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Book Review 2021-“Fifty Shades of Grey”

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is a book that is scintillating the world’s atmosphere by instilling a great fervor and awe amongst the readers. This book, released in the year 2015, vividly depicts the life of a young entrepreneur Christian Grey. He confronts a young girl named Anastasia Steele in an interview.

In brief

The joyfulness and the brilliance of Grey steal the heart of the young girl. She tries to get intimate with Grey in enigmatic desire, and Grey admits her to him. Then the girl was shuddered to find the erotic desires of the man and the torments of him. Though she is on the back foot at the first instance, she takes up the gentleman to her bosom, and then the man gets close to the dark secrets of the girl. Therein lies the mystery of the book.

Book review

The book construes life in its own device. It exposes the hideous rites of man’s inner self and deifies a woman with her grace. The ups and downs of the life of men and the ever-changing realities of time enter a psychological discussion in this book. The past confronts the future, and there is the real discovery of the writer.

EL James, the author who penned this endeavor, has used magic realism punched with the daily drudgery of the desk and seceded the regularities of the daily and marks the book’s rank to the stars.

The minds of the young people are somewhat excavated, which makes this book a mind-boggler one that cannot be closed after it is opened.

Fifty shades of grey

Author: E L James

Publisher: Bahrisefid

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Belief beyond faith: Always a Debatable Issue

I don’t believe in existence of God. You know why? My personal feeling is, there is no such God  in this Universe. Everything in this World happening only because of YOU! But this belief may vary to individual to individual. From my childhood days I have seen so many people worship God because of personal well-being, for wealth and prosperity in every sense. But I didn’t get any real justification for that from anybody. I feel all weak hearted person worship God.

Am I wrong?

May be I am wrong! If a superpower or GOD exists everything what we want desperately will get. What we can’t do a superpower should able to do. If I want to be rich, Is there anybody to make me rich enough to get everything what I need to fulfill my dreams?

No, for that I need to work hard, change my profession, probably by that also I couldn’t get that richness which I wish to be. Is there any contribution from superpower/God to get that richness? Everything you need to do for your betterment, so why I should belief in God or a superpower?

My belief

 If you love somebody or something does we get that every time? Why not? If there is a super power in this Universe we should get that. Don’t you think that every human has the right to achieve what they want to be, or what they need eagerly in his life. If I want winter in summer season, is it possible to get ? Practically it is not possible, we can’t change our climatic condition. Any super power can do this? Ask yourself for each question arises in you mind.

I don’t belief for every Good there is God behind. Do you think so? If there is any contradiction in God believer’s mind please share with me. I love to know your honest views.


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Is The Cybercrime Bothering Your Business? Get a solution

Cybercrime to the tune of £ 21 billion. The security breaches in 44% of all businesses? Yes, and probably more, actually. What is reported in the media is often an approximation? It is anybody’s guess what the real figures might be. We have all witnessed things in the headlines, large-scale data breaches internationally.

Like the case of personal data of employees hacked in America. There is a reason to suspect that insider jobs are responsible. The lure of lucre makes fools of us all. Perhaps a worker decides to sell some information and makes a deal, all online. The maintenance staff gets to access the innermost recesses of the computer systems anyway, and who knows what they are up to.


Image Source credit: panda security

Data breach

If you are heading an online enterprise that needs to guard sensitive data, the case is not lost yet. If the digital world was clever enough to create intense magical wonders in a mighty range of gadgets, solutions may certainly be found. Besides, it is an ongoing race. We hardly know what waits in the future. Though we have an inkling of things to come. Well, living in the virtual reality world, we need to treat it carefully.


Image Source Credit: redlevelgroup

Facts & Figures

Instead of sensational facts and figures that would scare you, even more, get down to the task of ensuring online security. Statistics are important, though. In 2013, 83% of residences in England had internet connections. Compared to 2010, mobile phone, web connections have doubled. That speaks immense volumes of internet penetration. Even the remote deserts and mountains have come within their domains.

