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A PS revives long-vanished letter writing traditions!

What does PS mean is the first question that arises with a 21st-century generation that hardly knows letter writing. The older generation would know, of course, but probably do not use PS any longer. The word Postscript from the Latin term, Postscriptum refers to the afterthought after the communication is complete with the signature, whether in personal or official letters. 


Why should PS be disappearing now? 


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After several centuries of use, does it make sense that PS has almost disappeared? Computer Software like MS Word makes the difference. Traditional typewriters that were used for so long do not enable such easy formatting as electronic software. Copy and paste becoming so easy, there is no difficulty in including afterthoughts within the main body of the communication. Insert the cursor, click and start typing.


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Just reflect on the pen and paper experience that existed before the 1990s when the internet gradually conquered the world. After composing the sweet and dignified letter, whether to a lover or boss, with a signature, something is suddenly remembered. The important point got missed out. It happens all the time. In busy schedules, writing the entire letter once again may not be practical. The letters PS after the signature mentioned the afterthought that attracted ample attention because it was a standalone sentence or two. Earlier, in the body, masses of words made up sentences and paragraphs. PS seemed a good idea to make something stand out and attract greater attention like a reminder to attend a party perhaps. PS meaning represented greater clarity. 


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What does PS mean at the end of a letter?


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Do many people write letters anymore? With electronic social media taking over most of the communication, it is bits of sentences mostly. LOL means laugh out aloud. Each day, millions of images and videos get exchanged and words seem to have lost their meaning. Handwriting is certainly suffering and signatures are forgotten because withdrawing cash from the bank no longer requires it. 


Yet, change is definite, and adjusting to the change is another certainty. Keeping up with the competition would require being updated all the time. 

Examples of “PS” in letters may still be seen even if they are not so common. What about remote regions amidst forests, deserts, and mountains that have not yet received the healing touch of the internet? Conventions of centuries still exist in such settings through change will come soon. 

Now that so much has shifted online like exchanging soft greeting cards, hard copy greeting cards have fewer buyers. The industry has not vanished but is so much reduced. Similarly, the reading of hard copy books has reduced with millions of free e-books available for download. Easy to read even on smartphones, pirated e-books require little expense in most cases compared to the hard copy that can get rather pricey. Abuse of the system, duplication, and piracy is common as in everything else. 

The formality or informality of PS


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No restrictions apply, unlike the other differences between formal and informal communications. Use it in emails too. Make sure that the tone of the little afterthought is similar to the rest of the message. 

Once upon a time, such an afterthought was confined to personal letters between friends. Times have changed. Emails use them as an important marketing tactic. Work correspondence uses the afterthought as reminders or to stress points. 

Avoid a postscript in a very short message

Conventionally, letters and emails are very brief, and even more so is the official correspondence, straight to the point. Advertising similarly contains short and crisp messages in simple language that drive home the point to everybody. If the body of the message contains a few sentences, it would be inappropriate to add a few more sentences as a postscript, both appearing similar in length. 

Should it be PS or P.S.? 

In an age of liberal thinking and personalization, should hard and fast rules apply to language use? Grammar books do set out a list of rules that are mostly followed to the letter. While PS refers to British English, the Americans prefer to write it as P.S. Will it makes a difference which approach is used? With or without the periods, the letters are certainly understood at the end of the communication. 

The periods add a touch of seriousness and make the letters appear more grammatical. However, most acronyms like UNO do not use periods though they should be used, strictly speaking. The three letters represent three words. United Nations Organization. According to the Chicago Manual of Style, PS is preferable to P.S. Don’t forget that both letters are capitalized, whether used with or without the periods. 

Say ‘No’ to the comma

PS or P.S.? In either case, the need for a comma does not arise. Some people have the nasty habit of using excessive punctuation. PS, and P.S., are not acceptable or should not be. Further, the words after PS or P.S. usually follow on the same line and begin with the capital letter. The Enter key will not be used in the computer which will lead to the next line. 

Do emails use postscripts?

Lost amidst sensational videos and images by the million, emails seem to have lost their past glory. The truth is that emails survive just like podcasts even in the absence of images or moving images. Email campaigns are still very much popular as a minimal-cost marketing tool that can reach vast numbers of potential customers in seconds. 

