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Is It Possible To Prevent Company Data Leaks ?

How will you describe “Company Data leaks”? The solution seems to be as simple as fast food; get a DLP or data loss prevention application from one of the renowned companies like HP or Symantec. Is it really all that simple? The problem is that employees could be the silent thieves. After all, copying data has become a dream nowadays like with the thumb drive via USB. You don’t have to struggle with bulky hard copies anymore. A tiny gadget could hold a library of information. And then you have emails, and attachments could be used to dispatch sensitive information to the wrong persons.

A silent war of information is constantly being fought

Just like advertising wars bitterly fought between rivals in the business like in smartphones, the information war is very real. Information costs money all right, as we witness each day over the media. A few seconds of publicity for the chocolate brand and the company pays a fortune. Just imagine how much people would pay in terms of patents and designs concerning advanced products that are being researched 24/7.

A booming DLP market!

No wonder then that 19 mega companies vie for top slots in the DLP market. The demand is expected to escalate by nearly $2 billion by 2019. We can imagine why. Cybercrime increases tenfold each year and we can only work with estimates. Preventing unauthorized access is what keeps so many people busy. Much of the media works with estimates but we treat the figures as very real. Nobody knows the whole truth really.

Dedicated trained employees could win half the battle if Company Data Leaks

Background checks on staff may help to ascertain the reliability and signed agreements to maintain secrecy may bring confidence to the employer. If the staff is really happy with the organization, perhaps fewer chances exist of data theft. Yet training is essential to make sure that workers understand the problem and know how to control the flow of information. Each computer may be connected to twenty other computers and information travels between them all the time. Network monitoring systematically ensures the smooth passage of information. Hackers use the same technology to breach the fortress and steal data for a variety of reasons like business, espionage, terror and plain mischief.

The insider information leak appears to be miniature, according to Verizon’s report in 2012, it was only 4%. The daunting problem is that company executives possess a goldmine of information in the office and they could easily copy it. A Bank of America leaked customer information to identity thieves and the financial loss amounted to $10 million besides the PR issues. Hard to believe? No, it is all true.

The age old antivirus software with firewall backing is constantly being recommended to ensure security. It forms a mighty wall that is not easily breached, at least, the top companies promise such a shield. DLPs monitor the movement of data based on the company intellectual property profile. The software examines each bit of information that leaves at ports and protocols and responds appropriately. Thus, the information could be prevented from leaving beyond certain fixed thresholds.

Encryption and USB blocking appear to be sound strategies to preserve the valuable information and prevent illegal access and tampering. Banks constantly use such encryption and the system appears to be working fine. Considering the huge amounts of cash that change hands legally each day over internet banking, it seems that there is nothing to be quite alarmed about.

Web security gateway services as an alternative to DLPs do protect from evil websites and software. They scan files in all communication avenues for potential data loss, according to the language terms contained therein. If somebody is behaving irresponsibly, the software catches up and raises an alarm.

The BYOD problem makes matters worse

Not only is information all over the place in so many incarnations like DVDs, IM, smartphones and blogs, email and thumb drives, but privacy is constantly being compromised by smartphones with cameras and video recording that reach the most sensitive zones. Nothing appears to be beyond their reach, not even in the trial rooms of companies. Besides, being allowed to bring your own equipment to the workplace has potential hazards too, like an open invitation to steal information. Happy were the days with the manual typewriter, phone and fax alone.

Accidental loss or misuse of information does sometimes occur when you send it to the wrong person by chance. The problem is often not what lies beyond the perimeter but what happens within. Since information is constantly being sent and resent, there exists plenty of opportunities inside to manipulate or steal. Anti-malware and encryption besides other security controls do play their important roles. Three layers of defense are being used that effectively keep things in place. Imagine the degree of security that credit card and social security numbers would require.

Classification of files

A system of file classification would ensure that sensitive information does not pass through a protocol or gateway, raising an alarm if they do. Such a system could also be implemented in social media where objectionable content or images are prevented access. Arrangements could also be based according to file size and abnormally large files would raise doubts and halt the process. The unusual behavior of employees could also be supervised in this manner.