We live in a world where information travels the world almost for free, even cats and dogs seem to enlighten under the influence. Perhaps the best policy is open access. Experts believe that a time would come when it would be impossible to keep any data secure at all with the advanced systems! The security worry will go anyway.



It may term invasion of privacy. Monitoring employees at their workstations that invariably include the computer nowadays seem to be quite justified. Besides, most employees spend a lot of valuable office time surfing the web and all its hidden wonders. Certain insecure websites that exist only to steal data thrive well on those uncharted oceans of the web. By monitoring, it would be possible to know what websites they visit, how much work has been done and times of idleness too. When the unthinkable data breach happens, it would be easier to focus on the possible leaks and the persons responsible.



Image Source Credit: dekra-solutions

Waste of office time on social media can curtail and thus productivity increases. Technically complicated all right, but such monitoring has become quite possible. Reasonable employees would accept the need for such staff supervision.

Would employee tracking be possible?

Considering alarming statistics of 78% of bigger establishments and 63% of smaller ones face trouble by security breaches within a year, growing 41%, it is time to get into action mode instead of taking things for granted. Investments in equipment would be necessary of course like if you wish to install a spy camera that constantly records employee activities for review. More expensive devices through WiFi would enable you to monitor the office scenario globally!

Inexpensive strategies

Nowadays, law enforcement agencies are also using mobile applications. Like Whatsapp to increase their reach and connect faster with the public. Almost every shop has installed CCTV to monitor what goes on in the interiors. Offices and factories too could install such devices that are far from costly. Close supervision in all the nooks and crannies would thus be possible.

Phone conversation recording software is a well-known ploy. But that would apply only to work phones and employees must be told unless you wish to keep it all a secret because of certain reasons. Cases of information being divulged to competitors in the world of big business have been reported rather often. Disputes often arise about stealing models and systems and court settlements reach billions of dollars. Have you not read about all those cases of cybercrime?

Start with the basics

    • Have you heard of clickjacking, spearfishing, phishing, and harming? Cybercrime is growing. Make sure that employees should update antivirus software with the firewall regularly. The paid version only works. Beware friends on social networks since impersonation is relatively easy.
    • Training employees regarding cybercrime would pay off with a dedicated task force. Especially the seniors who may not be very up to date. External auditors should come often to make sure that systems are working well. No viruses have been wreaking havoc. Getting the bigger picture is crucial. Sensitive information on documents should store with an information management service and not let around in-office computers.
    • Computer software should regularly update even if it involves the additional expense that the organization can ill afford. Older software is more likely to be breached. In recent times, we hear a lot about encryption for safety purposes that refer to sensitive data. Wireless networks are similarly encrypted with WPA.
    • Some things that apply to personal life, apply to business too. Passwords, for instance, get to multiply. Because of a range of accounts in business websites that the office deals with. A minor leak and a lot could be compromised. If emails scam happens what the office will do? Passwords should complex enough and change now and then. Recording passwords should be done carefully. Perhaps, in a diary stores away in a locker. PINs too require a great deal of care.
    • Bank account numbers are often primary targets! They should consider the top-secret. That should not reveal to anybody. The problem is that fake websites abound. That looks like the real thing, ready to snatch personal data. Be positive.
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The best digital marketing services don’t feel like marketing

digital marketing services

Why you should invest in digital marketing? Every company will have different goals in mind.  Almost all are trying to reach most clients and convince them to purchase the goods or services. To do this effectively, you have to take the advantage of all the best value marketing resources and technologies. Sources

In the digital era, the internet occupies the first place. To understand the benefits of digital marketing services for businesses here is mentioned some critical points which include:


Internet marketing is considerably inexpensive than other marketing methods. Specific tariffs vary based on what you are doing. But spending on ads tends to be lower than other structures of marketing.

digital marketing services

Mobile access

You may not know that people use mobile phones or smartphones or another mobile device for news, social networking, and countless other actions. With re-marketing adverts, email and text marketing, and social media – you can be in front of your audience while they use many various apps on their mobile phones.

