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Crowdfunding: Amazing way to get fund

Gofundme and Indiegogo may be two of the largest, but you should know already of the hottest thing on the web! Raising charity funding is the easiest thing whether online or offline. Genuine philanthropic causes like helping the disadvantaged in terms of health and education, food and housing, have timeless appeal.

Crowdfunding or raising donations online is a reality and maybe 500 such websites or more are doing the rounds night and day. Unlike the shops in the town, the websites need not close nightly which is a mighty advantage in terms of costs and accessibility from around the globe. Crowdfunding may be worth more than $5 billion during the current financial year with a million and more individual campaigns!

How exactly does crowdfunding works?


The website is like a middleman that raises money on your behalf but charges commission too. Whether you call it processing fees or whatever, either the donor’s or the recipient or both would have to pay maybe 3% or 5% which is cool after all though they may claim it is all for free.


  • Crowdrise represents the website for the easiest task of raising charity funding. Inspirational social work would certainly fund a crutch here.
  • Kickstarter for creative projects like art and music would get you a chance for a powerful beginning.
  • Indiegogo is not very particular and personal finance too is a possibility like a budget for a holiday besides the creative.
  • Quirky is aimed at inventors who are developing a product and community support may bring it to the reality of life.
  • Raising funds for startups is another interesting possibility and many would be interested in that. After all, there is no dearth of ideas but how many will succeed is the big question. In serious cases, shares are sold in return for investments, unlike the donation system which is more like a business deal. A lot of planned small businesses are stuck in the absence of funds. Loans attract high-interest rates and require guarantees. Crowdfunding would become a big boost to developing your own small business with some luck. Put forward your proposal and give it a try. Nothing to lose anyway, but you need to reach the amount you proposed or attract a penalty.

    Crowdfunding has a huge future if you considered localized approaches within particular towns and group work on particular niches. Inventors and creative people besides small businesses are certainly getting a big push hopefully if the right people can be identified by the crowd for funding.

    Mysteries of life


    Amazed , I look at life’s existence as every moment fly
    I try many a time – to define meanings and why
    The vastness of space wired with unending time zones
    How insignificant and minute must be existence of my soul

    Gripped with sorrow, I mourn loss of my loved one
    Struck by failure my soul blames the whole universe
    So engrossed is me, life’s magnanimity is lost
    Time’s infinity is measured – such restricted are my thoughts

    Springs vibrancy engulfed in golden rays
    Unfolding of month introduces new horizons
    Rainbows reflected as rain showers the earth
    Lushness of green kisses my feet, as I absorb life’s worth

    Unknown invisible – so many different forces plays and dominates
    An epitome of balance, how our cosmos sustains and expands
    How can I remain caged thinking, life can always be better
    Frozen time, stolen moments, life is flowing everywhere

    Dance to the rhythm as eons elapses far and beyond
    Beam in the golden rays as your life is circling a path
    Smiles and laughter lighten your burden with unconsciousness
    This world might just be a mirage why to jump to conclusions