How to format “PSin emails is a tricky question. The advantage of PS after the email serves the valuable purpose of attracting attention. Gaining visibility in various ways is what the whole world is busy with, personally and professionally. Marketing experts vouch for the PS trick too. That final message could be a call to action but it need not be. Handwritten or typed, exchanged between two individuals or catering to numerous would-be customers, the afterthought could be a gentle reminder or a friendly additional message. 

Get to understand PPS

PPS is certainly lesser-known and many would be lost! If a second afterthought occurs after writing or typing the afterthought, will it require PPS? A post postscriptum? That seems to be a crazy thought. But some prefer to write it that way. Studying samples of real messages exchanged between individuals like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton too, PPS is seen. Though PPS need not be used, just let it be known as a possibility. 

Intensely personal messages could still use PPS or PPPS but it is usually not used and certainly not officially. In any case, PSS will not be used. 


Brevity is very important

PS meaning would be lost if it was not very brief. If the main body was 10 lines long and the PS was a single line, it might make sense. Surely, the PS cannot be half as long as the main body. An afterthought could mean a single thought or idea, reminder, or additional message. The purpose of emphasis is very well served just like the bold or underlined text. Capitalization serves similar purposes too. Perhaps 4 or 5 lines are the maximum lengths of a postscript. 

How to format “PS” and manage the length and content? 

Examples of “PS” in letters indicate that it is a useful tool. It could be a different matter quite unrelated to the main body. If it concerns budgets, the postscript might be about a planned football game. 

What does PS mean at the end of a letter could also refer to a secret between friends or lovers in addition to the official matter in the main message. Jokes or gossip suit the nature of postscripts too. 


Messages, events, persons, places, and things are appropriate postscripts


I haven’t received the communication yet.

 Yes, I am attending the party tomorrow.

 I will be meeting the manager this evening to discuss the problem. 

 I haven’t visited Haiti yet but wish to go next summer. 

I bought the birthday gift already. Quite expensive it turned out to be. 


Business emails and PS can achieve so much! 

Like a subject line at the beginning of a business letter, the postscript at the end could serve a similar purpose. Strangely, what serves as a headline could be at the end. If such is the purpose, it could a hard-hitting postscript to gain attention. Don’t neglect the opening sentence though of the main message. 

A business postscript could stress a new offer or gift the company is including during a festival season. That interests and energizes readers and motivates them to read further. 

A personal approach touches hearts

Like the ‘you’ on YouTube, attract people with personal communication. Appealing to the individual characteristics is time-honored as an effective way to attract attention. 

Take it with salt, sugar, and spice. Only in hand-written or typed text messages does the possibility of postscripts arise. Though an age-old tradition, it is uncommon nowadays amidst the videos and images. Use them effectively when the need arises. 


Design process
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Assemble Design Process elements why says Experts

Shall we call it a seven-step plan of action to get the dream website together? The technical aspects of the design process are hidden deep within the structure, and the audience only glimpses those alluring looks in a variety of media. Make sure that the Content is well written and the images and videos set the scene well.


Following websites are in fashion these days that can fit into any screen size in moments. Mobile phones hold the market to ransom, commanding a mighty slice of the revenues. If the Web Designing services in Hyderabad succeed, you are halfway to a successful business online.

Design Process

What are the website goals?

Though business appears to be the overwhelming reason why websites exist, it could serve several other purposes. Administration and social media, personal aspirations, politics, and philosophy are possibilities. Accordingly, a glossy, enticing look, thought-provoking or sober and relaxed will create an overall impression on it. Website materials need to choose in keeping with the theme of hospitality or photography, hobbies, or pets, whatever. Creativity, Competitor analyses, and Brand qualities would matter.

Design Process

Scope and timeline

A Gantt chart will help in setting boundaries and specifying time limits. Plans and thoughts change as you get along with the process. Which pages carry which features?

Sitemap specifies the construction plan

Like the blueprint for a building, a sitemap denotes the information architecture that forms the website foundation. Once this phase is going to complete, build a wireframe that will house the Content and visual design. When that is complete, it is evident at a glance if any deficiencies remain to be sorted out. Some use pencil and paper. You could use tools like Balsamiq and Moqups, Axure, and Slickplan.

