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When we decided to get into the writing and marketing business with a group of devoted writers, we didn’t really know what the journey would be like this. The challenges, surprises, experiences, and technology combined to teach us a great deal. We soon said goodbye to the novice days, gathering momentum in a fast-paced world that worships success. Gathering expertise along the way, we have rounded the edges and become confident of delivering refined work that fulfills present-day standards of internet marketing, sustainability, and SEO.

Book Writing

Though there is no specified length in pages or word limit, book writing refers to an extensive composition. Most books can either be classified as fictional that represents imaginative worlds or non-fiction. By non-fictional is meant the writing that deals with facts and information. Along with text, books contain illustrations, tables and pictures. Writers usually choose a subject to research and gather information. After preparing a table of contents chapter-wise, the parts of the story or textbook may be written. A timeline would help with story action. A large variety of genres of books exist and hard copy and online publications together run into mega figures.

A few important book types:

  • Biography
  • Children’s literature
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Crime stories
  • Self-help books


Press Release Writing

Essentially communicating news and announcements to newspapers about business and industry perhaps, Press Release Writing follows traditional formats. Political news may achieve great prominence too like party mergers and defections, election news and endless controversies. Such writing is usually quite sensational and hopes to capture the attention of the media and the important powers concerned. Since attention spans are very short, whether online or offline, the writing should be catchy enough to attract eyeballs and rivet attention for a few moments. Such releases are short, less than 500 words long. Written in the third person, the release commences with the most important news and has a striking headline. Salient types:


  • New business Press Release
  • Rebranding Press Release
  • Event Press Release
  • Book Press Release
  • Product Press Release


Business Writing

Clear and exciting writing that stimulates customer response with relevant information and illustrations form the core of business writing. It should be substantial and present correct information, easy to understand. For researching customer and reader needs thoroughly, the purpose is to motivate action like purchases or to spread awareness of a new product or service. Visibility campaigns could spread over long periods.

Ethical approaches are essential with no false claims or cooked up facts and figures. Information exchange happens universally in a million situations like education, and accuracy of grammar and style matter immensely. Essentially, clarity and correctness would win the day. A few common essential types: 


  • Handbooks
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Resumes
  • Press Releases


Technical Writing

Detailed research, along with explanation and instruction are some essential requirements of Technical Writing. An impersonal, objective approach is quite like the scientific point of view with an insistence on real facts and information rather than the imaginative and abstract.

Feelings and emotions have no place in technical writing. A simple and easy to understand the style of language would appeal to all readers and users of manuals. Just like machines require efficiency, this kind of writing reproduces tangible and easily experienced elements. The different steps of assembly or setup are clearly explained with short and straightforward sentences or bullets. Technical terms need to be avoided since laypersons will not understand them. Examples:


  • Policy manuals
  • Catalogues
  • Instructions for machine assembly 
  • Summary of a lengthy report
  • Medical reports


Content Marketing

Businesses need to promote themselves. Products and services need to gain visibility, mainly in the online market, to find customers. Quality content creation anticipates customer likes through research. Dissemination takes place through appropriate channels. Creation of quality content that uses graphics, videos, text and art, photographs and animations is half the battle. 

Further, an online marketing plan through a variety of channels would sustain the advertising process. Constant feedback shows where the highlights and drawbacks are. Adjustments and additions of new materials need to be immediate to maintain public interest. Chief varieties of content marketing:

  • Blog content
  • Video content
  • Infographic content
  • Podcast content
  • Social media content


Creative Writing

Expressive and imaginative, original and imaginative are some common characteristics of the creative process. Creativity applies to several genres, like art and music, in addition to writing. Creativity observes no limits like a story that invents places, characters and action through the creative process. The opposite of creative writing would be the strict adherence to facts and truth, like in history and media reporting.

Creative work could show an amalgamation of genres like in biographical essay that combines newspaper reports of the subject along with imaginative descriptions of the village background.  Traditionally, stories, drama and poetry are considered creative works though they might contain doses of realism too. Important types:

  • Children’s writing
  • Crime stories
  • Science fiction
  • Romance novels
  • Fantasy writing

Website Content

Our point of view on-webpage content is, this genre of content shouldn’t be descriptive only it has to have the correct emotion. We try to cultivate the brand’s or company’s emotion by reading the web pages, history and talking with the clients. The motif is to grab the actual emotion of the start-up of the brand or company. This way impacts the heart of our writers, and they wrote contents. Thus, we can convert other’s company ours and write with more care.

  • Writers’ devotion to writing the same types of contents for years
  • Developing web contents by following the target audience
  • Balancing the correct degrees of information, detailed information, general information and emotion
  • Delivering works in deadline
  • Cost-effective web content development service

Case Study Writing

Case studies tell real-life stories of how a product or service successfully solved customer problems. Marketing for a business depends heavily upon case studies that need to be thoroughly convincing. They need to carry the ring of truth that may be missing if the story is cooked up by professional writers. Each of the numerous campaigns presented over the daily media is a kind of case study. Raising awareness of water scarcity or the policy of recycling and resolving pollution levels are all similar. The story format presents the problems that signified conflict. Viable solutions are reached and the end of the action signifies the new changed situation with the problem gone. Common important types:


  • Key, outlier and knowledge case studies
  • Exploratory case studies
  • Illustrative case studies
  • Cumulative case studies
  • Critical case studies 

Blog & Article Writing

We put our initial step in the field with article and blog writing. This is our oldest service. Still, we are continuing our passion for writing articles and blogs. Yet, we transformed a lot from our early days. Now, our writers can create more penetrating and useful contents to ensure the website’s success. The versatility has increased as well. Most importantly, the standard of articles and blogs has evolved a lot.

  • Using highly interactive language
  • The flow goes with the rule
  • The exact manifestation of the given instruction
  • Delivering in deadline
  • Cost-effective

Our process

Whether we write creative contents, articles, web contents or press release or research-based contents, we follow 4 steps chronologically.


in the discussion period, we try to catch the actual requirement of the client.



the study period takes boundless time because our strategy is completely based on the discussion and study. So, we study each and every project in two-three layers.


Finale delivery with success report

the final presentation of the project delivers at the right time after multiple checking. We follow the review of our writings to overcome our loopholes.


clarify your quotation to proceed further

Owing to your requirement, we have our customer service open 24 * 7. Whether you want a quotation for web design or any other service from WriteThings, we are there to address you the quote at any time of the day. Do not hesitate to clarify your queries regarding quotation we are here to assist you.

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