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How to Self launch your WordPress Website 

If you have a business or you are eager to launch your WordPress Website, here is the best guide for you. Starting from registering a domain to hosting it, the complete process you will get here step by step. If you follow the steps, you can easily launch your website. Below mentioned  are the steps that will help you:

Choose and Register a domain.

Though it does appear infinitely complex, the process of choosing and registering a domain name is simple enough.

WordPress Website

How to choose a domain name

Using names and working with them is familiar enough to everybody. People realize by instinct that words should be unique, easy to pronounce, spell and remember. Choose a simple Name to memorize it quickly. They should be meaningful and attractive, like WeChat that represents social media. What about www.ivylover.com? It is indicating a nature lover.

Unique names

Putting together small words like GoFundMe also works very well and communicates meanings effectively. Let it contain the relevant words connected with the business, avoid numbers and hyphens. Uplift the brand with an inspiring name like www.intothelight.com if the company deals with lighting equipment!

Register a Domain name

After choosing a domain name comes the question of registration.

  • The registrant applies online to a registrar or a reseller, abides by the terms and conditions, and pays the fees.
  • Further, registrants need to get the domain name listed in name servers to be reached by surfers online.
  • Resellers have agreements with registrars but are not licensed by ICANN that may have a thousand accredited registrars.
  • Registrars sell domains, but names invented personally would be registered if available.

Functions of a registrar

RAA and ICANN have specified what registrars need to do. Registrars maintain WHOIS data and attend to public WHOIS queries, ensure escrow registrant details, etc.

The figure indicates the process of domain registration

Register for a Webhosting

A web host is required to publish the website online, and registration is needed.

How to choose a Webhosting service provider

Like in every field, web hosts make sweet promises like 100% uptime, technical support, and endless resources. Compare a few web hosts in terms of

  • Customer reviews of services
  • Costs of services
  • Technical support

Consider the plus points

What area of business does WebHost specialize in? Is it a free or paid service? If it is an eCommerce website in question needs to be one of the best web hosts. Cheaper services do not offer much disk space or RAM.

Consider features like

  • Email facilities
  • Add-ons
  • Control panel
  • Growth prospects
  • Hardware support

The registration process for Webhosting

  • Imagine that the WebHost you have chosen and registration has done.
  • The WebHost creates an account with a password.
  • The WebHost instructs how to upload files and specifies name servers.
  • The name servers link domain names like www.iamhappy.com to an internet protocol or IP address.

Shared servers

A great majority of websites are run on shared servers. It means that many websites essentially have the same IP address. Thus, it can reach the websites only through the domain name and not the IP address, which is in common.

Connecting domain name with Webhosting and installing WordPress

Find the domain name under the Domain Manager icon.

Connecting Domain Name with Webhosting

Website-based business services follow certain compulsory steps. Under All Products, the Domain Manager you can find, maybe under different names like Domain Management. It helps to renew, organize and upgrade domains, and delete them if necessary.

  • Examine the list of domain names.
  • Click the domain name on which would launch the website.
  • Next, click the nameservers icon to identify the nameservers.
  • The icon may appear as Set Nameservers. Either the names would be set
  • automatically by the company, or it may be required to be changed on the screen.
  • Enter the two names of nameservers accordingly.

Confirmation of the changes will occur soon after clicking OK, and the process takes minutes or hours.

Installing WordPress

wordpress websiteThe process of installing WordPress via QuickInstall begins by logging into the hosting account.▪ Find the QuickInstall icon in the cPanel dashboard.

▪ When the Click Installers page appears, click on WordPress, which launches the WP installer.

▪ The software overview one can see in the WP installer.

▪ Click the Install WordPress button.

▪ Now appears the Setup WordPress install settings.

▪ Choose the domain name. If the installation is planned in a sub-directory, enter

‘blog’ in the install path.

▪ A blank is left if WordPress is installed in the root directory (Example.com/blog).

▪ Give a title for the site that can change later.

▪ Next, insert the username and password along with an email address for the admin account. The first and last names for admin also need to be entered.

▪ After all the details are entered, click on the Install WordPress button.

▪ Progress bar appears, and a success message appears when the installation is completed.

▪ Click the drop-down menu to check the credentials button.

▪ The fly-down menu appears with the login credentials and a link to the WordPress site.

Details to be entered in the form while installing WordPress.

Choose a WordPress theme & set up the basics of WordPress

wordpress websiteA vast choice of decorative WP themes makes the task exciting, but the choice is made on what basis?

Choose the right theme for you. 

The figure illustrates the variety of WP themes and the problem of choice.



