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Writing for Digital Media – The 3 Mantras

Content is now-a-days all about digital media. Marketing teams run on the rails “Content is King” but little do they realize that King is one and unique. The content strategy and posts should thus ideally be unique and intriguing enough to stand out and reach to the heart of the readers. Here are the 3 content mantras for achieving success in digital media marketing.

1: Arouse passion to stimulate action

Infographic Template With Digital Marketing Icons Concept Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStockThe digital marketing content strategies have somersaulted from the olden times when simple articles would work for everything.

Of course, the aim is still to establish the perfect image of the business brand but the approach has changed entirely. Now-a-days, content is inclined not only to the marketing side but also to touch the user’s heart.

It is for this reason that content now encapsulates emotion, suspense, reality, limitations and all that could be a reader’s thought.

Penning down conversational tone along with personalized experiences is now the strategy most widely adopted. And sure, that works!




2: An effective plan for coming up with unique content is mandate


digital media2The digital media channels have excessive demand for content but in fulfilling this demand. Most of the writers lose track of what they are presenting to the world. Is it the same information that they are posting on the web each day? Or is it some fresh content every day?

It’s not fair to lay the blame on writers alone. The overgrowing demand of content for business survival across social channels is the main culprit that overburdens the writers to deliver not-so-unique content pieces for ongoing social media activities.

Eventually what will happen with a firm that posts on a daily basis but not a fresh idea? The readers tend to lose interest and degrade the image of business brand.

Thus, a plan is required for scheduling content. Different ideas have to be gathered, relevant information has to be included, latest researches and news have to be followed, questions have to be put up, answers need to be given and some discussions are required to be left open-ended for the readers to discuss and participate.

3: Don’t go off the track

Connecting to the readers is good but take care that your story is not derailed. You should be able to twist your story towards your business. The better the suspense you are able to create here, the more enthralled the readers will be. Consistency and hold of the idea are the key factors you need to keep track of while framing content as per today’s digital media writing demand.

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What does PS mean? Vanished letter writing traditions

What does PS mean?

The first question that arises with a 21st-century generation that hardly knows letter writing. The older generation would know, of course, but probably do not use PS any longer. The word Postscript from the Latin term, Postscriptum refers to the afterthought after the communication completes with the signature, whether in personal or official letters. 

Why should PS be disappearing now? 


The image is taken from Flickr

After several centuries of use, does it make sense that PS has almost disappeared? Computer Software like MS Word makes the difference. Traditional typewriters that used to use for so long do not enable such easy formatting as electronic software. Copy and paste becoming so easy, there is no difficulty in including afterthoughts within the main body of the communication. Insert the cursor, click and start typing.


Image is taken from wikiHow

Just reflect on the pen and paper experience that existed before the 1990s when the internet gradually conquered the world. After composing the sweet and dignified letter, whether to a lover or boss, with a signature, something suddenly remembers. The important point got to miss out. It happens all the time. In busy schedules, writing the entire letter once again may not be practical.

The letters PS after the signature mentioned the afterthought that attracted ample attention. Because it was a standalone sentence or two. Earlier, in the body, masses of words made up sentences and paragraphs. PS seemed a good idea to make something stand out and attract greater attention like a reminder to attend a party perhaps. PS meaning represented greater clarity. 


The image is taken from Epson

What does PS mean at the end of a letter?


The image is taken from postscript.io

Do many people write letters anymore? With electronic social media taking over most of the communication, it is bits of sentences mostly. LOL means laugh out aloud. Each day, millions of images and videos get exchanged and words seem to have lost their meaning. Handwriting is certainly suffering and signatures are forgotten because withdrawing cash from the bank no longer requires it. 

Yet, change is definite, and adjusting to the change is another certainty. Keeping up with the competition would require updates all the time. 

Examples of “PS” in letters you may still see even if they are not so common. What about remote regions amidst forests, deserts, and mountains that have not yet received the healing touch of the internet? Conventions of centuries still exist in such settings through change will come soon. 

Now that so much has shifted online like exchanging soft greeting cards, hard copy greeting cards have fewer buyers. The industry has not vanished but is so much reduced. Similarly, the reading of hard copy books has reduced with millions of free e-books available for download. Easy to read even on smartphones, pirated e-books require little expense in most cases compared to the hard copy that can get rather pricey. Abuse of the system, duplication, and piracy is common as in everything else. 

