Artificial Intelligence in web development
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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the Web Dev Industry

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a very familiar term in recent days. It’s a branch of computer science study. It assists in building widely accepted intelligent machines that perform a task which requires a human-like intelligence level. Advancements in this study with ML and deep learning virtually create a paradigm shift in technology-based Industry.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has various interdisciplinary approaches. Or, you can say that it is a set of algorithms and Intelligence that mimics human Intelligence. One of those is Machine Learning (ML), and the learning techniques are termed deep learning.

After World War II, a famous mathematician Mr Alan Turing with a simple question in his paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence ( 1950) “, can machine think? “Change the history. After a specific test, he established AI’s essential vision and goal. Later Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig (authors of the ground-breaking textbook Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach) explored the four approaches in this field. 

Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence

You can see many established companies have used Artificial Intelligence in web development. Major tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Apple have leveraged this technology for various purposes. Out of these companies, Apple leads the AI domination race as per the report of CB Insights dated Sept 2019. 

Examples of AI in these well-performing companies include:

  • Google search
  • Software for Image recognition
  • Intelligent personal assistants like Siri, Alexa
  • Self-driving cars
  • IBM’s Watson
  • AlphaGo

I am pretty sure that many fundamental questions may arise in your mind.

Why is AI so popular in the tech industry?

What is the role of AI in website development?

How it can impact the process of web development

Does it help in revenue generation?

What’s its future?

To answer these questions, I have mentioned all the crucial benefits of AI in this blog. So, please read this blog and learn the importance of AI and its role in 2021.

artificial intelligence


AI In Web Development

In today’s competitive world, every business, whether small or big, is compulsory to have a website. AI plays a crucial role in reshaping web design and development.

Artificial Intelligence rules in many ways, such as digital services, healthcare, IT services, and manufacturing. The reason behind it is several website development companies have already started the development of AI enables websites.


artificial intelligence

The above figure shows that business revenue expected to generate from AI is $126 Billion in 2025 worldwide, according to a Statista report.

Web application development is currently a growing trend. Everybody wishes to have a secure web application that is scalable and full of features. Customized content and intelligent, enhanced feature-packed web applications attract many visitors and increase business. AI falls under two main categories those are:

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI )


  1. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)


Kind of AIs

  1. Narrow Artificial Intelligence: It is a human intelligence simulation that can be seen around us. It performs a single or specific task well and operates within a limited context much better than human Intelligence. It is called weak AI as well. Face recognition, playing games, acting as a virtual assistant. According to a Statista report, 84% of business owners think investing in AI can bring more advantages than competitors. It is an indispensable technology for the 21st century.
  2. Artificial General Intelligence: AGI system performs with general Intelligence what any human can do and solve the problem. AGI system can think and act just like a human, and many a time, it can beat humans, as they don’t get tired like humans and don’t feel emotions unless programmed. Usually, in movies, you can see robots. It is sometimes called strong AI.
  1. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI): ASI is the ultimate level of Artificial Intelligence which could be the main thing to surpassing human Intelligence and decision-making ability.

Benefits of AI in Web Development

  • Search getting even faster
  • Increases relevant interaction and user experience
  • Get effective digital marketing while targeting consumer 
  • Make better personal interaction with the website visitor
  • Get cordial expertise from the store
  • Get AI-enabled prediction tools
  • Disease mapping tool
  • Robo advisor in Trading
  • Drone robots in manufacturing
  • Spam filter in email
  • False news detection tool for social media
  • Recommendation of TV shows and songs through Netflix & Spotify

 Stats & facts

  • According to Accenture, The global AI market expects to be almost $60 billion in revenue by 2025. In 2016, the value was $1.4 billion.
  • Accordingly, MIT, by 2030, the Global GDP will grow by $15.7 trillion. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, they said.
  • As per MIT, artificial Intelligence can also increase business productivity by up to 40%.
  • As per Accenture, Artificial intelligence startups grew up to14 times over the last two decades. 
  • Since 2000, investment in artificial intelligence startups has grown six times (Source: MIT).
  • Google analysts believe by 2020, robots will be intelligent enough to mimic the complex behaviour of humans, like flirting and jokes. (Source: Accenture)

Why Implement AI

artificial Intelligence 4

These days’ users prefer to use web applications from which users can search directly. Ecommerce giant changes our perspective toward online shopping with the help of this AI technology. Such as voice search, chatbot, along with other AI solutions.

Pros & Cons of AI




In this digital world, AI enters all industries, including web designing, even in our daily life. Small business has less strength in human resource, and they can also take the opportunity of AI that can help interact with customers and provide relevant information effortlessly. AI enables both users and the organization to offer services in such cases.



Pros of AI

User Experience (UX)

UX or user experience is the most critical part of web design. If it is not user-friendly and does not work efficiently, the customer or user will go somewhere. It would help if you made it easier for the user to find anything to buy or place an order. Many companies rely on web application development, which improves the user experience depending on AI.

Personalized Content

When developers implement AI on your website, whether a blog, article or video, they can show the audience any particular type of content they design. Sometimes AI system offers suggestions for new videos or other user-based relevant content to find relevant content easily.

Voice search optimization

42,223 Voice Search Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images


Nowadays, in web development, people use voice search and optimize it. Voice search is one of the fastest-growing trends these days. Most users use mobile devices than desktops, so they optimize for mobile devices through AI.




AI as a UX element


Artificial Intelligence has changed the latest world of web design technology. Now various AI tools have become parts of the latest web design. In recent years massive use of chatbots that become a permanent element in most website properties.
Through these AI tools, developers close these gaps with a new website interface driven by voice interaction instead of clicking or touching.

Use of AI in Websites

Initially, when introduced chatbots it was like a pre-programmed path of conversation that determined their effectiveness. But it wasn’t satisfied with its outcome. But now, as you see, many sophisticated NLP systems ( natural language processing) operate more advanced in conversation with the website visitor who doesn’t follow the directed path. These are pretty successful and might again reappear in the future.

Cons of Artificial Intelligence

As per a study performed by 2030, most jobs (up to 90% ) will be in problem as AI Intelligent machines will replace all jobs. It includes graphic designing, web designing, and mobile application designing since it has already proved that AI is helpful in multiple content creations for various devices.
So do you think we should know to code AI?

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