Creative Writing

Most Effective Tips for Successful Creative Writing

Wherever creativity is involved, people talk about ideas and inspiration. Writing stories and novels, blogs and articles also require an imaginative approach. Recycling old ideas into new patterns is one possibility. Experiences, travel and reading stimulate thoughts and ideas.

6 Steps of Creative Writing

STEP 1 Completing the writing to satisfaction would require the compiling of information.

• Aim to understand life in general and collect information specific to the topic.

• Great interest in people and cultures, languages and history are stimulating.

• Get passionate about favourite topics.

• Is it a product or service to write on? Nowadays, it is a glut of information online.

STEP 2 Choose the materials carefully after sifting through them. Like a photographer, explore different angles and investigate the right combination of facts and figures that would fit into the writing best.

STEP 3 You need time to process the information. A short break would help or engage in another activity. A walk or listening to music would be fine. Avoid rushing through this phase.

STEP 4 The time has arrived for creative juices to flow. The ‘aha’ moments have come. Write down or probably type the best thoughts and ideas on the subject that occur. All the reference materials are nearby.

STEP 5 Developing a personal style of writing is aided by software that checks spelling and grammar errors.

STEP 6 Seek feedback after sharing the writing and incorporate the changes before publication.