Technical Writing

Most important tips for technical writing excellence

While researching and compiling official documents like user manuals and operating instructions for machines, extreme care and precision are required. • Consider the task as getting beyond documentation into the soul of the product. • Get all the related information together. • Organize it according to sections. • Conduct interviews for gathering product information.


The planning process considers the characteristics of the target audience. Who and what are the leading questions. Keep the deadline in tight focus at all times. It might be a cooker manual to be delivered within a week.


With all the online and offline media facilities available, researching to gather live data presents no difficulty. Set about the task systematically and get to the core. Sending a list of questions to survey online contacts is a possibility.


Research usually ends up with mega-information! Sifting and selecting the facts and figures, and organizing sections and chapters can be a tough task. Identify the key points. What structure will be followed? Perhaps introduction, body and conclusion? Process-based? Company directives need to be considered.


A first draft followed by intense revision would gradually bring the final shape into focus. Make sure that the sentences carry strong meanings with appropriate functional vocabulary and follow the active voice.


Software exists to proofread for typos and check grammar faults. Analytics and metrics bring writing closer to perfection.