Getting the Content together



Image source: techwebdimensions

Considering the demands of successful search engine optimization like the right keywords and phrases, compose the Content effectively. Realistic and focused well-researched new Content would go a long way. Writing, typography, and structure work together. Google Docs and Dropbox Paper, Quip, and Gather Content would help. Web Design Process is well on the way.

Design Process of stunning visual layouts

Design processImage source: piktochart

It is a visual world that passes us by each day! Designs of logos and color choices like the background and borders make up some of the visual aspects. Clients often specify what these details would look like, though the web designer may suggest what works and feels best. Robust, high-quality images and videos often set the tone and attract customers with dynamic zest. Do you agree that pictures and logos often create trust and loyalty? Sketch, Illustrator or Photoshop perhaps or Moodboards, style tiles, and element collages?

Now it is time to test

Design process

Image Source: 360logica

Having put together all the structural and content elements, the testing stage would convince if they are working correctly. The testing would run the website through several kinds of devices like the tablet, the desktop, and the mobile phone. You know which is most important. Are the links between the pages working? Is the loading time fast enough? Is the website visually appealing and reads well? You need W3C Link Checker and SEO Spider.

Launching and take off

Now that everything is ready for action to decide when and how you will inform the world, perhaps through social media. Though it looks like a conclusion, don’t forget that fixes may still require along with the regular updating process that keeps the website live. Further, a variety of tools would be testing the website performance in terms of visitor numbers, the time spent on the site, and the revenues generated. Accordingly, adjustments would be made.

The race is on to gather new Content and features, monitor, through analytics, and improve quality further. web designing services in Hyderabad should work fabulously with determination and vision.

SEO 2021
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12 SEO Trends 2021 to Know that you must follow

Tracking potential customers for an online portal was never as easy as today it is. SEO or search engine optimization simplifies the task to target potential customers worldwide. SEO ensures a website gets a high rank in search engines like Google. In General, customers believe in the organic results of a website. This preference populates the search engine optimizations.

Trends of SEO in 2021

SEO Trends 2021: What every marketer should know - Search Engine Watch
Source: Search engine watch

SEO is a vast subject now. It is not related anymore to keyword search or Meta titles. Let us check the top SEO trends that have become popular during the year 2021.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence plays a leading role in search engine optimization. This technology creates a resultant impact on SEO. Every professional in this field rely a lot on AI to give a website a noticeable ranking on the search engines. This technology helps in reducing costs and increase revenue.

Voice search

SEO trends 2021
Source: Oberlo

This hi-end technology lets users in comfortable search. At present, users may have already used this voice search technology. The technologies are responsible for the mass popularity of voice search Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, etc.

A prediction says that almost 22 percent of users will use this voice search by 2022. While using this technology, users need to use longer keywords. The more natural-sounding keywords, the faster will be the search result.


Among the top SEO strategymobile-friendliness is a vital point to consider. Many research works predict that almost every person will search websites on mobile by the end of 2025.

Hence, Google has made mandatory changes so that users can views the websites easily on mobile. If you notice that Google can easily creep your website, your website is user-friendly.

Informative content

A website can rank well on a search engine with the help of informative content. Google wants quality content. Many do not understand what quality content means. It means content should fulfill the basic three EAT principles like expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness.

These criteria are the determinants that help professionals to understand whether the uploaded content will enhance the SEO performance or not. Here the professionals need to research the type of content that customers want. Now it is necessary to use the information in the content so that viewers prefer it.

Lengthy contents

Report of the State of Content Marketing reveals that contents with 3000 or more words help websites managing a higher ranking in Google search engine. Lengthy contents help to attract more customers.

 Hence a website will get more traffic. As a result, your products will get more views. But a 3000 plus word content also gets backlinks 3.5 times higher than the contents of average length. Here experts use the SEO content template tool to optimize content to get more search.

Use of featured Snippet

One should not worry if he does not have a long SEO content. Your website can still get a good Google ranking by using Featured Snippet. This tool shows information those are often in question and answers form or bullet points.

Professionals generate snippets focusing on the queries based on questions and keywords. Snippets are also a reliable way to rank a website higher on the Google search engine.

Analytical search

You may have noticed a new kind of search with the help of Google Discover. Google discovers an AI-driven tool has been launched in the year 2017.

This tool helps in identifying the behavioral pattern of a buyer. Analytical research helps to generate the most resultant contents that can help to enhance Google’s ranking.