digital marketing services


As there are many forms and utilities of online marketing, including banner advertisements, email marketing, content marketing, and social media posts. Thus, by understanding how to market yourself digitally, you open up a vital range of possibilities for future plans. With this advanced marketing technique, you also have the flexibility to take measures. For example, to check the quality of performing and stopping bad performing campaigns in real-time. This tracking technique tells you, which marketing method is more effective? Also, allowing you to redefine and develop your strategy.

digital marketing services


Most consumers do almost all of their shopping online. Internet marketing helps you to bring this to the public. Thus they expand the reach of your company or brand in front of common people. Between Google Shopping Ads and brand awareness campaigns, you can develop your brand recognition and boost sales.


Customers tend to use more with marketing materials that merge multiple types of content, adding photos, video clips, and audio. It is now easier to incorporate all types of content into digital marketing than any other type of publicity – and it is essential.


Let you interact with the customers who see your content, notably through website comments, messages, reviews, and social media posts. It helps you gather valuable information on customers’ reactions and preferences. To get feedback on issues of product is easy, you can prove yourself as an authority to trust you. This kind of marketing allows you to succeed as an industry expert and gradually increase trust in your business.

Advantages of digital marketing

  • Fewer costs and higher flexibility for marketing
  • Easy access to consumers through smartphones
  • The capacity to speak with authority on topics related to your product or service
  • A chance to use an influencer, obtain their respect, and get them to endorse your company
  • Liberty to incorporate varieties of  marketing materials
  • The competency to track customers’ purchase journeys

WriteThings is the best digital marketing services company offers software, startup Business ideas & solution which includes Website Design & Development, E-commerce Solutions, Content Management, Digital Marketing Solutions, SEO with the help of their professional team.

social media
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How Social Media Content Create Impact

We traditionally thought until very recently that business advertising meant the print media besides the television. Of course, we had billboards, pamphlets, leaflets, and the like. Meetings and seminars besides trade fairs and exhibitions promoted businesses too.

Importance of Social Media

Nowadays has been added the mighty social forces of the internet, a lucrative disease that has invaded every niche, nook, and corner. In terms of sheer convenience, smartphones and tablets are great advantages over bulky newspapers, magazines, television, and computer. You study, work, and play on a single powerful device.

Engaging social media content

Amongst human weaknesses is the desire to communicate and socialize, which is the secret of social media. Everybody knows the giants like Facebook and Twitter, but there exist many more small fish. You have WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, and so many more. Any of them would do for a beginning.

How to Use Buyer's Journey To Create Content and Grow Your Business — The Come Up Media

If you wished to introduce a product into social media, it would not sound like an advertisement. Of course, it would have the essential catchy words, images, and video, too, maybe. Keywords and SEO would matter a great deal. The social media marketing experts do a great job since they know the technicalities that are constantly changing, like the weather. Companies like Google are constantly updating rules to avoid malpractice, plagiarism, and crime.

A Plan To Create and Manage Social Media Content

Like everything else, a plan of action in black and white entered in a ledger would be appropriate. Taking it easy would be the best policy. Since so many forms of social media exist, it would be wise to take them one at a time. Suitability would have to be carefully considered. If the product to be launched is toys, which social media would be most suitable?

Design engaging social media posts for your business by Akanksha2409 | Fiverr

Writing engaging content that can persuade, titillate and create fan following is an art that copywriters of experience possess. The impression of a human and not a robot needs to be created to engage the feeling of would-be customers. The purpose is not a single sale, but a generation of loyal customers spread the word among their social circles.

Special offers always attract audience response, and don’t forget how vast that audience is over social media, a global vastness like the mighty oceans. And all that exposure comes at a minimal price which is the greatest advantage of the internet that attracts more and more participants.