Themes that create website appearances of great variety usually need to choose according to the site’s needs. Simplicity and responsiveness have become essential features. Simple themes and websites are easy to install and manipulate. Responsiveness means that the theme can adjust to all sizes of screens, including mobile screens. Smartphones nowadays witness immense popularity due to convenience. Besides, themes need to be compatible with the browsers that use them. The real power comes from plugins. Nowadays, many languages are used besides English. Page builders, support options, and SEO performance are other important indicators for website success.

Setting up basics of WordPress

  • Installation of the basics of WordPress is user-friendly.
  • Log in to WordPress and go to the Appearances > Themes page.
  • When the Add New link is clicked, the add new theme page appears. The page helps to search for themes.
  • If the theme has already been downloaded, click on the Upload Theme link at the top.
  • A theme upload box appears. Clicking on the choose file button helps to select the theme file that can download earlier.
  • Click on the install now button.
  • The theme is now uploaded by WordPress from the computer to the website and installed.
  • A success message appears with links to either preview or activates the uploaded theme.

Finally, install some essential Plugins.

Plugins represent a series of functions and need to install according to requirements.

The Easy Fancy Box plugin for media links

Some important plugins when you start your WordPress website

The All in One SEO plugin is crucial to ensure high page rankings on search engines.

Every website runs on similar basic plugins. Essential plugins remain the same. The following are some important common plugins:

  • Security
  •  SEO
  • Tracking
  •  XML sitemap
  •  Social media
  •  Legal terms
  • FAQs
  • Contact forms

Many other plugins are optional and serve a variety of purposes, like payment gateways for business websites.

▪ W3 Total Cache promotes SEO and Optimizes performance through caches.

▪ Tool WP Pagenavi is for paging navigation.

▪ Visual Composer is famous as drag and drops page-building tool.

▪ Woocommerce helps with the selling of all kinds of products.

▪ Besides, plugins enhance website features for visitors who suitably get impressed and attracted to buy products or services.


Mobile App UI design
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How to create Mobile App UI design for Visually Impaired

The number of visually impaired persons in the record is in a million, and there must be more out of records. Now the world is under the vivid benefit of Mobile App UI design. So, visually impaired people should get such user-friendly gadgets as well. Ronald L. Mace (a well-educated and well-known architect) brought a concept of ‘Universal Design.’ The idea is under the attention of all fields of this era. This idea says that every people whether they have physical irregularity, visual impairment, or other deficiencies, should get accessibility of any design. The Universal Design phrase is close to some words like simple, equitable, intuitive, and flexible. In the digital world, the term means usability and accessibility.

Mobile App UI design

The experts of the digital fields have made some attempts to make good software for visually impaired people. Some of the shots have been appreciated as well. After the arrival of the new technologies, accessibility has enriched a lot. Many authors have described the assistive technology of web surfing in the past. Speech recognition, screen reader, and magnification software developed decades ago. The computer-based software has solved many works of people with low vision.
In this era, experts have pointed out that the use of mobile is a lot more than the use of a computer or laptop.

Mobile App UI design

So, experts should develop perfect mobile apps in more numbers. Now, the mobile apps for general use are adequate in the market. People are achieving their goals easily through mobile apps. The concern is to design specific apps that enhance the usability of visually impaired people. The article focuses on developing techniques that build up the best mobile apps for persons with low or less vision.

Best UI Design Mobile App for Visually Impaired

The world of technology has faced a radical transformation after the arrival of smart gadgets. For example, the I-phone, Ipad and smartphones kinds of devices have changed individual interaction thoroughly. The touch screen provides direct control of many programs, and people like this direct attachment. On the other side, people with disabilities are not getting such help. Standard apps are not appropriate for the use of unsighted people.

So, the article focuses on finding the right technology that connects visually impaired people directly with the touch screen facility. According to Ronald L. Mace, everyone shall get the equal benefit of any creation thus.

In-App A/B Testing

Image  Resource

First of all, there is no argument about a different way of designing mobile apps for sighted users and unsighted users. The technology is entirely different. So, the question is, what is the practice of creating the right tool for visually impaired users? A mobile app portal for low vision is a tool that increases the usability and accessibility of unsighted users. The portal is based on the touch screen phones like I-phone, I-Pad, and other smartphones.

Topic & Characteristics
There are many mobile applications designed for low-vision users available at the app store. Are these apps off the app store good or app portal is a better choice? This question is the concerned topic of the article.

Many authors have explained the benefits of assistive technology in web surfing. Many have explained the portal and the app differently. Yet, the question portal or app of app store what is better and why is still away from acute research. The article’s responsibility is to find the key answers to the focused question and develop some simple explanations for digital experts. It would help the app developers to understand the need, and then they can make the right app and spread it properly.

Mobile App for Visually Impaired

Mobile App UI design

Image Source

The most common reasons for mobile using are calls, SMS, Contacts, Notes, and Alarms. The portal has a simple approach of connecting users with the required actions easily.

