Press Release Writing

How to Write an Ideal Press Release?

Having labored on developing a product or service for years on end, finally, the time has come to share the excellent news with the world. Events and announcements, seminars and exhibitions would require that dynamic press release. Clarity and focus, attention to detail, timely submission to specific journalists and a positive attitude mixed with creativity are some goals.

Headline plays an important role

Straight to the point and in the active voice, the headline needs to be optimized for SEO and social media. LION KILLS DOG or something like that.

What are 5Ws?

Dive immediately into the essential details with the 5Ws as if answering the questions:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

Importance of Quotation

An essential and relevant quotation creates a living effect and throws light upon the matter under discussion. ‘I am sure the plan will work,’ said the Transport Minister.

Secondary Points

  • STEP 1 Now it is time to fill in the background information of secondary importance.


  • STEP 2 Aim all through for quality, transparency and significance of all the facts and figures.


  • STEP 3 Creative use of mixed media with the world tiring of text will reach further with infographics and images. Avoid traditional monotonous texts alone.


  • STEP 4 Perhaps 24 hours in advance of publication, submit the refined and edited PR to specific persons addressed by name.


  • STEP 5 Reading and reviewing, responses and decisions take a while. There is nothing to do but wait anxiously and hope for the best.


  • STEP 6 After the publishing of the PR, don’t hesitate to mention it on social media channels and blogs, websites and e-magazines. Gauge the response and proceed with the planned follow up.