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Circuit Training Weight Loss Workouts

Weight loss workout training method is effective circuit training that is used to achieve desired weight loss. Circuit training contains different resistance training workouts. This training contains a number of exercises in raw. There will be a little relaxation in between the exercises. It is one of the best approaches to cover the maximum amount of exercise in a short period of time. Following few tips are necessary to perform circuit training effectively for weight loss workouts.

Why circuit training?
Circuit training is time efficient, more efficient gym session in less time. Give work to complete body improves and strengthens the muscles. This can be done outside without any equipment.

Cross training and interval training
Cross training means completing different types of weight loss workouts. In cross training, Individual should avoid repeating the same exercise many times. This is because the body is very good at adjusting to forced demands. In order to enforce the body to alter, the imposed demands need to change repeatedly.

Cross training makes the body responding and guessing. While circuit training, try to do a different routine exercise every day. It is ok if the individual does a specific kind of weight loss workouts more than once, but this should not be done repeatedly or regularly.
Interval training is a method of cardiovascular training. Interval training can be achieved by the addition of short burst of intense Cardio workouts to cross training. Jumping jacks are the best example for cardiovascular training. Exerciser need to understand the stages of heart rate to perform this effectively. One can calculate maximum heart rate by subtracting age from 220.

To estimate the low heart rate stage multiply .65 to maximum heart rate. The result is what the person’s heart rate should be. This heart rate should be maintained during rest periods between exercises.
To estimate the medium heart rate stage multiply .75 to maximum heart rate. Resulted heart rate should be best during the routine weight training portion.

Multiply .85 to maximum heart rate. Resulted heart rate is best during the intense Cardio bursts of a routine.

An exerciser should maintain a heart beat between high, medium and low heart rate. This maximizes the burning of fat in the body. A heart rate monitor should be worn to track the heart rate.

Resting limit
Resting period makes heart rate to go complete rest. When heart rate goes to its resting stage, it is a symbol of exerciser working at low productive level. To keep the heart rate up resistance training workouts to be performed back to back resistance training exercise will keep the heart rate up and more potential to lose weight. Continue exercise of the same part of the body will lead to muscle tired. This can be avoided by regular changes in body target part. A good combination may include one to three sets of an exercise to the same part of the body. Then have a small resting period. Then continue the one to three sets of an exercise to some other part of the body.

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Wonder diet plans that help in losing weight fast.

Weight loss diet that helps in losing weight and importance of healthy diet plans.

Obesity is considered as one of the most common disease that affects many people from all over the world. Most of the time people don’t even realize that they are on the path of being obese. There is a weight loss diet that people follow all over the world. Some of them are successful while others never work. The main problem with obesity is that people tend to ignore the problem since it becomes a serious threat to the human body. Obesity can draw diabetes, heart disorders etc. That is why it is very important to maintain an adequate weight.

First of all, it is very much necessary to know that obesity is a disease and it can be cured. There are many weight loss diet plans that are very popular among the people and there are many people who are benefited with these weight loss diet plans. Following are some of the tips to a healthy diet plan-

Morning – It is very important to start the day with one glass of water. Add one teaspoon of honey and lemon that is very useful to balance the acidity of the body and also help to cut unnecessary fats. Running or walking for half an hour is very effective and there are many physical training methods that can be useful but these trainings should always be done in the presence of a professional.

Eat less and eat several times – Most of the people eat more and less time and that is the root cause of unhealthy body weight. One should eat less and should eat at regular intervals of time. Breakfast should contain protein, vitamins, less carbohydrate etc. Brown bread, jam, eggs etc. is very suited for the breakfast. Lunch should be full with vegetables, salads, fruits, chicken etc. Protein is very important to the human body as it builds muscle. It is very important especially when one is one hard training program for losing weight. Avoiding junk food is very much advisable as junk food is unhealthy and affects the heart. Dinner should be less and one should eat dinner 3 hours before the sleep. Weight loss diet plans are very much popular all over the world and there are many people who are using this weight loss diet plans to lose weight and have been successful.

Check on Unhealthy habits – It is very important to check on unhealthy habits to check on excess weight. There are many people who are unhealthy and the reason is their bad habits. People eat junk foods all the time and that continues while watching TV, games etc. Lack of sleep is one of the root causes of gaining weight in an unhealthy way and that’s why one should sleep at least 7 to 9 hours every day. These are a few tips for losing weight in a healthy way and one should follow the tips strictly to get positive results. There are many diet plans that are very popular all over the world and one should consult professionals and then get one of those and follow them to lose weight.

light heart
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A light heart lives long…

I saw the drizzle dropping on the mountain range! When I was on the way to Nathu La and  Changu Lake, Gangtok I felt an enchanting pleasure to view the conversion of drizzle into snow fall.It was so romantic, you can easily fall in love!! It was a nostalgia which again and again brings us together.

light heart


I was sitting inside the car feeling to jump from the window and get into the pleasure of the beauty.I was eagerly waiting to touch the snow falling on the tree and grasses feel the craft of nature. Few minutes back which was just a drizzling! So many honeymoon couples are on that spot and enjoying themselves, playing with the snow.

light heart

Our car couldn’t able to move because of heavy snow fall on the road. I was desperate to got down from the car and feel the greatness of the earth though so many people got frostbite on their toes! It was a heavenly experience for me.

We couldn’t reach our destination, the trip was canceled because of heavy snowfall.We returned back! But what we experienced on that memorable trip it was really amazing!!  We couldn’t  get that mental happiness and fulfillment in our lifetime.