Users can find their needed action buttons on the screen. Every button has simple signs of identification. Icon, size, brightness, color, screen background is easy to customize. People with low vision shall add or remove any button of their background. For example, if a person needs an alarm in the background, they shall add the button on the desktop background. The actions are stated on the screen simply. There is no complicated design. The portal is easy to avail of from the Apple Store. The portal focuses on gathering needed apps simply for visually impaired persons.

App design for unsighted users has to follow two tactics;

  • The design must focus on usability or a better user experience.
  • The design should be accessible.

The portal is made by following these two tactics. Another vital action of the portal is the Voice-Over feature. Voice Over is the best feature that makes the use of a low vision user very easy. The person can tap on the sign and use the feature. It helps the users in web searches mainly.

Mobile Apps

There are many apps for low-vision users at the app store. Anybody that wants to develop such an app must remind the focus of the portal. The portal says simplicity and impact. Must find the app quickly, and the actions must fulfill the primary requirements. In developing such apps, developers have to find correct control types for visually impaired users.

Valid Controls

  • Button types
  • Large icons
  • Colour contrast combinations
  • The dynamic style of texts
  • Surplus images
  • Large texts
  • Use of textures
  • Audio features

Invalid Controls

  • Toolbar
  • Tables
  • Data Pickets
  • Segmented Controls
  • Small texts
  • Light mode

A clear view of what to stuff and whatnot may help developers set up user-friendly Mobile App UI design for visually impaired users. Searching for good controls and stuffing those apps can create a good app for people with visual disabilities.

Mobile App UI design

Image source

Relationship with the App

Whether good or the best, an individual application is very tough to avail for visually impaired users. As there are arrays of mobile applications at the app store, therefore, a person with low vision can’t find the little pearl from the sea. It means the person needs the help of others. Portal is the weapon that gathers the required applications like calls, contacts, SMS, notes, Alarms, and others. Along with it, users can customize their apps. The portal supports third-party apps as well. So creating a portal is a better option for visually impaired users.

The focus of the article was to find the critical answers to the portal or mobile app. What is a better choice for visually impaired users? Creating perfect mobile applications is always needed, but in reality, the apps are tough to find. If any person with low vision wants to avail their requirement without any other’s help, then an app portal is the best. Portal collects and arranges every mobile application that one required.

Along with it, a simple approach and customization feature helps the users to set their mobile as they need. In the modern digital world, lots of technologies are available. So, according to Ronald L. Mace, using technology for keeping equity in using any creation by overreaching age and disabilities is a sign of civilization.

Lemon juice
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5 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water before Breakfast!

Advantages of lemon water


1. The lemon water, the particular very first thing within the morning, will prevent digestive issues like bloating, enteric gas, and pyrosis and stimulate higher digestion generally. Lemons are sterile and contain a robust cleansing result on kidneys, blood, and your liver. A trite liver specifically has a persuade on how fine you feel therefore having a straightforward method to clean it every morning will create a giant distinction to your everyday liveliness over time.

Add minerals & vitamins

Lemon Water Health Benefits – Does It Break A Fast?

2. Lemon water within the morning could be a good way to urge a decent part of your important everyday vitamin C. they’re additionally a good supply of folic acid and minerals such as potassium, Calcium, and metallic elements. The lots of lemon minerals make alkalizing to the body, even with their acid. It’s truly not the acidic substance of a foodstuff outer body that resolves whether or not it’ll boast an acidic or alkalic result, however rather the approach it’s metabolized throughout absorption that counts.


3. Lemon water support exclusion and can facilitate prevent either edge of constipation or else diarrhea. To take lemon juice is even the same to be sensible for raising your skin and many amounts of vitamin C substance would facilitate here, however, the general refinement, antibiotic, and detoxify inhibitor effects are seeming to be still a lot of vital.


4. Several weight-loss assets cite the advantages of lemon juice and its sour in fat blazing. I’d take care of too several sensation claims – you’ll still boast to be compelled to evade the sort of foods which cause you to fat, obtain some sensible workout and preferably amendment your meal occurrence to at slightest one that perks up weight loss perspective – however lemon juice is actually a helpful addition to everybody fat remove arrange.

Reduce body odor

5. The Lemon juice is nice very first thing in the morning to reduce unhealthy breath. The big amount of inhibitors and antibiotics can also facilitate reduce body odor over time. Here are plenty of excellent reasons to set up every day with fresh lemon juice.


Business writing
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What is Infrastructure Management Services ( IMS)

Infrastructure Management is one of the vital services for managing the essential operational components like process equipment and human resources for your organization. Infrastructure Management Services are beneficial to enhance the effectiveness of the company.