The formality or informality of PS


No restrictions apply, unlike the other differences between formal and informal communications. Use it in emails too. Make sure that the tone of the little afterthought is similar to the rest of the message. 

Once upon a time, such an afterthought was confined to personal letters between friends. Times have changed. Emails use them as an important marketing tactic. Work correspondence uses the afterthought as reminders or to stress points. 

Source: The image is taken from adobe stock

Avoid a postscript in a very short message

Conventionally, letters and emails are very brief, and even more so is the official correspondence, straight to the point. Advertising similarly contains short and crisp messages in simple language that drive home the point to everybody. If the body of the message contains a few sentences, it is inappropriate to add a few more sentences as a postscript, both appearing similar in length. 

Should it be PS or P.S.? 

In an age of liberal thinking and personalization, should hard and fast rules apply to language use? Grammar books do set out a list of rules that mostly follow to the letter. While P.S. refers to British English, the Americans prefer to write it as P.S. Will it makes a difference which approach get used? With or without the periods, letters are certainly understood at the end of the communication. 

The periods add a touch of seriousness and make the letters appear more grammatical. However, most acronyms like UNO do not use periods though they should use, strictly speaking. The three letters represent three words. United Nations Organization. According to the Chicago Manual Style, P.S. is preferable to P.S. Don’t forget that both letters capitalize, whether used with or without the periods. 

Say ‘No’ to the comma

PS or P.S.? In either case, the need for a comma does not arise. Some people have the nasty habit of using excessive punctuation. PS, and P.S., are not acceptable or should not mention. Further, the words after PS or P.S. usually follow the same line and begin with the capital letter. The Enter key should not use in the computer which will lead to the next line. 

Do emails use postscripts?

Lost amidst sensational videos and images by the million, emails seem to have lost their past glory. The truth is that emails survive just like podcasts even in the absence of images or moving images. Email campaigns are still very much popular as a minimal-cost marketing tool that can reach vast numbers of potential customers in seconds. 

How to format “PS” in emails is a tricky question. The advantage of PS after the email serves the valuable purpose of attracting attention. Gaining visibility in various ways is what the whole world is busy with, personally and professionally. Marketing experts vouch for the PS trick too. That final message is a call to action but it is no need. Handwritten or typed, exchanged between two individuals, or catering to numerous would-be customers, the afterthought is a gentle reminder or a friendly additional message. 

Get to understand PPS

PPS is certainly lesser-known, and many lost! If a second afterthought occurs after writing or typing the afterthought, will it require PPS? A post postscriptum? That seems to be a crazy thought. But some prefer to write it that way. By studying samples of real messages exchanged between individuals like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, you can see PPS. Though PPS does not need it, just let you know as a possibility.
Intensely personal messages could still use PPS or PPPS, but it usually not use and certainly not officially. In any case, PSS not use.

Brevity is important

PS meaning would be lost if it was not very brief. If the main body was 10 lines long and the PS was a single line, it might make sense. Surely, the PS cannot be half as long as the main body. An afterthought could mean a single thought or idea, reminder, or additional message. The purpose of emphasis is very well served just like the bold or underlined text. Capitalization serves similar purposes too. Perhaps 4 or 5 lines are the maximum lengths of a postscript. 

How to format “PS” and manage the length and content? 

Examples of “PS” in letters indicate that it is a useful tool. It could be a different matter quite unrelated to the main body. If it concerns budgets, the postscript might be about a planned football game. 

What does PS mean at the end of a letter could also refer to a secret between friends or lovers in addition to the official matter in the main message. Jokes or gossip suit the nature of postscripts too. 

Messages, events, persons, places, and things are appropriate postscripts


I haven’t received the communication yet.

 Yes, I am attending the party tomorrow.

 I will be meeting the manager this evening to discuss the problem. 

 I haven’t visited Haiti yet but wish to go next summer. 

I bought the birthday gift already. Quite expensive!


Business emails and PS can achieve so much! 

Like a subject line at the beginning of a business letter, the postscript at the end could serve a similar purpose. Strangely, what serves as a headline could be at the end. If such is the purpose, it could a hard-hitting postscript to gain attention. Don’t neglect the opening sentence though of the main message. 

A business postscript could stress a new offer or gift the company is including during a festival season. That interests and energizes readers and motivates them to read further. 

A personal approach touches hearts

Like the ‘you’ on YouTube, attract people with personal communication. Appealing to the individual characteristics is time-honored as an effective way to attract attention. 

