Mysteries of life


Amazed , I look at life’s existence as every moment fly
I try many a time – to define meanings and why
The vastness of space wired with unending time zones
How insignificant and minute must be existence of my soul

Gripped with sorrow, I mourn loss of my loved one
Struck by failure my soul blames the whole universe
So engrossed is me, life’s magnanimity is lost
Time’s infinity is measured – such restricted are my thoughts

Springs vibrancy engulfed in golden rays
Unfolding of month introduces new horizons
Rainbows reflected as rain showers the earth
Lushness of green kisses my feet, as I absorb life’s worth

Unknown invisible – so many different forces plays and dominates
An epitome of balance, how our cosmos sustains and expands
How can I remain caged thinking, life can always be better
Frozen time, stolen moments, life is flowing everywhere

Dance to the rhythm as eons elapses far and beyond
Beam in the golden rays as your life is circling a path
Smiles and laughter lighten your burden with unconsciousness
This world might just be a mirage why to jump to conclusions