! Though we know that dangers exist, we happily travel and embark on distant remote vacations across continents and families.  Perhaps racing on the street indicates some desperation and recklessness, but how can we rationally explain all the common indulgences that have now become routine?

Control your mind to achieve happiness


Train the mind, learning a crucial lesson from the Buddhists that everything originates in the mind. Dedicated to the elevation of all sentient beings and sincerely being compassionate and helpful does go a long way to achieving the happiness that is the basis of cheer and optimism.

A smiling face and cool body language are welcomed with open arms everywhere. Becoming a social butterfly perhaps is the answer. You must have seen such uncommon individuals, perhaps of middle age, who bring cheer wherever they go. Maybe envy and jealously follow them around too, but I cannot deny that they bring the gift of laughter everywhere.  Like media celebrities, they attract magnets.

Private thoughts would have to be sacrificed to some extent for the sake of the group. Adopt a nice and friendly approach, reflecting a genuine concern for the group’s well-being and even for strangers. Since we live in a society, is there not a commonly shared responsibility?


Live for the moment, existing in the here and now, alive to the happenings not only in the neighborhood but around the world. Practice empathy and participate in the feelings and actions of others. No man or woman is an island but must be connected to the world through bridges of understanding. Build some bridges.

Practice healthy habits, observe regular eating times, and sleep at regular hours too. Allot time judiciously like a system to work, and avoiding multitasking is the curse of modern times. Having too much to do at once is much worse than having nothing to do at all.

You could read appropriate books, but that is a matter of interest. Mindfulness is the habit that leads to cheerfulness and optimism because you recognize the essential you. Remain like the rock in the midst of the ocean waves, unaffected by all the storms of life.