Take it with salt, sugar, and spice. Only in hand-written or typed text messages does the possibility of postscripts arise. Though an age-old tradition, it is uncommon nowadays amidst the videos and images. Use them effectively when the need arises. 

Author and narrator C.S. Lewis mentioned in the final chapter of his book “Out of the Silent Planet” is a postscript to a letter Ransom wrote in a fictional version. He agreed with a grudge that he has done some corrections with the letter opens in the middle with Ransom.

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What is your outfit for the day?

Are you comfortable with the attires you wear and the outfits you choose for yourself? Do you feel like you need a makeover, or do you look best at what you wear?

English: Runway model; Abigail Keats Autumn/Wi...
English: Runway model; Abigail Keats Autumn/Winter 2010 collection; Audi Fashion Week. Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Choosing the right outfit of the day is extremely important wherever you are going, can be your office, party, or another occasion. As we all know, “The first impression is the last impression,” and to leave a lasting impact, it is essential to wear the proper attire and choose the right outfit. You are choosing the right outfit for the day.

Outfit to wear

We all don’t need to have a good fashion sense and carry ourselves pretty well with whatever outfit we wear. You may get carried away by someone whom you aspire to dress. And can be anyone amongst your friends, family, or even a stranger. You can seek valuable advice from your colleagues or close ones who, according to you, knows how to dress fashionably and possesses good fashion sense.

If you are photogenic and can’t stop clicking pictures of yourself throughout the day, then you surely know which is your right outfit for the day. You can consult a fashion designer or even check out fashion blogs and websites where you will get detailed information on which attire suits you best. We often get confused about which ones to wear for which purpose, and in this confusion, we often choose the wrong attire.

Brand’s Importance

Going by the brands or the price is neither a great idea since you never know what might look attractive, which turns out to be a wrong decision. If you think you lack good fashion sense and cannot decide which ones suit you best, you could bring someone with you for shopping who knows about your personality. Choosing the right outfit is itself an art, and the truth is most of us don’t have an accurate idea about selecting the outfit of the day.

Just imagine you wear your favorite outfit for a party and are almost sure your killer looks will take everyone’s surprise. But on reaching the venue, you noticed people offer suggestions on wearing a better outfit instead of complimenting your fashion sense.

Now, how will you react! Will you take it as valuable advice or ignoring others’ take on what they feel about your outfit? It’s a fact that what others notice and what they express about how you look in the dress you wear is the truth. So, next time onwards, look your best with that favorite outfit and let the words of others do the talking.

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Book Review 2021: International Cricket Centuries In Eden Gardens

The world cup is in full swing. The histories of the grounds are to be ordained with care and must preserve the regime of them with perseverance. Of late, there has been a book out in the marten that deals with the history of the cricket centuries and other tales made in Eden Gardens of Kolkata.

Centuries In Eden Gardens

We know that the Eden gardens are one of the most famous fields in India and the world. This field has welcomed the debut of a hoard of cricketers, and this field has been the witness to the departure of many players. The field has seen Gavaskar, Clive Lyod, Kapil Dev to Sourav Ganguli, and Shane Bond waving their bats and the balls at the enthusiastic audience. This book traces those pages of history.

What’s more

27,272 Cricket Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

This book also speaks of the chronicles of the field. There had been the times when the enthralling audience stood in ovation to the famous test and one day centuries. There has been the twenty cricket as well. All these matches have a myriad amount of stories hidden in their bosom. The field has a great past.

There were the days when the Eden gardens were used for functions as well. Held several governmental functions here. Since 1934, the test matches are held in this field, and the year 1987 had seen the first one-day international. This book gives a lot of other relevant and interesting truths about a field. The language is lucid and vivid. The picturesque style of writing makes the navigation through the pages a very worthy one. This book is a cherished element for the readers.




Data Leak
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Company’s Data Leak: Few Innovative Ways to Prevent

data leak

Image Source: scroll

How will you describe “Company’s data leak”? The solution seems to be as simple as fast food; get a DLP or data loss prevention application from renowned companies like HP or Symantec. Is it all that simple? The problem is that employees could be silent thieves. After all, copying data has become a dream nowadays, like with the thumb drive via USB. You don’t have to struggle with bulky hard copies anymore. A tiny gadget may hold a library of information. And then you have emails and attachments that can use to dispatch sensitive information to the wrong persons.