Monetize Your Social Media Content

Special offers should be time-bound and not deceive, everything transparent like the lake water with no murky bed. Initially, the offers give away many things, and the company does not seem to be making profits. That is the sad reality of every successful business that keeps the long term in view.
Besides, social media is not the only outlet. We talked earlier about print and television media. They would all be needed in an octopus-like attack upon the market.

You do have the analytics offered by companies online that study how your website is functioning. The statistics reported giving a good understanding of which way the wind is blowing. If a strategy is not working well as indicated by the sales figures and customer response, manipulations would have to be instantly made. Businesses always think of possibilities of failure and are well prepared with alternatives.

Time is flowing, and weeks and months have passed since that first tentative foray into the strange ways of social media. Impressions are everything, and surfers are hooked in seconds like the archerfish grabbing its prey.

Inspiration is everywhere! The mighty companies like Apple and Starbucks demonstrated how social media helps businesses remain afloat globally, unlike before when audiences were small. Walmart and Coca-Cola inspire too. Social media has conquered the mountains.

digital media
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Writing for Digital Media – The 3 Mantras

Content is now-a-days all about digital media. Marketing teams run on the rails “Content is King” but little do they realize that King is one and unique. The content strategy and posts should thus ideally be unique and intriguing enough to stand out and reach to the heart of the readers. Here are the 3 content mantras for achieving success in digital media marketing.

1: Arouse passion to stimulate action

Infographic Template With Digital Marketing Icons Concept Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStockThe digital marketing content strategies have somersaulted from the olden times when simple articles would work for everything.

Of course, the aim is still to establish the perfect image of the business brand but the approach has changed entirely. Now-a-days, content is inclined not only to the marketing side but also to touch the user’s heart.

It is for this reason that content now encapsulates emotion, suspense, reality, limitations and all that could be a reader’s thought.

Penning down conversational tone along with personalized experiences is now the strategy most widely adopted. And sure, that works!




2: An effective plan for coming up with unique content is mandate


digital media2The digital media channels have excessive demand for content but in fulfilling this demand. Most of the writers lose track of what they are presenting to the world. Is it the same information that they are posting on the web each day? Or is it some fresh content every day?

It’s not fair to lay the blame on writers alone. The overgrowing demand of content for business survival across social channels is the main culprit that overburdens the writers to deliver not-so-unique content pieces for ongoing social media activities.

Eventually what will happen with a firm that posts on a daily basis but not a fresh idea? The readers tend to lose interest and degrade the image of business brand.

Thus, a plan is required for scheduling content. Different ideas have to be gathered, relevant information has to be included, latest researches and news have to be followed, questions have to be put up, answers need to be given and some discussions are required to be left open-ended for the readers to discuss and participate.

3: Don’t go off the track

Connecting to the readers is good but take care that your story is not derailed. You should be able to twist your story towards your business. The better the suspense you are able to create here, the more enthralled the readers will be. Consistency and hold of the idea are the key factors you need to keep track of while framing content as per today’s digital media writing demand.

Digital marketing
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The secret of Emerging Digital Marketing trend2021

Traveling the digital marketing world sometimes gives the impression of walking on water, a world of illusion more than anything else. Yet, those fabulous revenues earned by the successful online business are genuine. The problem is that too many people dream of such successes as the action gradually shifts online.

The digital online world

Business and communication, education, entertainment, and education, are all getting online. Who would have thought that social media would turn into points of sale too? All those social media sites where people only gossiped have now turned into sales and advertising centers, and the future looks very promising! Digital Marketing in India is growing gigantic with the tremendous growth of mobile phones that reach every population segment.


Digital marketing

Though hard to believe, research suggests that online video advertising is more effective and popular than television. It is easy to understand why. Online digital media bring us a personalized experience. At least, that is what consumers prefer. Keeping in mind the target population’s characteristics and their likes and dislikes, content needs to be tailored accordingly. Customer acquisition, engagement, and retention finally matter in the business success promoted by Digital Marketing firms.

