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The concept of Dukan Diet Plan

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The concept of the Dukan Diet plan emerged in the mid seventies. Pierre Dukan a French doctor designed this diet. It gained popularity after the launch of his book The Dukan Diet. Basically it deals with weight loss and weight gain plans. This Dukan Diet plan is also known as the princess died. People all over the world are following this diet nowadays. Several online sites are along there proving the diet plan. Thousands of people all over the world are suffering from weight related problems. This diet plan provides a solution to these problems. Healthy diet is very important for a healthy body. The basic plan is for 7 days. People all round the globe is reaping benefits of this plan. There are different plans for different people depending on the problems. Weight loss is the most popular one. The diet consists of more than 100 types of foods.
Phases of Dukan Diet plan :
There are four phases of duke diet. Following are the phases.

Attack phase : It consists of 72 separate proteins rich foods. It lasts for 2 to 7 days.

Cruise phase : This phase consists of 28 types of vegetables. This phase provides to achieve the target amount of weight

Consolidation phase : In this phase the normal diet is reintroduced. This phase consists of bread, milk and starchy foods.

Stabilization phase : The normal food continues. Protein intake in this phase increases.

The basic phase Attack phase
This phase is very popular among the population that seeks weight loss. This phase depends on changing the food habits. It lasts from 2 to 7 days. This phase is very effective. The attack phase diet plan is listed below :
Day 1- First day consists of scrambled eggs and skimmed milk is added in the breakfast. Also added is the smoked salmon. Lunch is packed with protein rich food. Extra-lean ham, fat-free quark chopped chives and marjoram are introduced during lunch. The dinner consists of sirloin steak, soy sauce, vegetable oil and coriander leaves. Garlic cloves and big piece ginger can be added.

Day 2 -After the first day, more nutritious food is introduced in the second day. The breakfast consists of yoghurt and oat bran. This provides necessary proteins and vitamins. Lunch is packed with oat bran, fat-free quark, flaked tuna, smoked salmon and ham or chicken. Eggs and dried herbs can also be added. Dinner comprises of white fish fillets, fat-free fromage frais, vegetable oil and chopped herbs. Eggs can also be added to the diet. Lemon cheesecake can be taken as desserts.

Day 3- The breakfast consists of oat bran and skimmed milk. Lunch is packed with Rosemary beef burgers. Garlic cloves, eggs and plum sauce can also be added. Dinner should be light. Fish cake is a good diet at the dinner time. Chocolate coffee meringues can be taken as desserts.

Day 4 – Breakfast consists of oat bran muffins. Prawn and egg salad can be added for lunch. Salmon escalopes and mustard dill sauce for dinner. Chocolate pannacotta is a good dietary source for desserts.

Day 5 – Breakfast is packed with muesli and skim milk. Salmon pancake intake is recommended in the lunch time. Dinner consists of chicken kebabs. And orange yogurt cake can be taken as desserts.

Snacks : Snacks between meals should be light and nutritious. Low-fat yogurt sprinkled with oat bran. Sugar-free jelly and hard boiled egg can be added in the snacks.

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