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Is it essential to have a presence on Social Media

Now that social media has flooded society, whether for youngsters, students, professionals, or factory workers! And why not? Social media makes much sense by connecting people over wired networks worldwide. Exchanging thoughts and ideas, news and information, pictures and videos, a great family has come into existence. We always knew that only one vast family existed, and the realization now dawns stronger than ever. 

Social media sites need help with choices

Social media

An excessive fondness for the visual may lead to Instagram or Vine for those into short videos. Creativity with projects is what Pinterest is all about, and Snapchat would suit youngsters. Above all towers, Facebook is like Everest amidst many more social media high ranges. WeChat and Whatsapp, everybody knows the names though general knowledge may be lacking. Twitter brings choice snippets of news happenings from around the globe.

An infinite world of mystery surrounds social media until you take the plunge. And why should people hesitate? Billions have got into them. That is saying quite a bit because we have only seven billion people on planet earth. 

Security concerns may deter some people.

Impressionable youth and teenage girls may find it a slippery life on the social media slopes. Trolling and harassment over social media are happening like in real life. Yet assailants cannot knife or rob across the screen, can they? Sensitive personal information should be withheld over social media, but everybody knows that. 

A platform for jobs and love stories!

Like a sun that knows no sunset, social media is bound to thrive and more so in the future. Loneliness and frustration do not exist among social media enthusiasts. Yet the downside is that online friends have replaced real friends. Each family member is lost in a virtual world with growing silences around the dinner table. 

Yet the professionals check LinkedIn profiles, and the number of friends and followers do say much about the individual. Is the interview board for admissions to colleges and jobs in management going to consult social media records? Perhaps they will. 

Indeed, many couples of all ages came together online! Marriage and dating sites are doing well, just as work advertisements are. Considering all the aspects of the online world, can we afford to ignore it any longer? Better late than never to join social media according to interests and age groups. Today’s presence may motivate a job tomorrow and a love story the day after!