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An Eternity Of School And College Education Begins For Your Child…

Lost in the excitement of married life, we hardly envision the future when the toddler makes it to the first day at school. Reaching that tender school going age was hard enough with all the baby sitting and nurses and doctors. Health issues, learning parenting, walking and lisping had their trials and tribulations amidst the mystical joy concerning each little aspect. Look at all those glossy pictures that form a little biography already from year to year!

Perhaps the upper classes do not have much to worry about in terms of education, jobs, marriages and future of their children. For almost everyone else, the immensity of the nightmare is just dawning. Finding an appropriate school within an affordable budget and that includes the donation would keep you rushing like mad. If lucky, some wise advice may come from the neighbor in the apartment block or the swimming instructor.

Getting The School Life Together

Besides the money question, the problem of uniforms, bags and books besides safe transport within a reasonable distance from home can be formidable tasks. Why not boarding schools that take much of the fuss away? Yet many parents especially mothers cannot imagine life in the absence of the child from home. Boarding schools are far more expensive than the usual day school but would result in the independence of spirit in the child so important for the 21st century citizen.

Naturally the parents are wide eyed and beaming with an intense happiness during the primary years. Yet we realize that the eternity is only commencing. Good academic performance would take care of the child’s future yet many find themselves dependent upon tuitions. Expenditure once again arises with additional transport and fees.

Lucky is the child so well adjusted to the school culture that ten years or more are spent in the same institution. In many cases the parents for whatever reason end up changing schools several times during the twelve years. Maybe the child failed, had discipline problems or simply did not like the buildings, teachers or students. Further expenses arise then with a fresh donation, new uniforms and perhaps books too if the examination board undergoes a change. In genuine cases there may be no cause to regret if some strong benefit arises in the life of the child. If it is merely fussiness, things may not go so well in the future!

Ego it seems observes no limits and joining clubs, buying digital stuff and practicing hobbies could all turn out to be very expensive. A child getting spoiled at the school going age itself is becoming rather common even with substance abuse, the misuse of the internet and money problems. Violence is only one of the serious issues that crop us on school campuses.

The College Adventure Commences At Last

Lucky indeed are the parents whose child has survived schooling and produced an academic percentage that qualifies for higher things. By that time the grown up teenager is waiting to indulge in further adventure and has an inkling of what waits in college and university. The college entry is the second round of the parental battles. College courses often decide the life and career of the child. Campus recruitments in many cases provide plush appointments that may remain forever, leading to ample positions and payments.

The tension filled days have begun once again and planning must take place well in advance. Luckily the all powerful online media in addition to the broadcasting and print media deliver a world of information that puts you up to date. It is hardly necessary to travel to far away colleges and institutes any more. They would happily oblige if you filled up the contact form online or downloaded the prospectus.

Yet the digital life sometimes seems unsatisfactory. The human touch seems to be receding. Though smarter and faster than the traditional practice, the older generation would certainly feel that something is lacking. In any case, many colleges have been applied to and the decision waits.

Children Nowadays Aim For Higher Degrees

Enrolling in tutorials with an eye on the entrance examinations only makes things more complicated and far more expensive. Yet it is often worth the while in most cases. Children nowadays are not content with anything less than the master’s degree or maybe even the doctorate. The undergraduate course sufficed in the olden days but is nowadays hardly considered any more.

The Value Of Professional Qualifications

Perhaps children should be in search of lucrative appointments early rather than be accumulating degrees. Seniority at work is perhaps as important as academic qualifications. Opportunities for study may arise later too after getting sponsored in many cases by employers themselves.

Study opportunities in evening colleges, online courses and distance education would also help in consolidating academic qualifications at a later date. Yet most who accumulate degrees do find openings higher on the corporate ladder like those who must do an MBA before starting any job at all!

We must agree that parents are superhuman for having survived that one and half decades or more of the child’s education! In many cases, having more than one child turns out to be greater risks and greater adventures! In countries where education is subsidized and scholarships offered to the meritorious like in Bhutan, the parental problems are somewhat alleviated. Even then the moral strength required to persevere through more than a decade of schooling itself can be most daunting, followed by the uncertainties of college.

Don’t forget the food, medicine, clothes and whatever else that are required for the child’s success. Ample reasons for the aged parents to expect something in return but many children fail that duty, sadly. Parents too have their egos and insist upon their own sparse pension incomes and dilapidated accommodations. Life is like that strangely enough when it comes to the sunset years.

Are there any alternatives? In advanced America, children obtain loans to educate themselves and may well be repaying loans into their fifties! Backward economies cannot certainly imagine such a scenario. Insurance is a precious commodity that should cover every aspect of life like health. What if education could be covered to?

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The increase of women power and protection

The women of modern societies deserve more safety from the society. The incidents of last some years are not so positive for announcing the women, safe. There are many reasons behind the increase of such matters. Some scientists and intellectuals are saying that the raise of sexuality and violence are the main point of such matters. Now the important thing is to make the surrounds free from brutalities.

