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The Onkyo sound explosion

Dance in the clouds with the power of the Onkyo HT-S3500 sound. The 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker/Receiver Package has proved to be a wise choice for diverse eager customers the world over. What would be your specific requirements and the planned budget? Is it a single room or a living room you want to flood with sound? Do you want to bring the roof down upon the entire house? The Onkyo HT-S3500 would elevate you to places you haven’t imagined before, acoustically speaking. Several peripherals like four HDMIs tremendously increase the range of activities in your electronic universe. College graduate or family head, nobody is going away unsatisfied. Invest in the Best home theater system and the most exceptional Surround sound systems that exist in the teeming marketplace.



1 234 The two-year warranty  bestows additional  confidence by way of  consumer protection. The 30-  day tech support helps  resolve any difficulties in  setting up or technical queries that may arise over the phone with friendly technicians.


Only the Japanese Onkyo Company could provide so much for so little. At under $300, HT-S3500 is undoubtedly the best in its class and many claim that it is the Best home theater system with better sound fidelity even when compared to more expensive systems manufactured by international companies. Yet the sound is limited to 700 watts output and so the dimensions cannot be compared to larger and costlier systems with bigger sound bites. It may be hard to believe that the relatively small speakers are capable of delivering such enormous volumes of crisp sound!

In any case, nobody wants to blast the doors and windows. That happens only at night clubs and mega-parties. If you want reasonably large sound, go for it without apprehensions. Perhaps you need to upgrade from the small computer speakers of the past or have recently moved into a bigger dwelling.  Some guys like to experiment and opt for many systems just like they exchange cars in which case the HT-S3500 would be a great beginning. The Onkyo HD Surround sound systems would waft you to the top of the world at an affordable price. The discerning audiophile would not regret the purchase either.

Set up

The instruction pamphlet that accompanies the Best home theater system is straightforward enough. You do not need to mess around with too many cables to get everything ready either. The wires and speakers have color coordinates that enable easy connections. The six speakers mounted on walls at a variety of levels may provide the best sound effects. The result would be sound cascading across space with waves of delight that can get very romantic or filial. Onkyo is engineered to take care of customer sentiments.

Though the Multiband Sound Equalizer does not exist, the treble and bass adjustments if properly done would provide ample warm sound through the sub-woofer to fill the room. The remote controller keeps an effective check on all the winsome features.

Technical guys may be interested. The receiver possesses 32 bit processing DSP chip and High Current Power Supply Massive High Power Transformer. Cinema Filter and headphone jack do exist. The receiver has three digital audio inputs, six analog audio inputs and one output. The glossy speaker system is magnetically shielded with a maximum input capacity of 120 W except the subwoofer that has an input of 130 W.


Wide Range Amplifier Technology ingeniously improves the fidelity of amplified sound quality. WRAT reduces and cancels noise and prevents irregular sound levels, resulting in unbeatable Surround sound systems.

The OSD (On-Screen Display) on the receiver quickly changes the Audio Video receiver settings. Since the set up menus are superimposed on the video being watched, adjustments are easily done without having to stop the program and reach an additional screen.

Have you not noticed that headphones invariably provide super sound quality? The sound suffers when played through a home theater system because the high frequency bits will not play. Advanced Music Optimizer remedies the problem and provides better quality of compressed audio signals along with the loudness correction feature.

Connectivity and Performance

What about the four HDMIs? They provide inputs for Blue Ray Disc Players, cable/satellite tuners, gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation and 3D games too. We almost forgot the magic of movies, of course, for the whole family get together treat.  Gaming could not have got better either with four alternative modes to optimize the experience – Action, Rock, Sports, and RPG game modes.

The HDMI facility also supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The accomplished receiver also has the ability to cope up with Dolby® Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio.

The USB at the front panel of the Receiver allows iPod/iPhone MP3 and AAC playback at enhanced sound quality. MP3, AAC, WMA and FLAC audio from a memory device gets much clearer too. The audio plays digitally through the direct digital connection. The Super EX.Bass reaches greater dimensions with low-frequency sounds. The Super EX.Bass genius turns up bass output at low volumes. When movie and music volumes are increased, the bass returns to normal.

The Audio Return Channel enables sound travelling in from the television to be amplified for the Best home theater system. Television sets do not come armed with mighty sound systems. Additional help from HT-S3500 would boost the audio accompanying television programs to vast new dimensions for the ultimate Surround sound systems experience that can be imagined. Let the family drama get a boost from the stunning life-like experience.

Go for it!

The virtual sound quality creates unrivaled ambience. The amazing features at the prescribed price range could not have been superseded by any product in the metropolitan music and movie culture. The system would liven up the home and neighborhood with glossy new sound levels and highlight understanding of the music details that had escaped attention in the past. Music and movies form an intrinsic part of our honored culture. Society cannot live without the regular quota of music from the unobtrusive digital music player to the mighty crescendos of music festivals. The home can tread the middle path with Onkyo HT-S3500 for definitive music and movie experiences.


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