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A know how about short story that you never heard before

Short stories are not a piece of writing to give ample information to the readers. On the other hand, it’s better to say that the piece of a short story makes your reader happy when you tell them casual stories with casual language. However, this is considered by many as a medium to express their artistry in writing. Short story writing is not a herculean task like a novel, but it serves the purpose to express your feelings. In a short story, you are able to insert characters, scenes, protagonists, and climax- though the space for back-story is the trump card for your story.

Fundamental elements

short story writing

The basic elements to include in a short story, however, is not only the story; but the order in the story that will increase the suspense and produce a futile climax. A perfect atmosphere, as well as the writing style, is just the cherry on the cake for productive appealing to the readers. Including this, the essence and the feelings that input your characters are the morality which is significant to connect real people with your protagonists.

short story writing

As I had pointed out about the protagonists in a short story, a little information about that won’t become a bore! It is suggested in a short story to keep people as less as you can. Because ‘two is okay, three is a crowd’. At this point of your story, you can include characters other than human-an animal or a tree, an insect or an object- all can be tour protagonists. The success lies in your presentation and the setting of the plot that makes a short story appealing. I think that ‘The Fly’ by Katherine Mansfield is a significant example of this. the rest is upon the writer who will set the destiny of his short story.