A silent war of information

data leak

Image source: ZDNet

Like advertising wars bitterly fought between rivals in the business like smartphones, the information war or Company Data Leaks is genuine. Information costs money, all right, as we witness each day over the media. A few seconds of publicity for the chocolate brand, and the company pays a fortune. Just imagine how much people would pay in terms of patents? And designs concerning advanced products are researched 24/7.

A booming DLP market!

No wonder then that 19 mega-companies vie for top slots in the DLP market. People expected the demand to escalate by nearly $2 billion by 2019. We can imagine why. Company Data Leaks increase tenfold each year, and we can only work with estimates. Preventing unauthorized access is what keeps so many people busy. Much of the media work with views, but we treat the figures as very real. Nobody knows the whole truth.

Dedicated employees could win half the battle.

Background checks on staff may help ascertain the reliability, and signed agreements to maintain secrecy may bring confidence to the employer. If the team is delighted with the organization, perhaps fewer chances exist of data theft. Training is essential to make sure that workers understand the problem and know how to control the flow of information. Each computer may connect to twenty other computers, and the information travels between them all the time. A network monitoring system ensures the smooth passage of information. Hackers use the same technology to breach the fortress and steal data for various reasons like business, espionage, terror, and plain mischief.
The insider information leak appears to be miniature. According to Verizon’s report in 2012, it was only 4%. The daunting problem is that company executives possess a goldmine of information in the office, and they could easily copy it. A Bank of America leaked customer information to identity thieves, and the financial loss amounted to $10 million besides the PR issues. Hard to believe? No, it is all true.


data leak


Image source: saga net

The age-old antivirus software with firewall backing is continually people recommend to ensure safety. It forms a mighty wall that is not easy to breach. At least, the top companies promise such a shield. DLPs monitor the movement of data based on the company’s intellectual property profile. The software examines each bit of information that leaves at ports and protocols and responds appropriately. Thus, the information we can prevent from leaving beyond certain fixed thresholds.
Encryption and USB blocking appears to be sound strategies to preserve valuable information and prevent illegal access and tampering. Banks regularly use such encryption, and the system seems to be working fine. Considering the vast amounts of cash that change hands legally each day over internet banking, it appears that there is nothing to be quite alarmed about.

Web security

Web security gateway services as an alternative to DLPs do protect from evil websites and software. They scan files in all communication avenues for potential data loss, according to the language terms contained therein. If somebody is behaving irresponsibly, the software catches up and raises the alarm.


Not only information is all over the place in so many incarnations like DVDs, IM, smartphones and blogs, email, and thumb drives. But privacy is constantly being compromised by smartphones with cameras and video recording that reach the most sensitive zones. Nothing appears to be beyond their reach, not even in the trial rooms of companies. Besides, being allowed to bring your equipment to the workplace has potential hazards, too, as an open invitation to steal information. Happy were the days with the manual typewriter, phone, and fax alone.

Loss or Misuse

Accidental loss or misuse of information sometimes occurs when you send it to the wrong person by chance. The problem is often not what lies beyond the perimeter but what happens within. There exists plenty of opportunities inside to manipulate or steal since information is continually is sent. Anti-malware and encryption, besides other security controls, do play their essential roles. Three layers of defense is used that effectively keep things in place. Imagine the degree of security that credit card and social security numbers would require.


A file classification system would ensure that sensitive information does not pass through a protocol or gateway, raising the alarm if they do. Such a system one can also implement in social media where objectionable content or images get prevented access. Arrangements can be based on file size, and abnormally large files would raise doubts and halt the process. Could also supervise The unusual behavior of employees in this manner.

Learning lessons

The case of the theft from the DuPont database over several months of $400 million is an eye-opener. The person had been accessing 15 times the number of files the others in the office had been working with. A Duracell employee sold information about batteries, first sending it home and later to a rival company. Getting a handle on the internal data is crucial but would require separate software for each information category. Avoid putting all the eggs in one basket.

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Secrets of Promotional Content writing you don’t know

Websites have become the primary way to reach the audience. promotional content writing assists to bring and retain the visitor for a long time. Expert content writers develop such promotional content for websites, brochures, and many other purposes. These contents help the website to get an excellent ranking in the SEO.

Quality Content

The quality of our English is superb, with flawless grammar. Many companies find promotions in the market due to our content. Companies advertise and have sales on their websites.  Press releases, flyers, and profiles of products need to write just for advertisement. Sometimes blog also helps to promote the quality of your brand. Present marketing strategies and global competition need to keep in mind when the content is being written.