Email Marketing

It may be surprising, but email advertising continues to hold strong at 20%, while many believed that emails had died in the face of more powerful online media. Similar is the radio that survives so well globally despite the clamor over television. The customer remains king as they have been all along for centuries.

The visuals are forever.

Digital Marketing

Videos and anything visual are growing very powerful online. Make sure that plenty of illustrations, videos, photographs, or whatever makes a great impact because that attracts surfers. Tell the story via digital pictures rather than plain old text. In any case, the 2021 consumers seek constant change like little kids whose attention keeps wandering. Like an action movie, make sure that changes are widespread to keep the attentions absorbed. That is the secret eternally practiced, anyway, with newer models and constantly changing advertising campaigns.

The rise and rise of social media

With social media rising to 66%, the future is clear. Like a store that sells everything under a single roof, social media combines many functionalities. The biggest companies maintain social media pages, and, presumably, the business operations would commence soon. Brick and mortar stores have online operations, a pretty convincing arrangement for those who hesitate to shop online.

That is the certain future of big data that already dominates the world. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are already launched and would grow stronger. Wearables have already made a mark, and more are on the way. The complexities of the Digital Marketing world have started making a lot of sense with the rise of mobile phones!

what does ps means
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What does PS mean? Vanished letter writing traditions

What does PS mean?

The first question that arises with a 21st-century generation that hardly knows letter writing. The older generation would know, of course, but probably do not use PS any longer. The word Postscript from the Latin term, Postscriptum refers to the afterthought after the communication completes with the signature, whether in personal or official letters. 

Why should PS be disappearing now? 


The image is taken from Flickr

After several centuries of use, does it make sense that PS has almost disappeared? Computer Software like MS Word makes the difference. Traditional typewriters that used to use for so long do not enable such easy formatting as electronic software. Copy and paste becoming so easy, there is no difficulty in including afterthoughts within the main body of the communication. Insert the cursor, click and start typing.


Image is taken from wikiHow

Just reflect on the pen and paper experience that existed before the 1990s when the internet gradually conquered the world. After composing the sweet and dignified letter, whether to a lover or boss, with a signature, something suddenly remembers. The important point got to miss out. It happens all the time. In busy schedules, writing the entire letter once again may not be practical.

The letters PS after the signature mentioned the afterthought that attracted ample attention. Because it was a standalone sentence or two. Earlier, in the body, masses of words made up sentences and paragraphs. PS seemed a good idea to make something stand out and attract greater attention like a reminder to attend a party perhaps. PS meaning represented greater clarity. 


The image is taken from Epson

What does PS mean at the end of a letter?


The image is taken from postscript.io

Do many people write letters anymore? With electronic social media taking over most of the communication, it is bits of sentences mostly. LOL means laugh out aloud. Each day, millions of images and videos get exchanged and words seem to have lost their meaning. Handwriting is certainly suffering and signatures are forgotten because withdrawing cash from the bank no longer requires it. 

Yet, change is definite, and adjusting to the change is another certainty. Keeping up with the competition would require updates all the time. 

Examples of “PS” in letters you may still see even if they are not so common. What about remote regions amidst forests, deserts, and mountains that have not yet received the healing touch of the internet? Conventions of centuries still exist in such settings through change will come soon. 

Now that so much has shifted online like exchanging soft greeting cards, hard copy greeting cards have fewer buyers. The industry has not vanished but is so much reduced. Similarly, the reading of hard copy books has reduced with millions of free e-books available for download. Easy to read even on smartphones, pirated e-books require little expense in most cases compared to the hard copy that can get rather pricey. Abuse of the system, duplication, and piracy is common as in everything else. 

The formality or informality of PS


No restrictions apply, unlike the other differences between formal and informal communications. Use it in emails too. Make sure that the tone of the little afterthought is similar to the rest of the message. 

Once upon a time, such an afterthought was confined to personal letters between friends. Times have changed. Emails use them as an important marketing tactic. Work correspondence uses the afterthought as reminders or to stress points. 

