Digital marketing trend
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Secret of Emerging Digital Marketing trend 2022

Travelling the digital marketing trend sometimes gives the impression of walking on water, a world of illusion more than anything else. Yet, those fabulous revenues earned by the successful online business are genuine. The problem is that too many people dream of such successes as the action gradually shifts online.

Digital Marketing Trend

Business and communication, entertainment, and education are all getting online. Who would have thought that social media would turn into points of sale too? All those social media sites where people only gossiped have now turned into sales and advertising centres, and the future looks promising! Digital Marketing in India is growing gigantic with the tremendous growth of mobile phones that reach every population segment.

Though hard to believe, research suggests that online video advertising is more effective and popular than television. It is easy to understand why. Online digital media bring us a personalized experience. At least, that is what consumers prefer. Keeping in mind the target population’s characteristics and their likes and dislikes, content needs to be tailored accordingly. Customer acquisition, engagement, and retention finally matter in the business success promoted by Digital Marketing firms.

Email Marketing

It may be surprising, but email advertising remains strong at 20%, while many believe that emails have died in the face of more powerful online media. Similar is the radio that survives so well globally despite the clamour over television. The customer remains king as they have been all along for centuries.

The visuals are forever.

Videos and anything visual is growing very powerful online. Make sure that plenty of illustrations, videos, photographs, or whatever makes a significant impact because that attracts surfers. Tell the story via digital pictures rather than plain old text. In any case, the 2021 consumers seek constant change like little kids whose attention keeps wandering. Like an action movie, make sure that changes are widespread to support the attention absorbed. That is the secret eternally practised, anyway, with newer models and constantly changing advertising campaigns.

The rise and rise of social media

With social media rising to 66%, the future is clear. Social media combines many functionalities, like a store that sells everything under a single roof. The biggest companies maintain social media pages; presumably, the business operations would commence soon. Brick-and-mortar stores have online functions, a pretty convincing arrangement for those who hesitate to shop online.

That is the inevitable future of big data that already dominates the world. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are already launched and will grow stronger. Wearables have already made a mark, and more are on the way. The complexities of the Digital Marketing world have started making a lot of sense with the rise of mobile phones!