What is IMS?

Infrastructure management services

Most companies provide an integrated IT Infrastructure Management and services platform that gives a comprehensive view of your infrastructure. With their designed dashboard, you can monitor the infrastructure service application. And other elements to enhance the effectiveness of your organization at a cost-effective solution.

Categories of Infrastructure Management Services

Infrastructure management services

  • Network management
  • Storage management
  • Database Management
  • Server Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Automation Management
  • IT Help desk Management

The above are the categories in which the management is divided. And several vendors can provide you services in these categories.

What impact can infrastructure management companies have on your business?

  • Lessen the duplication of effort and assure adherence to the market standards
  • Management keeps an eye on the flow of information to roll over the information system throughout.
  • Ensure interoperability and adaptability required for a changeable environment.
  • Maintain the effectiveness of the organization through change management policies.

Today, for effective management of any organization, all business activities depend on the planning of infrastructure. One of the most accepted services for the organization’s growth is Information Management Services (IMS) that the business owners have often overlooked. In most cases, vendors do not offer the right path and practices, leading the company to witness downfall.

How can it help you?

Owing to the hyper-converged environment, for a business to flourish, it is necessary to respond to the market changes quickly. And, at the same time, remain competitive and fruitful to your customers. 

Being in IT services for so many years, we can be the one-stop solution regarding infrastructure management services of your company. Organized by an experienced team, they can get your company on the right path with the proper implementation of infrastructure management services. Moreover, they assure you that to keep pace with growing digital diversity and new technologies without compromising the cost and customer expectation.

The high client satisfaction rate

With the decade-long experience and vast expertise in the field, they implement the best strategies that would perform well for your business. In addition, They have a reliable team of experts who work professionally to develop the most effective solution for your requirements. 

The recent success has helped us to grab the eyeballs of any significant business ventures. Their extensive range of IT services has played pretty well. Focusing on cutting-edge technology has always been the concern. They are eagerly awaiting you to provide our partners with a platform that would help them to monitor infrastructure from a single dashboard. 

CRM Implementation
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What is CRM Design Implementation and Configuration

Effective CRM or customer relationship management software uses innovative technology to boost sales and productivity. Though CRM is a complicated process, the benefits are many. Better lead-to-sale ratio and greater efficiency are assured. Some companies have followed traditional systems for a long time and need to make a change. Over time, CRM implementation services usher in the dream to elevate performance. Say goodbye to stress with fast solutions. CRM implementation cost is little when you consider the many plus points.

5 CRM trends for 2018 | CIO

A CRM implementation case study or two would clear up all the doubts and reveal the salient aspects. Customer relationship management implementation is a challenge worth taking up.

 What is the CRM implementation process like?

Customer Relationship Management and Earning Potentials - Short Courses South Africa

CRM implementation steps follow logically. Manage every aspect of sales and marketing without a hitch. After researched reviews and selection of the brand, planning the project commences. Contract terms and software licensing are worked out. CRM customization is followed by data migration. Support and training for staff ensure ease of use.

Supreme CRM Integration Services

Zoho CRM | Top-rated Sales CRM Software by Customers

Source: Zoho

Develop a CRM implementation roadmap. A comprehensive vision of the business emerged. May be easily found customer detail at any point in time from anywhere. A single platform includes all the relevant data. The sales funnel appears transparent and so much more meaningful.

CRM modules refer to leads and accounts, sales, campaigns and emails, contacts, and so much more.

CRM planning and implementation appear rather complex. Coordinate between the team members and organize information sharing work without hassle. With fewer costs and time, customer service improves. Data is absolutely safe, and customer relationships get stronger. ROI and sales get a big boost.

Start with the CRM planning & implementation.


Source: Medium

Everything runs traditionally and smoothly for years but consider the numerous successful CRM implementation examples again. Expansion and better revenues, and goodwill and loyalty of customers are some dreams of every business. CRM brings dynamic cooperation among workers and smooth information sharing. While costs and times are reducing, dangers like data loss are minimized with maximum security. ROI will escalate beyond imagination. Compared to the mighty advantages, the CRM implementation cost is little.

Face the complexities and adopt a multi-dimensional approach quickly. An optimized CRM implementation process can hit the target fast and true.


CRM implementation strategy works so much better with partnerships

Successful CRM implementation examples around us are numerous in the business world. We joined hands with Salesforce and MS Dynamics 365, Zoho, and Hubspot.

  • Salesforce CRM assures powerful sales. Sales and marketing, training, and optimization work so well with Salesforce CRM.
  • MS Dynamics 365 CRM support brings supreme leverage. The MS Dynamics exclusive architecture spells success for the present and the future.
  • Zoho CRM enables simple but super automation.
  • Hub spot CRM is easy to use and fits every business.

