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High fat, proteins, low carb!

You possibly need to lose weight or improve health and reduce chances of disease. Obesity is a dreaded word today and often a silent killer. The winning recipe would be more of fat and proteins with a low carb diet plan. Low carb menu average daily cals would be about 1,300. Like in most fields today, Diet-to-Go is an online support for people in the dark about low carb diet plans.

Experts argue that humans took low-carb diets in common with other great apes for eons before modern farming began. Wild plants had lower carb and higher fiber than modern crops during the times of hunt and gather, and women foraged for food. Meat eating tribes also lived though. Modern farming increased carb content. The industry increased carb levels in urban India, China, Japan and in the West. Our age old genes indicate a low carb, healthy lifestyle!


Low Carb Diet treats Disease
Patients who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and epilepsy, among others, need the low carb diet plan.

Low Carb Diet Lifestyle
A green diet may help you live longer! A survey found that a green low carb diet with more proteins and plant oils reduced deaths by a hazard ratio of 0.8. Conversely, a low carb diet with animal protein and fat increased deaths with hazard ratio of 1.1. An active lifestyle with lots of exercise of mind, body and soul, if you get the idea!

Benefits of Exercise
Studies prove that several kinds of exercise improve sleep, burn fat and boost the life process in the body. Exercise improves blood flow, reduces blood pressure and stress. You get a strong heart and lungs. You have better moods, a great sex life safe from disease.
Walk, jog and swim to reduce weight. The idea of some people that a low carb diet plan leads to weakness would be the period the body needs to adjust to the new diet.

Atkins Style Menu
AAFP and ADA approve of Atkins diet plan. As compared to other diet plans, the Atkins diet restricts carb intake when the system converts already stored body fat for energy, a process called ketosis. When insulin is low, lipolysis begins, which is the process of the body feeding on fat to produce ketones.
Glucose would increase blood sugar. Fiber, on the other hand, gives less energy and does not increase sugar and insulin levels.
Foods to Eat
Not much of a bother! You get to eat almost all the foods you ever relished: Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit! You are also allowed nuts, seeds, dairy products and healthy oils.

Foods to Avoid
To indulge in fruit juice and ice cream is now a thing of the past. You cannot take gluten grains like wheat and barley either. Next on the delete list would be soybean, sunflower and canola oils. Natural stevia would be preferred to man-made saccharin. Finally, goodbye to factory foods!

Low Carb Diet Plan
Meats like beef and pork are in. Salmon and trout are no problem either. Pastured eggs and carrots too. Apples and oranges are good. So are almond and walnut. Cheese, butter and yogurt will do no harm. Butter, olive and coconut oil are preferred too.
Replace carbs with soya bean tofu and steamed vegetables. Organic labels are preferred with no factory foods. Blueberry and strawberry are on to do list as are pepper, garlic and mustard.
Most people are scared of diet plans but low carb is light on the palate. Picture a breakfast of pork chops and scrambled eggs, lunch with beef casserole and lemon herb chicken, and dinner of half roasted chicken and Italian meatballs!

Healthy and active guys without the weight loss problem can be a trifle free with carbs. You guys can take the tubers like potato. Go for rice and oats, and legumes like lentils. Dark chocolate and wine within limits too!

Whatever the health problem, modern medical science has forged solutions!

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