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Marijuana Treats Anxiety and Depression

People constantly talk about the pros and cons of marijuana the world over. Medical marijuana brings immense benefits in a variety of diseases like epilepsy and cancer or so it is believed. New research indicates that marijuana does not have any harmful effects on body and mind and is not addictive. However, skeptics disagree. Non-believers question the effectiveness of this plant as a medicine and many claim that it is psychologically debilitating. Amidst all the blazing controversies, the question remains unanswered- should marijuana be legalized?

A lot of sufferers demand marijuana for medical purposes but then people will not be able to use the drug recreationally. There seems no end to the marijuana legalization debate. Yet there is no problem or racket really with medical marijuana. Patients meet with a physician to obtain a medicinal marijuana card and need to undergo an assessment. The bottom line is that patients must be medically approved to obtain the treatment. When doctors are giving out medical marijuana prescriptions, they are not breaking the law. If warranted and prescribed, anybody can avail of the cannabis medication. Patients may not understand the technicalities but many doctors prescribe painkillers because it relieves excessive pain.

Numerous studies into the effects of marijuana have been conducted on humans but the results are contradictory. Anxiety and depression may be relieved by the wonder drug but paranoia, psychosis and schizophrenia may arise due to cannabis use. Yet many authorities agree that weed may have an anti-depressant effect with a stimulant or sedative effect. Yet controversy remains and opinions remain divided about the range of side effects that cannabis engenders. It may be all thoroughly confusing. Some after effects that are claimed but not proved are:

  • The short-term memory, concentration and motor functions are affected;
  • The impact on the emotions is responsible for the conduct of users and excessive intake may lead to difficulties of perception;
  • Distorted perception;
  • Difficulty in solving problems;
  • Affects the heart and respiratory system;
  • Normally you go into a state of relaxation in which light can reduce the frequency of alpha brain waves.
  • Cannabis could lead to deterioration in psychological problems and we can draw conclusions from some claims:

  • Young smokers of weed develop psychosis in 10% of cases
  • Intake of this increases the risk of mental problems by 30%
  • Cannabis often leads to schizophrenia
  • Cannabis caused anxiety and panic attacks, paranoia and depression, are inter-linked.
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