Consulting and Marketing, App development, and data management work together. Superior Content and system integration, fulfilling staffing needs for short or long terms, consulting for sales and marketing, our services never end.

What does a CRM Implementation Consultant do?

crm software tools

Work with our E-commerce CRM Consulting Services to find the right solutions. Ensure smooth business processes with CRM. Get it all together flawlessly.  Choice of CRM, customization, configuration, data migration, and integration, backed up with training and support.  Backups and quick fixes if something goes amiss ensure that nothing is lacking.  No matter the size of the company, inspiring solutions wait. Schedule a free consulting session.

Competitive E-commerce success requires that extra push. Strong and secure data enables hidden revenues to emerge. Facilitate cross-sales. Modernize operational competence. User experiences improve, and sales elevate. Discover further training opportunities. CRM system implementation reaches far into the future.

Customer satisfaction and data insights are driving forces that go a long way to success. Data analysis from various media brings a world of insights: social media and websites, phone and email, chats, so much data flow at every moment. CRM automates Sales and Marketing, integrates Sales and Marketing Systems, and brings the High Security of Cloud Systems.

Hire the leading professionals who bring

  • Vigorous growth
  • Maximum ROI
  • Automation to daily tasks
  • Super lead management
  • Security of sensitive data
  • Data management on a single platform
  • Industry-specific solutions
  • Optimum CRM solutions
  • Upgrades and enhancements

Fix the defects on the way to a brighter future. Modernize apps and business processes. Light up the way to brighter horizons.

Follow 3 Steps Getting Ready For CRM Integration with an E-Commerce Store.

Shopify Web Design Continues Its Innovations & Popularity
  • Sourcing
  • Integrating
  • Transforming and Cleaning

Technically and structurally sound, implementation of customer relationship management ( CRM) should open up a vast sea of business opportunities and revenues. Agile integration reveals all the secrets of success. Weaknesses are quickly identified and fixed before they do any harm. In the CRM sense, a range of industries works similarly with appropriate customization.

CRM Implementation Process

Commencing with the CRM implementation consultant, obtaining an overview, and receiving administrator training, our experts guide the entire CRM acquisition process. Database customization and adding data, testing phases, and the final launch are accomplished in good time.

Time and complexity differ according to business dimensions, and goals and quick launches are common. Three users get trained for the system setup. Getting together the main pages and drop-down field configuration is followed by integration. Training to import a standard spreadsheet is given.

When it comes to complex CRMs, analysis of the scope, time, and data requirements is followed by training and customization.

CRM Application Development -FAQs

  1. Do your developers and consultants have certificates?

Developers and consultants who work with us are licensed and certified by a range of institutions. They constantly work to add to their expertise because the digital world is constantly transforming.

  1. Are your developers and consultants in-house?

A robust team of in-house consultants and developers would set high standards and achieve client dreams to the fullest extent.

  1. Are you interested in supporting after the final delivery?

Our support extends beyond the final launch after the testing period according to the terms of the contract.

  1. Can I communicate directly with a developer?

After the project is analyzed and entrusted to a developer, the client has frequent meetings with the developer through various media to sort out project issues.

  1. How would you describe your company’s culture?

Resilience, accomplishment, and partnership in work and success in business worlds are the driving forces in a rapidly changing digital universe.

  1. Do you deliver training to clients’ administrate and users?

As a part of our duties, we deliver training to clients in the initial stages of the projects set up and launch and help them work on software independently. Our support remains.

  1. Will you assign certified specialists to work on my project?

According to specializations and requirements, we have a system in place according to which will assign particular experts to the project.

  1. Do you provide in-house specialists for my project?

Avoiding outsourcing, all our experts belong to the organization and work in harmony.

  1. What project management system do you use?

Atlassian Jira and Confluence may be simple systems for internal documentation, but they are very reliable and efficient for increased productivity.

  1. Can you work in our time zone for timely communication?

We frequently adjust our schedules to accommodate different time zones internationally for greater unity and impact on productivity.



Brand awareness
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What is Brand Awareness and Transformation

Surrounded by too many high-flying brands in daily life, brand awareness has developed for everybody. The big question is how those brands came to be born and stood the test of time. Several brands have been around for the last fifty years.

What is Brand?

Marketing And Promotional Campaign. Brand Awareness Building... Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 135751828.

Establishing a brand then and now remains essentially the same with creativity, innovativeness, and enterprise. The best brands succeeded because of first-rate materials, performance, and capability, not advertising tricks alone. 

