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How to build wood fired pizza oven?

Wood fired pizza oven is very popular today

Making your own Wood Fired Pizza Oven may be the extremely exciting as well as rewarding project that everyone can make it their own back yard. Actually the Wood Fired Ovens have been with us for long years, and have presently been achieving lots of popularity all around the world.

Why the wood fired pizza oven gets huge popularity:

It is absolutely possible to make delicious and good taste pizzas at home with the help of the homemade oven and pizza stone. However, actually authentic results you require to make or bake your pizza in a wood fired oven. Wood fired ovens are able to make a different taste because of its extremely high heat, which can cook the pizza in just 90 seconds.
There are several misconceptions around How to build wood fired pizza oven that can lead to the improper materials being utilized to construct the walls and floor of the oven. The most normal mistake which people make is selecting the wrong type of bricks. Many people do not know that a wood fired pizza oven must be made using insulating fire bricks; with this the heat from the fire is easily ‘trapped’ inside the cooking zone.

Basic step to build a wood fired pizza oven

  • Before you make your own pizza oven, you have to decide on the size and shape of the of pizza oven that you want. In the area, where you want to stand your oven, have to dig a pit that is as wide as many pizzas you desire to be capable to accommodate at once. Generally the pit it has to be 5 inches deep.
  • After that just draw a straight line with wood on the sides of the pit and then over the floor of the pit, build in concrete until the hole is full. Let this dry out. To ensure that you obtain it completely dry and hard before you continue.
  • Then you have to build the upper encasement, and to do this, you ought to illustrate a straight line on the concrete as per your requirement. At present you can lay out your concrete bricks in what type of shape you want, then you have to wait until it become dry and then put in the other bricks to the exterior of the concrete bricks and set them tightly with the help of the mortar.
  • You should build a wooden support on the within the dome using 2×4’s and plywood, so that you are able to create the bricks to line the internal part of the oven.
  • As you make the line the bricks on inside the oven, confirm that you leave sufficient place to slide the pizza in and out, but this is not too large that you may lose heat through it.
  • You should make the final touches to your style. Apply the template which can guide you as you lay on the pick of the oven, confirm to let all the final touches dry. Stack the brick external part of the oven, then you must leave a sufficient space to act as a chimney.

Now the pizza oven is ready, you can prepare your pizzas and cook them.

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