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How much you love your Partner?

How much you love your partner? The answer differs between person to person. Some loves his manly looks, and impressive behavior towards ladies or some love his bad boy image. But when you think about him without any reason, want to roam around with him without any purpose, want to spend time with him just sitting beside him, want to go for a ride, want to go for blind date again and again, then of-course you fell in love with him. There is no doubt about it. But how much you love him that is really very difficult to explain. Some people say I can die for him at any moment. It’s completely ridiculous. Then how could you measure your love mathematically? We can’t measure this love by weight balance or any other mode of measuring instruments.You should fix some criteria by your own and if you rate it according to his usual response towards it then I think easily you can calculate how much he satisfies you. You can’t get an exact figure of love, yes, but you can get some near about the idea of your love. Love is not a material. It’s completely emotional and depends on how much you both have a good understanding. From there it originates and gradually increases and decrease depending on your attention and seriousness towards eternal love which you only feel from your heart. You Can’t measure it by any materialistic way.

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