Cost Effective

Cost Effectiveness is the Priority

You might wonder how and why we do not charge exorbitant rates like many writers do. We have believed since day one that we should not be mercenary. We feel ethically and morally bound to charge reasonable rates for our services while endeavoring to maintain high standards and principles. Pushing rates very high sometimes is counterproductive. Standards may not remain on that high pedestal that we always dreamed of. We know of agencies that charge high and deliver little.

Quality Matters

If we emphasize money, it may come at the cost of quality. Besides, we derive inspiration from the best things of life that come free! Though we cannot render services free except for social service agencies and charitable institutions, we wish that our customers avoid the financial pinch when they work with us. Unless we work in close cooperation to share your mission and vision, the creativity and success of language would not be achieved. So let us put our heads together as we search for the winning formula, the dance of language, design, and creativity that would result in spectacular sales of whatever goods or services. Materialism not being our goal, we can look forward to tangible business benefits from the wonders that language can achieve.