Benefits of Professional Content Writing

Promotional contents

This content converts visitors to customers. The quality of this content writing is outstanding, and we have many examples where the websites have reaped a lot of profits with the web pages containing our content. Our charges are also affordable in the current market. We have a lot of experience in content writing, and indeed we will not make you disappointed.

What do all need in promotional content?

Promotional contents

Company profiles, marketing contents, press releases, brochures, products and service descriptions, sales letters, e-mails, and contents with taglines are carefully written by us. We have been in the market for many years and know the flow of it. We write the content accordingly to compete with the other manufacturers.

Hiring our professional content writers will bring in a good profit for the company in a varied sense. The digital promotion with these good contents makes the website liable for more sales and more customers. If the content quality is good and if consistency is there client will come back again and again. These contents are directly responsible for the increase in visitors to the website. Our promotional contents make the websites get a good ranking on Google and thus attract more visitors and advertisers.

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The Unfading Allure Of Rihanna Comes Alive With R8

Can you imagine what it feels like to be a superstar? Would you believe that she started her singing career at 16? All the mystery and all the gusto of Caribbean reggae music was her unique gift to the world. She did later branch out into several avenues like hip hop, rock and dance, R&B.  Rihanna is only 31 now with a birthday not so far away. A lot more musical and song magic is yet to come.

Gift of Caribbean reggae music

Rihanna is now very much in the news with the eighth studio album R8 expected anytime! A million dreams would be born and lots of new fans made. The world is going to rock like never before since each album is a complex journey, greater than the one that came before. A single from R8 that leaked does provide intimate glimpses into what is to come. ‘World Peace’ is the appropriate title, something we would all pray for.


‘Umbrella,’ ‘Disturbia’ and ‘Diamonds’ among the singles climbed high on the charts in many countries worldwide. Figures do not really speak the truth and only bring numbness. To know how many albums were sold and how many dollars she earned could never tell the whole truth. Celebrities have enough of that anyway. Rihanna is one of the best selling artists ever! Generations hence would talk of her.

Besides, the celebrity life is shrouded in mystery and gossip. What is her love life like? Nobody really knows.

Meanwhile the miraculous voice floats high in excruciating tension. The hype is palpable too like the many world tours when she came face to face with live audiences. The ‘Unapologetic’ album came more than two years ago and it is certainly time for more. Let us pray for something better than her best.

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How to increase traffic to your blog in 2021?

It’s really needed to increase traffic to your website, isn’t it? This must be accredited that with the changing dimensions and tenets of time the virtues of knowledge are changing. To be prudent, this must be said that there was a time when man relied on books to read and acquire knowledge. Today the books are transmitted on the Kindle and online PDFs. At the same time with the advent of technology exercise of the right to speech has become easier.

increase traffic

The blogs are paving the path to exert one’s views and ideas on a particular subject easily. The blog is that the private space of the human being on the web platform where he or she can talk to the world in a virtual Diaspora. Thus, in the year, 2021 certain things must be kept in mind to make the blogs more attractive and informative.

kept in mind to increase traffic while writing blogs?

Increase traffic

Many intricacies must be kept in mind while making the new blogs for the New Year. These new principles can increase traffic, and more people shall read writings. This article deals here forward with certain new ideas to make the blog attractive.

Recent times: an important factor

Being recent is what is modern. People of the present time do not like to read thesis papers. Today the writing needs to be recent and cryptic. Thus, it is good to write blogs about the happenings of topical themes.

No need to play with the words

Basically, the word maze is not an important thing to practice today. This means the writings should be in a lucid language without any jugglery of the words and phrases. The common man likes easy words and straight-forward addresses in all the writings.

Do not write all in one go

As has been enumerated before, the psychology of the common man has changed considerably in recent times. They shall not read anything that is a long piece of writing. Thus, the best procedure to make any writing attractive is to break the same in points and sub-points. Use bullets and graphs where applicable. Another good thing is to add diagrams and pictures. The addition of illustrations makes the writing look good which is an important factor behind the interest factor for the blog.


Look about the font and the punctuation

The presentation is a big thing that matters today. Have a good-looking font for the blog. The blog must look good at the first sight. Punctuations at the proper places are also an important factor. Using italics and bold fonts make the emphasis on certain places showing the areas of interest for the particular person.