Brand Awareness

How to build brand awareness - 99designs

Whether the logo creator or slogan writer, mascots, images, and videos, all advertising is geared towards potential customers. Companies exist to make money but cannot earn revenues so quickly. The best businesses have to wait long before they can realize success. A successful brand awareness campaign leaves a lasting impression upon those who come in contact. Whether through print, broadcasting, or online media, they get convinced that this is something worthwhile. 


Digital Transformation Company Business Organization Management, PNG, 1060x517px, Digital Transformation, Brand, Business, Business Process, Communication Download

Prospective customers are in for a sudden transformation within those few seconds spent on the advert or video—short and sweet messages like website names and addresses you can easily recall. As a result, customers feel confident about making positive decisions to buy the product or service. That is because a brand means so much to so many. 

A highly advanced media set up nowadays instantly communicates powerful messages globally. Moreover, brand awareness builds lasting relationships with loyal customers who return maybe for a lifetime of purchases.

How to increase brand awareness

A multi-media advertising campaign recommended by a brand consultant would help create compulsory awareness for the business’s success. Assuming that a designer has designed a super website and launched it, understanding the product or service has a long way to go.
Simultaneously, the business may commence gradually, while information to create brand awareness gets transmitted over several media. Understanding is crucial, but the target goes one step further. In addition to knowing, visitors need to add to the revenue generated by becoming buyers. 
Book review of India
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Book Review of India 2020-A Vision for Tomorrows India

“Past 2020: A Vision for Tomorrow’s India” gives a sharp look at how much India has gained within a few years. As well as what lies ahead, to happen one of the leading five monetary powers on this planet by 2020. In 1998, Dr. Kalam and Y. S. Rajan thought of India 2020. A dream archive that graphed the courses in which India could turn into a developed nation by 2020.

Kalam’s Vision for Tomorrows India

In brief

Dr. Kalam returns to the book and takes stock of how much our country advanced and the things left to accomplish. India’s development had eased off in the 21st century. As a result of a few missed opportunities and postpones in project finishing.

Dr. Kalam thought of a reestablished policy concentrating on farming, assembling, mining, and human services. Past 2020 presents a plan of activity that will help India change into a progressed nation in the very future.

Book Review of India 2020

What it says

Book review of India

India 2020 speaks the truth to turn into reality. Is it exact to say that we are prepared? Dr. Kalam and Y.S. Rajan published in 1998 the iconic India 2020, which is a vision document for the new thousand years that graphed how India could turn into one of the central five monetary powers on the planet by 2020.

After sixteen years, as the year 2020 methodologies, the time has come to take a load of the amount India has accomplished and what lies ahead. From numerous points of view, India’s development story in the twenty-first century has been hamstrung by missed open doors and log jams in task execution.

However, it has likewise been checked by new open doors and rising advancements that make quicker and more comprehensive development.

Contribution of A. P. J Abdul Kalam

There is a great renewed policy need to introduce currently for manufacturing, mining, agriculture, the chemicals business, medicinal services. Need to create the foundation to empower these areas and support commercial development, contend, Kalam, and Rajan. Along with employment, education, developing new technologies, biodiversity, waste administration, national security, and the learning economy are a percentage of the other imperative zones that need to expand on as we look past 2020. India can, at present, make it to the rundown of the progressed nation in 10 years. Past 2020 gives an activity plan to that change.

Know About Him

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is one of India s most recognized scientists. Also, he was one of the main responsible for the progression of India’s first satellite dispatch vehicle and the operationalization of vital rockets. He likewise spearheaded India Vision 2020, a guide for changing India.

Awards & Achievements

The President of India somewhere around 2002 and 2007, Dr. Kalam, had been awarded privileged doctorates from thirty-eight universities and the nation’s three highest honors Padma Bhushan (1981), Padma Vibhushan (1990), and Bharat Ratna (1997). A productive and top-of-the-line creator, he directed addresses on societal advancement in numerous universal organizations, and he included that in the examination on distinctive societal missions.

Artificial Intelligence in web development
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Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development Industry

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a very familiar term in recent days. It’s a branch of computer science study. It assists in building widely accepted intelligent machines those perform the task which requires human-like intelligence level. Advancements of this study with machine learning and deep learning create a paradigm shift in technology-based Industry virtually.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has various interdisciplinary approaches. Or, you can say that it is a set of algorithms and Intelligence that mimics human Intelligence. One of those is Machine Learning (ML), and the learning techniques are termed deep learning.

After World War II, a famous mathematician Mr. Alan Turing with his simple question in his paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence ( 1950) “can machine think? “Change the history. After a specific test, he established the essential vision and goal of AI. Later Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig (Author of ground-breaking textbook Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach) explored the four different approaches in this field. 

Incorporation of AI

You can see many established companies have used Artificial Intelligence in web development. Major tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Apple have leveraged this technology for various purposes. Out of these companies, Apple leads the AI domination race as per the report of CB Insights dated Sept 2019. 