The government of India is taking many ways to decrease the brutal incidents from their land. There are many rapes and teases matters happened in this land and these took many people on the road for protest. The cruel examples of Nirbhaya-Abhaya, Tapasi Malik and others have vast effect on Bengal. People of this state accumulated for numbers of protest. They want the justification and punishment of the victims. Apart from this the people want to free their land from such incidents. The Delhi matter did same things according to the common and govt. So these soft matters are under the special observation of ruler now.

The rulers of India and west-Bengal started many new policies to increase the women power. The new contribution of technology is smart phones. These are very popular, so through this device many apps are in the market now. These apps are very easy to handle and through one touch the details of a woman’s position and situation can be delivered to the nearest police station. The police are bound to reach in fastest time after getting that report. There are many more paths of making the inner senses holy. The Bengal Govt. began a “konyashree” policy. Here the women of this state will get some amounts every year. Thus they can enrich their abilities and powers. So the paths of decreasing such incidents are spreading in the whole world to raise the safety of most respected and important gender of society.

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Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard close to completion of LA Galaxy deal

Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool legend is just a couple of days away from signing a historic deal with MLS side LA Galaxy. The deal is worth an astonishing $6 million every year for a total of 18 months. The 34-year-old made his debut for Liverpool on 29th November in the year 1998. Since then he has made a total of 695 appearances for the club scoring 180 goals. Gerrard also has 114 caps for his national side scoring 21 goals. Recently retired from international football after the 2014 world cup, Gerrard is finally on his way to the MLA side.

Gerrard’s exit follows a disappointed season last year where they almost won the title, snatched from their hands at the last moment. This would have been their first EPL title since 1990, when the team was led to their 18th premier league title by Alan Hansen. Gerrard will begin his final campaign for Liverpool when they face AFC Wimbledon for a third round encounter at the FA cup. One of the biggest achievements of Gerrard’s football career was when he led his side to its 5th champion’s league victory in 2005 against AC Milan. It was a dramatic victory and one that will be cherished by Liverpool fans for decades to come.

Gerrard is following the footsteps of his fellow country man Frank Lampard who left Chelsea to join New York City FC, later to be loaned back to 2013 champions Manchester City. Steven Gerrard may be leaving Liverpool but his contributions for his club side as well for England will be in the memory of football fans forever.

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Can Fashion Designing become your specialty?

Coco Chanel and Calvin Klein are your models perhaps! What is it that it takes to succeed in the spectacular world of fashion? Why are you interested in a fashion career? Are you getting carried away by the sensational cat walks on FTV? Maybe you experience a mundane desire to get rich. Perhaps you want to put your own country or region on the global fashion scenario! Ethnic cultures certainly have infinite untapped resources to touch the sky.

Fashion Designing

There are those who believe that fashions are for the rich. In a sense, yes, but nothing could be further from the truth in the technologically advanced world of ours. Little things like key chains require moulds and designs. Every little accessory has been researched and designed for mass production. Computerization rules everywhere and the sky is the limit for the designing game.

Shall we say that imagination, creativity and technology combine to produce cutting edge fashions that rule everywhere under the sun? Fashions stare out of shop window mannequins as you take the evening walk. Parties and social events expose you to myriad fashions.  We are almost forgetting those mighty international fashion weeks! They set the styles and give rise to concepts of dressing that would rule until the next fashion event introduces new trends to start all over again.

If you are getting dominated by artificiality, shall we get some invigorating ideas out of nature? Does fashion exist naturally? We can bet it does though there may not exist a fashion industry! Bird feathers for instance were borrowed by native Red Indians to adorn themselves. Certainly a lot of delightful lessons remain to be learnt from radiant bird plumage like the astounding peacock feathers.  Sad it is that animal skins should make up an important segment of our fashionable warm clothing like the mink coat.

How did Coco Chanel and Calvin Klein succeed and become immortal fashionistas? Both were artistic and ambitious and grew high from small beginnings to create masterpieces of dresses like the little black suits and sportswear.

Art certainly has a meeting ground with fashion. Are you artistically inclined? How do you know? Do you like art? Can you draw and paint? Perhaps you are attracted to art and design over computer software? We cannot do without technology of course in the urban scenario of today. Come to think of it, the fashion industry exists primarily in the urban and semi urban areas where large populations provide a commercial market. Rural settings may not contain the verve and the motivation to run a fashion industry.


Fashion Dream

Ritu Beri or Rohit Bal may have influenced your fashion dreams in the Indian context.  The staid traditionalism of India is now hopefully a thing of the past. Indians compete on the world stage in almost every discipline like the software industry. Indian writers have excelled in English, primarily a foreign language. Indian entrepreneurs are making it big in western surroundings on an epic scale.

The traditional Indian motifs and dresses contain yet untapped wealth. They could be molded into winning designer wear for the international market. Tiring of excessive modernization, it would be wise to start digging at the roots once again. Many would wish to go back to nature after the immense artificiality of the urban jungle. Yet fashions do not exist at the village roots. The fashion industry is located at the high tech centers internationally. Sophistication, style and elegance would be fundamentals in an outgoing lifestyle. Most fashion design success stories commenced with modest beginnings of course.