An effective strategy for SEO

A new SEO strategy is getting followed in search engine optimization, and it is the inclusion of video. Online video helps to make the website more reliable.

Apart from reading content, buyers love to watch video content. You must be aware of the recent growth of Youtube. Hence if you have not developed video content for your website, you need to upload videos to get a higher website ranking.

Optimization of images

Images can pull loads of online traffic for a website. Image optimization is a great tool to rank a site higher in the Google search engine. Consumers can use these images for buying products, acquiring information in the future.

Hence, a website owner must pay attention to proper image optimization. Experts advise using only high-end, relevant images for the website.

More importance on keywords

At present, an SEO expert uses both primary and secondary keywords to make the website famous among the viewers. Google now focuses more on consumer’s search results. It prioritizes more on analysis of the buyers’ search.

Hence simple keywords are not enough to make a website popular. Today, keywords must be able to answer the questions asked by consumers.

Listing in the local search

Searching a website on the internet does not always mean searching for a global product. Many want to search for products and services available locally. People may look for a local restaurant, or café or shopping malls, etc.

Hence local SEO plays a vital role in making a website available to all. Here you must understand how to get your business into the local pack. The first option is to select the Google My Business page. The website also needs a strong backlink profile.

Data and analytics

Among the top SEO tips, data science plays a vital role. This technology helps you to understand the requirements of buyers. You will come to know how to create targeted messages.

Analytics is also a significant area of search engine optimization. It helps to understand the URLs that are getting the maximum views. This technology also helps to identify referral sources.

Consequently, those above are significant trends of search engine optimization during 2021. Nowadays, SEO is getting more complex. Forget about those days where SEO was just a work of simple keyword optimization. Today an SEO expert should learn how voice search and videos can give a website a high ranking. Hence every professional must be aware of the latest updates in search engine optimization.

increase traffic
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How to increase traffic to your blog in 2021?

It’s really needed to increase traffic to your website, isn’t it? This must be accredited that with the changing dimensions and tenets of time the virtues of knowledge are changing. To be prudent, this must be said that there was a time when man relied on books to read and acquire knowledge. Today the books are transmitted on the Kindle and online PDFs. At the same time with the advent of technology exercise of the right to speech has become easier.

increase traffic

The blogs are paving the path to exert one’s views and ideas on a particular subject easily. The blog is that the private space of the human being on the web platform where he or she can talk to the world in a virtual Diaspora. Thus, in the year, 2021 certain things must be kept in mind to make the blogs more attractive and informative.

kept in mind to increase traffic while writing blogs?

Increase traffic

Many intricacies must be kept in mind while making the new blogs for the New Year. These new principles can increase traffic, and more people shall read writings. This article deals here forward with certain new ideas to make the blog attractive.

Recent times: an important factor

Being recent is what is modern. People of the present time do not like to read thesis papers. Today the writing needs to be recent and cryptic. Thus, it is good to write blogs about the happenings of topical themes.

No need to play with the words

Basically, the word maze is not an important thing to practice today. This means the writings should be in a lucid language without any jugglery of the words and phrases. The common man likes easy words and straight-forward addresses in all the writings.

Do not write all in one go

As has been enumerated before, the psychology of the common man has changed considerably in recent times. They shall not read anything that is a long piece of writing. Thus, the best procedure to make any writing attractive is to break the same in points and sub-points. Use bullets and graphs where applicable. Another good thing is to add diagrams and pictures. The addition of illustrations makes the writing look good which is an important factor behind the interest factor for the blog.


Look about the font and the punctuation

The presentation is a big thing that matters today. Have a good-looking font for the blog. The blog must look good at the first sight. Punctuations at the proper places are also an important factor. Using italics and bold fonts make the emphasis on certain places showing the areas of interest for the particular person.

It is said numerously that there was a time when a man loved to read long thesis and books with fat bindings. Today the times demand things fast and frivolous. Thus, if a blog writer wishes his blog to be read by others and increase traffic, then he must keep these points in mind.

web development
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When Outsourcing Web Development Services to India Consider these

Web Development: Look forward to a joy ride but

While costs and time, efficiency, and quality are valid factors, consider the contract-based or in-house task of web development and all the hassles and expenses. In America and Europe, Australia, and even Singapore, costs are significantly higher while the quality of work will not be better.