Source: The image is taken from adobe stock

Avoid a postscript in a very short message

Conventionally, letters and emails are very brief, and even more so is the official correspondence, straight to the point. Advertising similarly contains short and crisp messages in simple language that drive home the point to everybody. If the body of the message contains a few sentences, it is inappropriate to add a few more sentences as a postscript, both appearing similar in length. 

Should it be PS or P.S.? 

In an age of liberal thinking and personalization, should hard and fast rules apply to language use? Grammar books do set out a list of rules that mostly follow to the letter. While P.S. refers to British English, the Americans prefer to write it as P.S. Will it makes a difference which approach get used? With or without the periods, letters are certainly understood at the end of the communication. 

The periods add a touch of seriousness and make the letters appear more grammatical. However, most acronyms like UNO do not use periods though they should use, strictly speaking. The three letters represent three words. United Nations Organization. According to the Chicago Manual Style, P.S. is preferable to P.S. Don’t forget that both letters capitalize, whether used with or without the periods. 

Say ‘No’ to the comma

PS or P.S.? In either case, the need for a comma does not arise. Some people have the nasty habit of using excessive punctuation. PS, and P.S., are not acceptable or should not mention. Further, the words after PS or P.S. usually follow the same line and begin with the capital letter. The Enter key should not use in the computer which will lead to the next line. 

Do emails use postscripts?

Lost amidst sensational videos and images by the million, emails seem to have lost their past glory. The truth is that emails survive just like podcasts even in the absence of images or moving images. Email campaigns are still very much popular as a minimal-cost marketing tool that can reach vast numbers of potential customers in seconds. 

How to format “PS” in emails is a tricky question. The advantage of PS after the email serves the valuable purpose of attracting attention. Gaining visibility in various ways is what the whole world is busy with, personally and professionally. Marketing experts vouch for the PS trick too. That final message is a call to action but it is no need. Handwritten or typed, exchanged between two individuals, or catering to numerous would-be customers, the afterthought is a gentle reminder or a friendly additional message. 

Get to understand PPS

PPS is certainly lesser-known, and many lost! If a second afterthought occurs after writing or typing the afterthought, will it require PPS? A post postscriptum? That seems to be a crazy thought. But some prefer to write it that way. By studying samples of real messages exchanged between individuals like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, you can see PPS. Though PPS does not need it, just let you know as a possibility.
Intensely personal messages could still use PPS or PPPS, but it usually not use and certainly not officially. In any case, PSS not use.

Brevity is important

PS meaning would be lost if it was not very brief. If the main body was 10 lines long and the PS was a single line, it might make sense. Surely, the PS cannot be half as long as the main body. An afterthought could mean a single thought or idea, reminder, or additional message. The purpose of emphasis is very well served just like the bold or underlined text. Capitalization serves similar purposes too. Perhaps 4 or 5 lines are the maximum lengths of a postscript. 

How to format “PS” and manage the length and content? 

Examples of “PS” in letters indicate that it is a useful tool. It could be a different matter quite unrelated to the main body. If it concerns budgets, the postscript might be about a planned football game. 

What does PS mean at the end of a letter could also refer to a secret between friends or lovers in addition to the official matter in the main message. Jokes or gossip suit the nature of postscripts too. 

Messages, events, persons, places, and things are appropriate postscripts


I haven’t received the communication yet.

 Yes, I am attending the party tomorrow.

 I will be meeting the manager this evening to discuss the problem. 

 I haven’t visited Haiti yet but wish to go next summer. 

I bought the birthday gift already. Quite expensive!


Business emails and PS can achieve so much! 

Like a subject line at the beginning of a business letter, the postscript at the end could serve a similar purpose. Strangely, what serves as a headline could be at the end. If such is the purpose, it could a hard-hitting postscript to gain attention. Don’t neglect the opening sentence though of the main message. 

A business postscript could stress a new offer or gift the company is including during a festival season. That interests and energizes readers and motivates them to read further. 