Examples of AI of these well-performing companies include:

  • Google search
  • Software for Image recognition
  • Intelligent personal assistants like Siri, Alexa
  • Self-driving cars
  • IBM’s Watson
  • AlphaGo

I am pretty sure that many fundamental questions may arise in your mind.

Why is AI so popular in the tech industry?

What is the role of AI in website development?

How it can impact the process of web development

Does it help in revenue generation?

What’s its future?

To answer these questions, I have mentioned all the crucial benefits of AI in this blog. So, please read this blog and know the importance of AI and its role in 2021.

artificial intelligence


AI In Web Development

In today’s competitive world, every business, whether small or big, is compulsory to have a website. AI plays a crucial role in reshaping web designing and development.

Artificial Intelligence rules in many ways, such as digital services, healthcare, IT services, and manufacturing. The reason behind it is several website development companies already started the development of AI enables websites.

artificial intelligence

The above figure shows that business revenue expected to generate from AI is $126 Billion in 2025 worldwide, according to Statista report.

Web application development is currently a growing trend. Everybody wishes to have a secure web application that is scalable and full of features. Customized content along with intelligent, enhanced feature-packed web applications attract many visitors, increases business as well. AI falls under two main categories those are:

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI )


  1. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)



Kind of AIs

  1. Narrow Artificial Intelligence: It is a simulation of human intelligence, can be seen around us. It performs a single or specific task well and operates within a limited context much better than human intelligence. It is called weak AI as well. Face recognition, playing games, acting as a virtual assistant. According to a Statista report, 84% of business owners think investing in AI can bring more advantages than competitors. It is an indispensable technology for the 21st century.
  1. Artificial General Intelligence: AGI system performs with general intelligence what any human can do and solve the problem. AGI system can think and act just like a human, and many a time, it can beat humans, as they don’t get tired like a human and don’t feel emotions unless those are programmed. Usually, in movies, you can see robots. It is sometimes called strong AI.


  1. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI): ASI is the ultimate level of Artificial Intelligence which could be the main thing to surpass human intelligence and decision-making ability.

Benefits of AI in Web Development

  • Search getting even faster
  • Increases relevant interaction and user experience
  • Get effective digital marketing while targeted consumer 
  • Make better personal interaction with the website visitor
  • Get cordial expertise of the store
  • Get AI-enabled prediction tools
  • Disease mapping tool
  • Robo advisor in Trading
  • Drone robots in manufacturing
  • Spam filter in email
  • False news detection tool for social media
  • Recommendation of TV shows, songs through Netflix & Spotify

 Stats & facts

  • According to Accenture, The global AI market expects to be almost$60 billion in revenue by 2025. In 2016, the value was $1.4 billion.
  • Accordingly, MIT, by 2030, the Global GDP will grow by $15.7 trillion. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, they said.
  • Artificial intelligence can also increase business productivity by up to 40%, as per MIT.
  • As per Accenture, Artificial intelligence startups grew up to14 times over the last two decades. 
  • Since 2000, investment in artificial intelligence startups grew six times (Source: MIT).
  • Google analysts believe by 2020, robots will be intelligent enough to mimic the complex behavior of humans like flirting and jokes. (Source: Accenture)

Why Implement AI

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These days’ users prefer to use web application from where user can search directly. Ecommerce giant changes our perspective towards online shopping with the help of this AI technology. Such as voice search, chatbot, along other AI solutions.

Pros & Cons of AI


In this digital world, AI enters all industries, including web designing, even in our daily life. Small business has less strength of human resource, and they can also take the opportunity of AI that can help in interaction with customers and provide relevant information effortlessly. AI helps in such cases both users as well as the organization offering services.

Pros of AI

User Experience (UX):

UX or user experience the most critical part of web design. If it is not user-friendly and does not work efficiently, the customer or user will go somewhere. It would help if you made it easier for the user to find anything to buy or place an order. Many companies rely on web application development which in turn improves the user experience depends on AI.

Personalized Content:

When developer implements AI on your website, whether it is a blog, article, or video they can show the audience any particular type of such content that they design for them. Sometimes AI system offers suggestions for new videos or other user-based relevant content to find relevant content easily.

Voice search optimization

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Nowadays, in web development, people use voice search and optimize it. Voice search is one of the fastest-growing trends these days. Most users use mobile devices than desktops, so they optimize for mobile devices through AI.

AI as a UX element


Artificial Intelligence has changed the latest world of web design technology. Now various AI tools become parts of the latest web designing. In recent years massive use of chatbots that become a permanent element in most website properties.
Through these AI tools, developers close these gaps by an entirely new website interface driven by voice interaction instead of clicking or touching.

