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Can Fashion Designing become your specialty?

Coco Chanel and Calvin Klein are your models perhaps! What is it that it takes to succeed in the spectacular world of fashion? Why are you interested in a fashion career? Are you getting carried away by the sensational cat walks on FTV? Maybe you experience a mundane desire to get rich. Perhaps you want to put your own country or region on the global fashion scenario! Ethnic cultures certainly have infinite untapped resources to touch the sky.

Fashion Designing

There are those who believe that fashions are for the rich. In a sense, yes, but nothing could be further from the truth in the technologically advanced world of ours. Little things like key chains require moulds and designs. Every little accessory has been researched and designed for mass production. Computerization rules everywhere and the sky is the limit for the designing game.

Shall we say that imagination, creativity and technology combine to produce cutting edge fashions that rule everywhere under the sun? Fashions stare out of shop window mannequins as you take the evening walk. Parties and social events expose you to myriad fashions.  We are almost forgetting those mighty international fashion weeks! They set the styles and give rise to concepts of dressing that would rule until the next fashion event introduces new trends to start all over again.

If you are getting dominated by artificiality, shall we get some invigorating ideas out of nature? Does fashion exist naturally? We can bet it does though there may not exist a fashion industry! Bird feathers for instance were borrowed by native Red Indians to adorn themselves. Certainly a lot of delightful lessons remain to be learnt from radiant bird plumage like the astounding peacock feathers.  Sad it is that animal skins should make up an important segment of our fashionable warm clothing like the mink coat.

How did Coco Chanel and Calvin Klein succeed and become immortal fashionistas? Both were artistic and ambitious and grew high from small beginnings to create masterpieces of dresses like the little black suits and sportswear.

Art certainly has a meeting ground with fashion. Are you artistically inclined? How do you know? Do you like art? Can you draw and paint? Perhaps you are attracted to art and design over computer software? We cannot do without technology of course in the urban scenario of today. Come to think of it, the fashion industry exists primarily in the urban and semi urban areas where large populations provide a commercial market. Rural settings may not contain the verve and the motivation to run a fashion industry.


Fashion Dream

Ritu Beri or Rohit Bal may have influenced your fashion dreams in the Indian context.  The staid traditionalism of India is now hopefully a thing of the past. Indians compete on the world stage in almost every discipline like the software industry. Indian writers have excelled in English, primarily a foreign language. Indian entrepreneurs are making it big in western surroundings on an epic scale.

The traditional Indian motifs and dresses contain yet untapped wealth. They could be molded into winning designer wear for the international market. Tiring of excessive modernization, it would be wise to start digging at the roots once again. Many would wish to go back to nature after the immense artificiality of the urban jungle. Yet fashions do not exist at the village roots. The fashion industry is located at the high tech centers internationally. Sophistication, style and elegance would be fundamentals in an outgoing lifestyle. Most fashion design success stories commenced with modest beginnings of course.


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Circuit Training Weight Loss Workouts

Weight loss workout training method is effective circuit training that is used to achieve desired weight loss. Circuit training contains different resistance training workouts. This training contains a number of exercises in raw. There will be a little relaxation in between the exercises. It is one of the best approaches to cover the maximum amount of exercise in a short period of time. Following few tips are necessary to perform circuit training effectively for weight loss workouts.

Why circuit training?

Circuit training is time efficient, more efficient gym session in less time. Give work to complete body improves and strengthens the muscles. This can be done outside without any equipment.

Cross training and interval training
Cross training means completing different types of weight loss workouts. In cross training, Individual should avoid repeating the same exercise many times. This is because the body is very good at adjusting to forced demands. In order to enforce the body to alter, the imposed demands need to change repeatedly.

Cross training makes the body responding and guessing. While circuit training, try to do a different routine exercise every day. It is ok if the individual does a specific kind of weight loss workouts more than once, but this should not be done repeatedly or regularly.
Interval training is a method of cardiovascular training. Interval training can be achieved by the addition of short burst of intense Cardio workouts to cross training. Jumping jacks are the best example for cardiovascular training. Exerciser need to understand the stages of heart rate to perform this effectively. One can calculate maximum heart rate by subtracting age from 220.

To estimate the low heart rate stage multiply .65 to maximum heart rate. The result is what the person’s heart rate should be. This heart rate should be maintained during rest periods between exercises.

To estimate the medium heart rate stage multiply .75 to maximum heart rate. Resulted heart rate should be best during the routine weight training portion.

Multiply .85 to maximum heart rate. Resulted heart rate is best during the intense Cardio bursts of a routine.

An exerciser should maintain a heart beat between high, medium and low heart rate. This maximizes the burning of fat in the body. A heart rate monitor should be worn to track the heart rate.

Resting limit
Resting period makes heart rate to go complete rest. When heart rate goes to its resting stage, it is a symbol of exerciser working at low productive level. To keep the heart rate up resistance training workouts to be performed back to back resistance training exercise will keep the heart rate up and more potential to lose weight. Continue exercise of the same part of the body will lead to muscle tired. This can be avoided by regular changes in body target part. A good combination may include one to three sets of an exercise to the same part of the body. Then have a small resting period. Then continue the one to three sets of an exercise to some other part of the body.