A personal approach touches hearts

Like the ‘you’ on YouTube, attract people with personal communication. Appealing to the individual characteristics is time-honored as an effective way to attract attention. 

Take it with salt, sugar, and spice. Only in hand-written or typed text messages does the possibility of postscripts arise. Though an age-old tradition, it is uncommon nowadays amidst the videos and images. Use them effectively when the need arises. 

Author and narrator C.S. Lewis mentioned in the final chapter of his book “Out of the Silent Planet” is a postscript to a letter Ransom wrote in a fictional version. He agreed with a grudge that he has done some corrections with the letter opens in the middle with Ransom.

Outfit of the day
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What is your outfit for the day?

Are you comfortable with the attires you wear and the outfits you choose for yourself? Do you feel like you need a makeover, or do you look best at what you wear?

English: Runway model; Abigail Keats Autumn/Wi...
English: Runway model; Abigail Keats Autumn/Winter 2010 collection; Audi Fashion Week. Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Choosing the right outfit of the day is extremely important wherever you are going, can be your office, party, or another occasion. As we all know, “The first impression is the last impression,” and to leave a lasting impact, it is essential to wear the proper attire and choose the right outfit. You are choosing the right outfit for the day.

Outfit to wear

We all don’t need to have a good fashion sense and carry ourselves pretty well with whatever outfit we wear. You may get carried away by someone whom you aspire to dress. And can be anyone amongst your friends, family, or even a stranger. You can seek valuable advice from your colleagues or close ones who, according to you, knows how to dress fashionably and possesses good fashion sense.

If you are photogenic and can’t stop clicking pictures of yourself throughout the day, then you surely know which is your right outfit for the day. You can consult a fashion designer or even check out fashion blogs and websites where you will get detailed information on which attire suits you best. We often get confused about which ones to wear for which purpose, and in this confusion, we often choose the wrong attire.

Brand’s Importance

Going by the brands or the price is neither a great idea since you never know what might look attractive, which turns out to be a wrong decision. If you think you lack good fashion sense and cannot decide which ones suit you best, you could bring someone with you for shopping who knows about your personality. Choosing the right outfit is itself an art, and the truth is most of us don’t have an accurate idea about selecting the outfit of the day.

Just imagine you wear your favorite outfit for a party and are almost sure your killer looks will take everyone’s surprise. But on reaching the venue, you noticed people offer suggestions on wearing a better outfit instead of complimenting your fashion sense.

Now, how will you react! Will you take it as valuable advice or ignoring others’ take on what they feel about your outfit? It’s a fact that what others notice and what they express about how you look in the dress you wear is the truth. So, next time onwards, look your best with that favorite outfit and let the words of others do the talking.

book review 2021
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Book Review 2021: International Cricket Centuries In Eden Gardens

The world cup is in full swing. The histories of the grounds are to be ordained with care and must preserve the regime of them with perseverance. Of late, there has been a book out in the marten that deals with the history of the cricket centuries and other tales made in Eden Gardens of Kolkata.

Centuries In Eden Gardens

We know that the Eden gardens are one of the most famous fields in India and the world. This field has welcomed the debut of a hoard of cricketers, and this field has been the witness to the departure of many players. The field has seen Gavaskar, Clive Lyod, Kapil Dev to Sourav Ganguli, and Shane Bond waving their bats and the balls at the enthusiastic audience. This book traces those pages of history.

What’s more

27,272 Cricket Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

This book also speaks of the chronicles of the field. There had been the times when the enthralling audience stood in ovation to the famous test and one day centuries. There has been the twenty cricket as well. All these matches have a myriad amount of stories hidden in their bosom. The field has a great past.

There were the days when the Eden gardens were used for functions as well. Held several governmental functions here. Since 1934, the test matches are held in this field, and the year 1987 had seen the first one-day international. This book gives a lot of other relevant and interesting truths about a field. The language is lucid and vivid. The picturesque style of writing makes the navigation through the pages a very worthy one. This book is a cherished element for the readers.