Use of AI in Websites

Initially, when introduced chatbots, it was like a pre-programmed path of conversation that determined its effectiveness. But it wasn’t satisfied by its outcome. But now which you see, many sophisticated NLP systems ( natural language processing) operate the more advanced way in conversation with the website visitor who doesn’t follow the directed path. These are pretty successful and might again reappear in the future.

Cons of AI

As per a study performed by 2030, most jobs (up to 90% ) will be in problem as AI Intelligent machines will replace all jobs. It includes graphic designing, web designing, and mobile application designing since it has already proved that AI is helpful in multiple content creations for various devices.
So do you think we should know to code AI?

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The Criteria of Best Content Writing Services

When it comes to quality writing, only the best will do and particularly online. Readers and shoppers have become very intelligent and discriminating now. An absolute goldmine of information exists in every field, and standing out like a lighthouse with an article is a challenge.

SEO optimized content writing

Innovative and well-researched, creative, and striking are some epithets you could apply to the best content writing services in India. Titles and first sentences need to be super along with some technical factors. SEO, keywords, and links do matter just like the aesthetic qualities of fonts and accompanying images. Consider the reader far more important, anyway.

Inspiring messages

Content writing servicesWe are all familiar with seemingly simple words that have become global hits! ‘Just Do it’ and ‘There is No Finish Line’ are some examples that even a child can write. They are reminders that messages for the masses need to be very simple in everyday language without complex words. A slogan is not sufficient. Articles and blogs of usually longer length are required to satisfy future customers. You can win half the battle, once the core messages got sharpened like an arrow that will whizz through the hearts and minds. Concentrate upon the essential news.

Formatting the page daintily

Unlike the hard copy print media, the online world moves very quickly. Just like vehicle traffic, browsers are always rushing around. Like kids, it becomes challenging to hold their attention unless genuinely interested. Even then, research indicates that 15 seconds is all the attention that a page will get. A well-formatted page with short paragraphs and smart little sentences will help.

Further, bullets promote faster understanding by putting the matter pointwise in a nutshell. Since research shows that longer articles of maybe 2000 words are being preferred, interest will not sustain without such formats. Content writing services in India need to work very hard on the requirements.

Getting catchy and conversational

content writing services
A friendly tone of writing that involves the writer in terms of feeling and emotion goes a long way in attracting attention. It is an imaginary world tired of excessive technology and media that needs a little oasis now and then. Have you not had similar experiences of discovering a pretty piece of writing amidst so much trash online? It is identical to shopping when you look through hundreds of things before something catches the fancy! Create the ‘wow’ and ‘aha’ moments along with the necessarily serious core meanings. Like a cake with several layers, it is fun and deep thought together.

Further, the reader must feel a part of the action. Using a term like ‘you’ is standard, like on YouTube. Objective writing may not use such terms but may indirectly refer to the reader with genuine concern.

Call to Action is compulsory

Continuing the idea of reader response, how will they respond, and what will they get? In a world full of gifts to promote sales, everybody expects something. Offer incentives and invite feedback, creating goodwill. Stir them to do something even if it is a social media response. That might be one step toward selling a particular product or service in the article or blog. Content writing services in India have a lot to achieve within a single piece of writing.

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Can You See Many Little Advertisements Online Popping Up

Come to think of it, there is really no escape from those advertisements bothering you across print media, broadcasting and now online! Yet we all know that they keep the industry running and engender enormous revenues in some sense. Where would we be without that enormous exchange of information that brings sellers and buyers together? Ads do generate euphoria too.

Magic of Google Ad


Getting more ROI with Facebook Ads + AdWords - Matter Solutions

The Google Adsense magic has indeed taken the online world by storm. Those millions of small websites could generate tidy incomes by allowing Adsense to include the little banners and text messages that keep coming and going alongside the real stuff. It is hard to believe that Adsense gives rise to billions in revenue for Google and the future is only getting better. In fact advertisement contributes to Ad choices too.



Google Social Networks 3D - Free image on Pixabay

Ad choices is certainly a mighty achievement and the work of genius. The interest based advertising idea takes the cue from surfing habits and generates ads in keeping with the surfer’s interests. What it means is that the program keeps track of websites visited. If the person visits many tourism sites, Ad choices may suggest some glorious vacation destinations. Though it does seem like privacy invasion, surfers may be flattered and bring home some valid ideas.


The present is certainly the age of the small things. The AdWords advertising program basically consists of about 135 characters, reminding of Twitter messages! Those little ads go a long way on national and international distribution. CPC or cost per click advertising and cost per thousand impressions or cost per mile are the different methods to bring in revenue. When you wish to advertise, be prepared to pay. We can well imagine how many advertisements are doing the rounds online at this very moment.