Articles and Blogs
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Articles and Blogs do Differ but Need Both

The first crucial difference between articles and blogs is that articles represent tradition and research, order and synthesis with a long and respected ancestry. Shall we call it formalized, structured, and defining the cream of thought of generations of writers?

What are Articles And Blogs?

Articles and Blogs


Articles contain information carefully enunciated with a minimum of fuss, usually have no dialogue or gimmicks, and are straightforward for easy reading and understanding. What about length? Articles can get rather long to 1500 words but are usually smaller in dimension.

If you have read various personal blogs, you might agree that they are relatively informal with no rigid structure or punctuation and follow no particular formula. Anything goes in that colourful blog world, like a personal diary in which you draw, scribble, and write. Some are creative wizards, but an absence of gimmickry or commercial talk is visible. If you can pour out your heart, mind, and soul, you have created a blog!

Distribution of Articles And Blogs

Articles & blogs

While articles have a widespread distribution in the media in newspapers, magazines, and even books, blogs are restricted to the online world of websites that contain a lot of business-speak and promotional material. Yet blog posts usually neither push nor sell in vehement ways.

What is blogging?

Articles And Blogs

If you are into blogging or dream of blogging, you need to realize that blogs require frequent updates to maintain a close relationship with audiences that keep coming back, like in a television serial. Like children in school, almost everybody maintains a blog to upload pictures and personal messages straight from the heart, forming a kind of autobiography to share with friends without profit. Successful blogs generate income from advertisements and form part of the social network with links elsewhere and space for comments.

What do blogs traditionally deal with?

Articles & blogs

The informal nature of blogs allows for much manipulation, and the format differs significantly from the article. Subjects like ‘3 Places To Visit Before You Die or ‘The Dos and Don’ts Of A Bachelor Life’ may be easily laid out pieces that are quickly read.

Articles present tighter formats and are not so flexible in tone or subject matter, being purely informative rather than whimsical or creative. Blogs have no limits, but they should be accessible to the eye and mind. The severe themes in articles do not find a place in blogs.

The best arrangement would be to include articles and blogs on the website with differing tones and content. The casual reader would get the blogs, and those who wish to dig deeper could have a go at the articles. Links would connect both, balancing each other in the final analysis.