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3 things you face as a content writer which embarrass you most

Being a content writer was not of my career plans when I grew up. As I felt the lack of jobs around, I started working as a content writer. Excited about my first job, the first thing I faced is the confusion of my family with my job. They turned up around like ‘why do you write other’s assignment?’ Struggling with these queries and so many ogling eyes that became confused with my explanations, the next issue comes with why I get paid at all when I am ‘copying’ from the internet!!!! Do you have an answer for this? It’s the same here…I also don’t have one to explain them!!! sigh!!

Writer’s Block


However, satisfying my surroundings with the confused answers and not-so-known career options as a content writer soon I faced the utmost fear a writer could- writer’s block. As a content writer, I had experienced that writing well and a flow of productivity and creativity always steals the show. But the writer’s block is such a situation that makes a writer distracted from his/her occupation. This is a painful state in your career indeed, but you will find few who will understand your situation.

Quality or Quantity

Finally, the third and most important issue as a content writer is what you are developing on your PC throughout the day. There is a very fine line when you try to compare quality and quantity. As I had experienced, quality is needed obviously, but this lacks the quantity of writing per day or per hour. Now, if you are concerned about the money you will try to opt large quantity of writing. Contrarily, there remain clients who will not pay you if there is no quality.

The confusion remains…so as the problems. Being a writer seems to be easy as people think a flair for writing is a cup of tea for everybody. what I can assure them people out there is, don’t take it so easy. Come and face the challenges! Till then good luck and have your evening cup of tea.

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