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Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard close to completion of LA Galaxy deal

Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool legend is just a couple of days away from signing a historic deal with MLS side LA Galaxy. The deal is worth an astonishing $6 million every year for a total of 18 months. The 34-year-old made his debut for Liverpool on 29th November in the year 1998. Since then he has made a total of 695 appearances for the club scoring 180 goals. Gerrard also has 114 caps for his national side scoring 21 goals. Recently retired from international football after the 2014 world cup, Gerrard is finally on his way to the MLA side.

Gerrard’s exit follows a disappointed season last year where they almost won the title, snatched from their hands at the last moment. This would have been their first EPL title since 1990, when the team was led to their 18th premier league title by Alan Hansen. Gerrard will begin his final campaign for Liverpool when they face AFC Wimbledon for a third round encounter at the FA cup. One of the biggest achievements of Gerrard’s football career was when he led his side to its 5th champion’s league victory in 2005 against AC Milan. It was a dramatic victory and one that will be cherished by Liverpool fans for decades to come.

Gerrard is following the footsteps of his fellow country man Frank Lampard who left Chelsea to join New York City FC, later to be loaned back to 2013 champions Manchester City. Steven Gerrard may be leaving Liverpool but his contributions for his club side as well for England will be in the memory of football fans forever.

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