It is said numerously that there was a time when a man loved to read long thesis and books with fat bindings. Today the times demand things fast and frivolous. Thus, if a blog writer wishes his blog to be read by others and increase traffic, then he must keep these points in mind.

creative writing
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Why Creative Writing Is A New Guise of Content

Creative Writing

There are some types of content that are different from regular topics. This creative writing is very useful in modern days because people like to take the help of the internet medium in taking knowledge about any difficult or easy subjects. As these categories of contents are mainly based on the elaboration of poetry, prose, or other kinds of literary matters, so deep knowledge can be gathered by such texts.

Why creative writing

Creative Writing

The major strength of creative writing hides in the awareness of the writer. Any subjects need proper briefs in such contents. The feature stories belong to such topics also. The story has to have the ability to make a popular subject more interesting. The recent news or events are as accepted as the old ones because the whole focus is to make that thing viable and catchy in the market.

The writers of creative contents require more awareness to enlighten these topics

  • Poetry: there are many poems of some renowned poets, people can get the main subject of the poem through such a group of contents.
  • Novels: novels are very hard to understand for every people. So a proper brief is a must to know the spirit of the novel.
  • Biographies: there are many people who have an interest in gathering the information about biographies, they can get their desire.
  • Plays: there are many plays that aren’t translated into the common language (English). The analysis of such dramas can be opened also.
  • Crime and Horror: this is one of the most attractive subjects and people love to read stories on such matters. Proper content writing can take the website to the top with some amazing stories.
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Why You have every reason to be cheerful and optimistic?

Especially nowadays, covered by media in every direction, it becomes imperative to be mentally stable and physically vigorous. Safety concerns bother a lot of people, particularly the gentle sex. Even men need to think of self-defense, and both the sexes should avoid lonely outings; avoid late nights out and remote places. In addition, give serious thought to what happens in case of a sudden attack. It does make a lot of sense to have a mechanism in place! Don’t fool yourself that all is well all the time.



It is possible to get cheerful, friendly, and optimistic in comparative safety, good diet, exercise, stable health, and relationships. Once on the right track, religiously avoid thoughts and stories of depression, violence, and evil. Such experiences might cause a relapse of dark symptoms if you suffered them earlier. Turn the back upon such negative thoughts and experiences. Keep the attention diverted all the time, focused on the lighter side of life.

To be Optimistic Start with the Wow Social Media

The world of success and laughter, music, hope, parties, and friends is everywhere; you have to find them. Start with social media, for instance. As soon as you hook up, get ready for a swarm of friends based on common interests most often. Don’t let the mind dwell on the possibilities of online dangers. Millions enjoy social media each day.

That is the core secret of a happy existence! Though we know that dangers exist, we happily travel and embark on distant remote vacations across continents and families.  Perhaps racing on the street indicates some desperation and recklessness, but how can we rationally explain all the common indulgences that have now become routine?

Control your mind to achieve happiness

Train the mind, learning a crucial lesson from the Buddhists that everything originates in the mind. Dedicated to the elevation of all sentient beings and sincerely being compassionate and helpful does go a long way to achieve the happiness that is the basis of cheer and optimism.

A smiling face and cool body language are welcomed with open arms everywhere. Becoming a social butterfly perhaps is the answer. You must have seen such uncommon individuals, perhaps of middle age, who bring cheer wherever they go. Maybe envy and jealously follow them around too, but I cannot deny that they bring the gift of laughter everywhere.  Like media celebrities, they attract magnets.

Private thoughts would have to be sacrificed to some extent for the sake of the group. Adopt a nice and friendly approach, reflecting a genuine concern for the group’s well-being and even for strangers. Since we live in a society, is there not a commonly shared responsibility?


Live for the moment, existing in the here and now, alive to the happenings not only in the neighborhood but around the world. Practice empathy and participate in the feelings and actions of others. No man or woman is an island but must be connected to the world through bridges of understanding. Build some bridges.

Practice healthy habits, observe regular eating times, and sleep at regular hours too. Allot time judiciously like a system to work, and avoid multitasking that is the curse of the modern times. Having too much to do at once is much worse than having nothing to do at all.

You could read appropriate books, but that is a matter of interest. Mindfulness is the habit that leads to cheerfulness and optimism because you recognize the essential you. Remain like the rock in the midst of the ocean waves, unaffected by all the storms of life.