Learning lessons from real crime stories

The case of the theft from the DuPont database over several months of $400 million is an eye-opener. The person had been accessing 15 times the number of files the others in the office had been working with. A Duracell employee sold information about batteries, first sending it home and later to a rival company. Getting a handle on the internal data is crucial but separate software would be required for each information category. Avoid putting all the eggs in one basket.

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11 Tricks For New Users to Use iPad

Using multi task

There are many ipad users who use ipad regularly but there are some tricks which they would not have used or may not know also. There are people who boast about their ipads but know less about its use.
There are some tricks in ipad which can astonish your friends and relatives. There is a requirement of
iOS 5 for performing the tricks in ipad. Downloading iOS 5 is free and easy.

If you want to know tricks to use a ipad then first enable multitasking gestures.
• Tap Settings app
• Tap General
Now the multitasking gestures are ON.


Flaunting The Screen Shot

People love to play games on iPad.. There will be no one beside when they are playing the game. They go on playing and acquire a large score. At this point, they really want to flaunt their scores to someone who do not believe in their ability. Now there is a trick to flaunt this screen shot. This trick to use an iPad is appreciated.

• Press the on/off button towards the upper right side on the iPad.
• Press the Home button
The careen is taken as a picture shot and is saved in the gallery. This picture is available until you delete in the gallery.


Hide Purchases In APP

There are ladies and men who like to keep their purchases online a secret. There may be any reason but they like to hide it from their partner. Keeping purchasing secrets is one of the tricks to use a ipad.
• The App store is to be opened
• Click purchased
• The app which is to be hidden has to be swiped
• The app button turns red from grey which also displays hide.
• Tap on hide and exit from the app store
• Again get into the app store and find that the hidden button is missing
• To undo hideSign into the id
• Tap on hidden purchases in itunes.
In a little time the hidden app appears.


Multitask tray uses

Double-click on the home button to get the multitasking tray. Swiping with four fingers also will start the multitasking button. The multitasking tray loads and then it has to be swiped towards right. The brightness of the picture and the volume can be adjusted to get the best. Any music and video can be seen on the ipad now. While working on the iPad this multitasking tray helps in getting into the music and videos. Using many apps is also tricks to use ipads.


Triple Click Function

• Tap settings app
• Tap General
• Tap Accessibility
• Now Triple click Home
• Select from list how the home button should react when triple clicked


Splitting the Key Board

People prefer to use both their thumbs while typing. For this the keyboard has to be split. When the display of the key board appears try to touch both the sides with the thumbs. Now swiping the edges of the keyboard towards the ends of the ipad the keyboard is split. If again the keyboard has to be joined then touch the edges with both the thumbs and take it closer.


Killing the App

• Sometimes some apps cannot b3e shared with the friends. In such critical situations it is better to kill the app.
• Go to the home screen
• Double click the home button to start the multi-task tray
• Multitask tray can be started by swiping with four fingers
• The app has to be long pressed
• There are red circles and hyphens on it and the app is wiggling
• Tap on the red circle
• App is killed
• Tap on the app again for restating it all over again


Delete by Shaking

When a paragraph or a whole sentence on the screen has to be rubbed off then it is better to just shake the ipad. If the deletion has to be undone then another shake will do it.


Grouping apps

When the number of apps is more then it is better to group the apps. At least twenty apps can be put into one group. Trick to use ipads by stacking the apps.
• Tap and hold on an app
• The app starts wiggling
• Pull the app on another app
• The group can be named
• In this way at least 400 hundred apps can be grouped and stored on the home screen.


Hiding News Stand

There are some apps which has to be on the home screen which occupies space and cannot be deleted. This app is the Newsstand. Many of the ipad users will not used this group. The home screen can be kept clean by these tricks to use ipads.
• Press for a long time on the app
• The app starts to wiggle
• Moe it to another app and thus create a group
• When the animation is created for the new group then the app has to be left.
• All the apps which are not used by the ipad users can be put into this app


Store Browsing Pro tip

To avoid scrolling and getting back to the place which you want is easy with this tip.
When we want to read the reviews when we are trying to purchase a app then we can just get into the reviews and come back easily
Get back to the search results then mention the price of the app. This will bring back the app store and thus the user will be intact as before.
By using all these tricks to use ipads has made the users to have more features.