India certainly provides superb web designing services at rather affordable costs. Time zones are different and the core is fluent communication like through Skype or email, phone, or Google Talk that will result in incredible work. Website development through different stages would require transparent communication and regular feedback on both sides.

Save the massive expense of web development.

The large funds thus saved could be invested in the company labor or machinery, advertising, or insurance. It will be a substantial saving with quality work done quickly too. With all the harassments entrusted elsewhere, more time and attention could be diverted to urgent matters. There always seems to be so much to get done. Coming to the process of finding the right vendor, requires ample research, probably online.

The media like magazines do advertise. Would you base the choice of company on those? Would you accept what colleagues say? Amidst the mighty forest online, how will you decide with too many companies competing for attention? Web Development Services in India are too many!

Portfolios, references, and specific Industries

web development

It is time to get specific since industries have their particular styles and standards. In a constantly evolving digital universe just like fashions of dress, each industry like cosmetics has a different website approach. Check out the major cosmetics brands and their advertising campaigns. Which company worked on them? You might draw up a list of five such exceptional companies that impressed you with cosmetics. This is not a rigid method of selection but it is safe and brings confidence. The different cosmetics websites would have things in common after all, don’t you think?


The five portfolios mentioned on the websites with links would lead to stupendous creations and deal with many sectors. No matter. You are getting closer to the best choice. Reviews would clarify about reputations and years of experience. Instinct and intuition will do the rest. Such industry leaders are not likely to be frauds or fakes. You would expect these great guys to be rather costly among the list of Web Development Company India. Don’t try to save too much money, because the costs are so much lower in India. Don’t search for the minimum expense because the quality of work might suffer.


The power of references is immense. The portfolio does indicate their designing prowess but references could still be asked for.

Software and Technology

web development

Much of the problem with designing websites has to do with software that needs to be the latest. That is common enough with all the free downloads possible though paid versions bring greater features. Further, an artistic sense and dedication to the work are necessary.

web development

Some professionals work in a listless manner and are fast at creating clones of other websites. Though similar, websites need to have their intimate nuances and personal touches. Regarding the overall impact, do you want the website to be sensational and dramatic or quietly alluring? Similar to designs of buildings and interior decoration, decide upon the impact in discussion with people who matter.

Indian companies can deliver stunning results that boost business revenues significantly. Expect euphoria to descend upon the organization after working with Web Development Services in India.

Discuss details verbally with web designers

web development

Establish a platform for personal communication. Don’t leave everything to charts, images and videos, text, and emails. Talk over the plans in detail with the designer through the preferred media, video-conferencing being the best. Online communication is not always easy across time and distance. Language differences could arise but English is largely used in India.

Is the designer enthusiastic and interested in your ideas? Is the designer willing to experiment according to your vision? Companies do have their tricks of creating smart initial impressions to attract work. Take some time and similar talks with a few companies would clear up the air, allowing for the best decisions. Hopefully, the right choice is yours, something like the researching during the shopping process, an experience everybody is quite familiar with.

Agree upon the work process stages

web development

After assembling all the materials that will go into the website, a prototype is developed. It resembles a building structure without the final installations. Are the materials well-chosen? Is the copy smart and attractive? Who is going to decide? Rather than an individual decision, invite different opinions and reach a consensus. Agree upon a timeline.

When will the prototype be ready? Are the designers willing to incorporate changes and adjustments after the prototype is ready? Further, does the contract include the quality control and testing, launch, and maintenance stages? Web Development Company India would take a professional approach and anticipate some of the doubts that you might have, especially the beginners. Don’t worry too much but be on the alert.

Pause for a moment

web development

If you went through similar procedures earlier with the website or mobile app creation, no need to panic. Does what happened so far appear legitimate and above suspicion? Have you considered the risk factors? This is not a task that can be divided into parts and entrusted to different vendors and there lies the risk. If a substandard product is delivered, what will you do? Some contracts do mention the quality of work that is subject to approval. Include such a clause since every kind of work is subject to acceptance. Payments are accordingly done in stages, beginning with an advance and installments later according to the work schedule agreed upon.

With a little bit of luck, it would be a stupendous website in the making that offers reliability and flexibility, fast loading time, and potentially boosting business revenues. Getting 24/7 support, all the details need to look into instantly and doubts need to fix. Look no further than us when it comes to super quality and affordable Web Development Services in India.