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The Panasonic Home Theater Superstar

Bring the lifelike Panasonic sound and imagery into your home. The incredible realism and dynamic multimedia would be worth every penny.  The awesome Panasonic SC-BTT 190 3D acoustics leave you breathless.  Panasonic SC-BTT 190 delivers mind-blowing features and fills the room with dreamy sounds. The sound waves are sturdy and sharp and the tones clear and vibrant. Yet the ambient sound is not all. The internet capability, the Blu-ray facility, the full HD display and the 3D Surround sound systems contribute to the Best home theater system for the whole family to cherish as entertainment and as education too. Panasonic advertises ‘ideas for life’ and certainly promotes dynamic lifestyles.

How is that magical surround sound achieved? The virtual speakers in addition to the six physical speakers, thirty in all, create the impression that you must have witnessed in cinema theaters. After painstaking research, Panasonic technology has devised the direction perception system that perceives sound as coming from particular directions. The surround sound quality is a truly esthetic experience for a tremendous high. And you would get to experience that magic every single day!

Budget Pricing

If you are searching for an entry-level Home Theater system that does not cost a fortune, Panasonic SC-BTT 190 would be the best buy. The price of about $200 is reasonable enough in comparison to more expensive systems in terms of the many winning features. The price is exclusively for the Japanese Panasonic hallmark that has proved proactive across the world for decades in electronics. Led by the USA, the Energy Star designation used in several countries like Canada indicates that the product uses 20-30% less energy than Federal standards. Panasonic SC-BTT 190 is Energy Star compliant.

Awesome features

Setting up the system could be achieved in half an hour and all you need to do is plug the wires into the correct sockets. As with all speaker systems, they need to be mounted or suspended by blending with the furniture and furnishings so that they are unobtrusive. The speakers would be unseen but certainly not unheard! The sound section in the Home display has the options LOUD and HEAVY for the quality of music and they result in the booming sound.

Stereos are a thing of the past. The 5.1 channel system has the appropriate decoders to deliver full-blooded sound. The Best home theater system possesses the latest decoders that support Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio media formats. The total power output of the 5.1 channel Surround sound systems is 1000 watts with a large center channel among the six channels.

The 2011 VIERA connect feature brings you alluring web content like movies and sports along with much more from your living room. Conversion from 2D to 3D is enabled for VIERA connect content in the 2012 model.  Pandora, NetFlix and YouTube are all within range! DVDs and Blu-ray discs in 2D can be transformed into 3D images with natural quality. Transform your favorite DVDs into the 3D format for fabulous viewing.

Panasonic SC-BTT 190 3D can achieve Full HD Playback of 3D Blu-ray Discs on the best Surround sound systems.  The external hard disk playback function enables you to play private media from peripherals. The system is NTFS compliant and you can import photos in JPEG and MPO format, music files in FLAC and MP3 and camcorder video files in MP4 and AVCHD into the screen and sound system. The USB digital music connection supports iPhone and iPad for music playback only. A downloadable Panasonic app transforms your smartphone into a remote control with a diversity of functions. The player can upscale DVDs to near 1080p and the picture on the HDTV has a thoroughly incredible quality.

The DLNA compliant Best home theater system enables the sharing of music and videos across several formats like MP3 and WMA for music and AVCHD and WMV for videos. Digital photos on JPEG format works well too. The intimacies of friendship and togetherness are well cemented by technology with ease and in great style. You need to connect to a Local Area Network at home. An app on the smart phone can access the WiFi router in another part of the house. The DLNA complaint PC works as a server. You now access the collection of movies in the PC easily and play them at will. While technology is getting weirder by the day, some heavenly shortcuts mercifully do exist.



The Best home theater system supports memory cards like SDXC, SD and SDHC. The system has a single HDMI port and excellent am/fm radio connections. The USB port is available but you need a digital audio cable to play the television programsthrough the Surround sound systems.

Sound makes all the difference and Panasonic used the MASH technology earlier, based on which the new Anti-Jitter Digital Amplifier takes control of sound problems and prevents upsurges resulting in crystal clear sound perception. Besides, the sounds match the 3D images for a comprehensive sound and picture experience.

Panasonic has transferred the earlier 2D technologies to the 3D image format and the results are stunning indeed. The diligence of the screen images is thought provoking, to say the least. Adaptive chroma processing deals with the pixels of the Blu-ray video signals and has realized a tremendous increase over the 2010 achievements, resulting in superb picture quality.

The Multi-User Mode can register four users with their names and individual favorite settings. Personalization by the user is possible with icons and wallpapers along with audio and picture styles.


The system has a set of wired speakers and having the additional WiFi facility would require an appropriate adapter. Broadband internet service would be required.

Video on Demand is another of the many facilities. If you posses a television set with 24p format, you would be playing movies in the same 24p format used by the movie theaters. The connection is achieved through an HDMI cable and the result is a crisp cinema like quality of images. The Skype facility enables family and friends to meet from across the world in seemingly life like situations but would require an optional TY-CC20 camera.

All things considered

In the final analysis, Panasonic SC-BTT 190 would be worth investing in not only for the budget price but the extraordinary sound and picture quality that would be a treat for the ears and eyes. Simplicity is the hallmark of Panasonic products yet they have succeeded in achieving so much through the hard labor of research.

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