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Small Businesses Could Benefit From Social Media

Now that the whole world lives in the shadow of the all-conquering social media, as pervasive as the sun, how best can we exploit the bonanza? If the sun indicates the day, perhaps social media is like the moon too that shines down at night. Any small enterprise can take benefit from social media. Let’s know which are the various modes of social media through which one can take the benefit.

Another form of advertising?

Now that the print and broadcasting media have been eclipsed by the live social media where messages oscillate the globe within seconds, what else does a small business require to take off confidently into the skies?

What kind of small business?

  • A writer who wants to build a clientele around the world for getting editing and writing projects
  • A fashion photographer who wishes to circulate and sell pictures
  • An online tutor seeking students
  • A flying club in search of trainees

A variety of social media exists

Social Media
Blog on Social Media

While most people stop at Facebook, perhaps the largest fish with well over a billion active users, there exist hundreds more. Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Linked In are some of the big names too but the list goes on and on.

The problem is to circulate messages, text, images, and videos across selected social media networks that would be appropriate for the business. Firstly the messages themselves and the images should be carefully framed to deliver the right nuances with changes for each media and build up a following. Things cannot happen so quickly either nor is the process all that simple.

A social media manager

social media

A marketing manager would handle the delicate process of trumpeting the business cleverly. SproutSocial and Hootsuite are websites that gently get you and the business through the process and the fee is not all that high. What it essentially means is that you need not laboriously work on each of the social media voices. They will get things done with all their expertise.

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